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The Top Five Families are five families that stand out more than any other all across Antarctica & UnitedTerra. The members are usually have some kind of quirk, although there might be exceptions within individuals.

They are (in alphabetical order)...


  • The Von Injoface Family is one of the oldest families of talking puffles. They are known for being extremely arrogant, rude, and vile and are generally universally disliked by everyone. Despite this, their numbers are many and they have taken common jobs, like a director, producer, lawyer, and businessman.
  • The Gadget Family is known for making wonderful inventions that help people with their lives. They are good at art and math too and have appeared on TV many times because of their breakthrough and genius.
  • The Hochstadt Family has had more monarchs than any other family line, and members of the family still rule nations today. The father of the Hochstadt family is considered to be Gung Hao, who was born in the 900s, and his uncles (The Three Masters) are credited with creating Card-Jitsu and Ninjas.
  • The Titan-Smith Family are a monarchy family, and have many old ancestors. Though there aren't much of the family left, they are still well-known, and are great friends & associates with the Antics Family. The whole family tree was revealed on Christmas Day, 2009. Though Ninjinian no longer is the president of UnitedTerra, the family is still considered a Top Five family as of late 2016.

Famous Members[edit]

These penguins (and, er, puffles) are the well-known penguins from each of the 5 families.

Antics Family[edit]

Gadget Family[edit]

Hochstadt Family[edit]

  • Fisch Hochstadt - Renouned Archaeologist who is Swiss Ninja's identical twin brother. He is SN's worst enemy and is another unofficial head of the family.
  • Clovis Hochstadt - Swiss Ninja's youngest brother. Clovis is a jester and an EPF agent for the nation of Castilla. He is known for saving Antarctica with the help of Leonardo di Tremezzo from being nuked by Swiss Ninja's nuclear missles.
  • Tammyfeih - Mother of Swiss Ninja; also known as Gorgonzola Ninja
  • Yilk - Grandfather of Swiss Ninja
  • The Five Senseis - The sons of Chin Yang who succeeded him. They were most prominent in the 20th Century during their fight against Khanzem.
  • Chin Yang - Swiss Ninja's distant ancestor and former Sensei.
  • Gung Hao - The Father of the Hochstadt Family and Unki Family

Titan-Smith Family[edit]

  • Kalin -- Puffle of Ninjinian

Von Injoface Family[edit]

  • Mabel von Injoface XIX -- the current Mabel in a long list of nineteen others. She is an arrogant puffle owned by Explorer, and also the most famous Injoface.
  • Director Benny -- A cousin of Mabel, he is one of the five Bureaucrats of the Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature. He denies his relationship with Mabel, and is the most powerful Injoface of all time.
  • General Puff -- One of the oldest Puffles and Mabel, Charles, Susan, Benny and Kenny's Grandfather, Mabel VIII's father, and Foamy and Matthew's great-grandfather
  • Sister Alkamesh -- A nun nurse at Lichenblossom Isles. She is very bad at her job since nuns are supposed to be nice and caring.
  • Foamy -- a new edition to the family, one of Mabel's cousins child, Foamy is not arrogant, mean, or sadistic, and thus was seen as an outcast in the family. He ran away and started a life of crime.
  • Matt -- Another one of the social outcast of the family. He is the only one who is considered helpful to society.
  • Susan von Injoface -- Foamy's mother. She is a lawyer who is good at her job, even though most people don't like her, including her clients.

Other Important Families[edit]

Though not in the Top Five, here are some other Antarctic families that are large, powerful, or considered important for other reasons.

  • The Esser Family is considered a highly influential family and one of the "top" families due to the fact that they have a high degree of control over the Republic of Acadia, and to an extent, the member states of the Delphi Pact as well. Aside from that, the Essers also have some influence over other nations around Antarctica. They are extremely wealthy and have many connections with other powerful families in Antarctica due to intermarrying with other families over the years.
  • The Hopper Family is known as another 'Top' family, due to their generations of famous sailors and explorers, with the most famous being the friendly pirate Rockhopper.
  • The Jones Family is considered important due to their involvement in Mattress Village, and their vast spread around Antarctica outside of the Village from the Clubb Phengin Weekee to Maverick. TurtleShroom is the most well-known member of the family.
  • The Kojima Family rose to importance in recent decades. In the 1900s, they were valuable ninjas, but it wasn't until the late 2000s when they became known throughout Antarctica for reviving Card-Jitsu on Club Penguin and becoming Senseis.
  • The Lagois Family is often considered a 'Top' Family due to their influence over Tropicalis, which dates back hundreds of years. They are also known for their current generation of explorers and adventurers.
  • The Mason Family is also considered to be a new influential family due to Lord Slender's Chancellorship, and later Emperorship, of Magonia and his enormous wealth, which he used to help his relatives in Muçao, Honk Gong, Lisboagal and Puffle'and to get a jumpstart in these places' political and financial worlds. In fact, some of them are intentionally sent to places such as Polaris, Margate, Castilla and the USA to broaden the family's network, like a certain family did in real life. Because of that, it is known for having a sort of powerful aura in the financial world. In the near future, the family is split into two branches - the Mason-Chandos Dynasty (which consists of Slender II and descendants, who are Azukrian and Magonian royalty), and the regular Mason family (which isn’t royalty).
  • The Smith Family is a highly controversial family. They are very powerful and share a lot of influence across Antarctica, but they are also highly controversial. They have the most power in the United Provinces, Rusca, Zhou, Snowzerland and Polaris. 2 family members were leaders of countries once: Dominic Smith of Acadia and Robert Smith of Snowiny.
  • The Stark Family is considered as part of the Top Families due to their rule over Dragonstone, which has lasted nearly since its founding. Aside from Dragonstone, the family has much influence in other countries.
  • The Tvarkov Family is considered to be a influential family in Rusca, due to the fact that they've been apparent in high positions in the country's military and government for centuries. They are known within the country for their versatility and excellence.
  • Recently, many political leader's families have been considered "important", mostly due to one or a few figures' positions in a nation. Examples of this include the Robertson (Shops), Yslenski (Munijoch) and Crepsley (UnitedTerra) Families.
  • In Duck Island, the most well-known "top" families are the Duck family, the Q'uack family, the Whatever family and the Pingu family.
  • The Teng family, an old money Peranakan Penguin (Zhouese immigrants to Margate or Malesia who intermarried with the indigenous Enclave Penguins) family in Margate, has a majority stake in one of the three locally-owned “major” financial services group, the largest real estate development company in Margate (which assisted the government in building various industrial parks in Kenestral and skyscrapers in Margate City), various plantations and substantial land holdings. Two of its members became the ceremonial President in 1970 and 1987 respectively. The patriarch, Teng Jing Wu, has a net worth of 27.6 billion CPC, however a significant portion of the family’s fortune is locked up in the Teng Family Multi-generational Trust (which paid out the annual income of upper-middle class households to each member of the family every month). The family used to enjoy close relations with the Margatian government back during the rule of the Penguins’ Action Party, but that has since waned when Frederick Mueller ascended to the presidency. However, relations with the government are slowly recovering.


  • Though the Titan-Smith Family only have less than a dozen in their family, they believe that it didn't matter if they did not have lots of living members in their family.

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