Top Dangers of Antarctica

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These are the top threats of Antarctica. These are not individual beings, so actual villains cannot be included here. Instead, evil armies, certain species, or clones are listed here.

When adding threats, remember: "unrealistic" threats overrule realistic ones. Also, you are not allowed to create anything in between the top 5 dangers without the permission of two or more admins.

Title Image Description
1. Raptor Bots Raptorbot.png Raptor Bots are considered extremely dangerous, as their quick reflexes and damaging flames and shots cannot be countered by any military force. Trillions of these exist, all created by Questisbak. They can cause massive damage, as seen in An Explosive New Year and Multiverse Collision.
2. Aerial Aces N/A Aerial Aces are the result of Nexer6472 getting his hands on destroyed Raptor Bots. Instead of the quick speed of the raptors, Aces are winged lion robots that are extremely bulky and tanky, and are better than raptors at physical attack, although they still have projectile attacks as well. The only factor that makes raptors more dangerous is that they can be produced faster than Aces.
3. Darktan's Army Darktan's Army logo.svg Darktan's Army is controlled by Darktan and is very powerful, with a large number of minions and a larger number of allies. They include dangerous antagonists such as Herbert Horror, and Metal Explorer. They also have almost taken over Antarctica.
4. Snowzerland Snoss Soldier Ready.png add more
5. WhiteBloods WBLogo.png The WhiteBloods, led by an unknown leader, is an organization bent on totalitarianism, annihilation of fun, and the outlaw of common democracy across Antarctica. Notable members include Victor Malkov, the former President of Munijoch. They formerly had control over both Munijoch and it's colony, Zescore.
6. S.H.A.R.K. S.H.A.R.K. FLAG.png S.H.A.R.K. is a terrorist group and system of complex and organized crime created, founded and lead by Wikipenguino X sometime around 2013 and has branches in several countries and also take orders from Darktan II should he request they do anything. They have several unknown and undiscovered bases unknown to most hidden within certain locations. They are also known for selling and buying illegal items and dangerous experimental technology.
7. The Evil Something EvilSomething.png The Evil Someting is led by QuaXerpingu. The members also include Major Sheep, Quackerpengu, Former Dictator Pingu of Noot Island and CAPTAIN ASPARAGUS.
8. Porcyal Order Ordersymbol.png The Knights of Porcyal Order are a military group entirely in Culldrome, based in the Skulldrome Isles. Their goal is to take control of all of Antarctica and rule using the help of Porcyals.
9. Brohailian Army BrohailianArmyFlag.png A somewhat small force in comparison to others, the Brohailian Army is led by the evil Future-Bro with an iron flipper. They are currently just a nuisance for most of Antarctica, however their goal is to take over all of Antarctica.
10. STINC STINC.png STINC, while formerly being one of the top dangers to Antarctica in the time of Olde Antarctica, their influence has gone down significantly since they were banned from numerous countries in the 1990s, and their leader Falcon Xaldi was killed, both of which have left it an unorganized mess.
11. Underground PWN Mafia Bugzy, the Godfather of the UPM Led by the "Fiendish Four", the Underground PWN Mafia is one of the largest crime rings in the USA, known for crimes such as robbery and smuggling. There are also several smaller mafias that pledge allegiance to the UPM, such as the Modfia (mainly hackers) in the Geek Empire. As of now, they don't seem to have any goals to conquer Antarctica or cause "harm" to it other than crimes, but if they did they would be a much larger threat.
12. International Syndicate The International Syndicate is one of Antarctica's largest international criminal organizations. With roots in Zhou, the Syndicate now does most of their business in the United Provinces, Liguria and the USA, where they are currently being chased out by the Snowinian Informative Service, the Tremezzo Mafia and the EPF, respectively.
13. TaliBEAN SlumoliaFlag.png The TaliBEAN, with their operations based in war-torn Slumolia, are a group of extremists who call themselves followers of Captain Str00del, though the reformed Captain himself has denounced the group. They are known to be "scarerists", with operatives in many countries whose goal it is to scare creatures into being extreme Str00dels or join their cause.
14. Underground Mafia Army The Underground Mafia Army is a rising criminal organization in Club Penguin. After being arrested, "reformed" and released, the UMA are back to their old ways. They're known for robbing nerds and other innocent penguins. Many groups, from the ACP to EPF have tried to stop and capture UMA members, unsuccessfully.
15. Str00del Force Captain Str00del, founder of the Str00del Force The Str00del Force was once an evil force to be reckoned with. However, since Captain Str00del's reform, the Force has slowly diminished, with many members quitting or turning good as well.
16. Metro Dark Gang The Metro Dark Gang is another large riminal organization, primarily made up of High Penguins. They commit almost any crime, and are known for being a rival to the UPM.

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Former Dangers[edit]

Title Image Description
Nightmare's Army Nightmare's Army logo.png Nightmare's Army consisted almost entirely of X-Antibodies and was notorious for spreading the X-Virus. Most X-Antibodies ended up joining this army, which made the army increase quickly. Their leader was Nightmare.
Nexonan Nationalist Movement NNM symbol.jpeg The NNM is a political organization and illegal militia created with the purpose of restoring the ideal Nexonan nation - with the head of the party being the President for Life, economic freedom/civil just like the High Nexonan Empire days and the implementations of semi-fascist ideologies. Founded by Friedrich Rommel - the former right hand man of Emperor Octavian, the NNM has since been controlled by other penguins. This resulted in the creation of several factions - some believing the main semi-fascist ideology, while others believing in the restoration of monarchy or isolationism. Reports had it that the NNM is the employer of several mad scientists. By the end of the Antarctic War on Terrorism, most of the NNM had been eradicated.
Time Agency Old Clock.png The Time Agency was a top-secret government-formed agency intended to observe various points in time and preserve the space-time continuum. However, due to a corrupt and evil director, not to mention that the Agency's purpose was time travel, it posed a huge threat to Antarctica until it was shut down in 2016.