Tony Tushks

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Tony Tushks

Definitely NOT your average walrus.
Born Undefined
The Cold North
Residence West Yeti, Freezeland
Gender Male
Nationality Freezelandian
Other names Not Your Average Walrus, The Walrus Who Runs Freezeland's Media
Ethnicity Walrus
Citizenship Freezelandian
Education None (self-taught), estimated middle school.
Occupation CEO, President, Lead Investor
Years active 2009 -
Employer Radio and Television of Freezeland
Home town Arctic
Salary Approx. ƒ300,000 yearly
Net worth Approx. ƒ299,000 yearly (he claims he spends little)
Height 1m
Weight 79 kg
Known for Controlling an unrelated state's entire media industry.
Board member of Board of Entertainment, Freezeland
Partner None
Parents Unknown
Relatives Walrus Crime Ring
Awards Most Outstanding Non-Penguin, 2010

Tony Tushks (1982- ) is the walrus CEO of Radio and Television of Freezeland, the only media agency in Freezeland next to newspaper vendors. He practically controls the entire industry of another state he's not even related to! He used to be part of the Walrus Crime Ring as a henchman but his involvement has largely died down due to his unenthusiasm and love for business, thus being expelled. He also invests in a number of properties such as Merdock Dock and even Holyberden.


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