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Toro-25(13 March 1989-) is one of Darktan's minions. Before Darktan came into evil, he was the best friend of him.

Toro-25 (March 13, 1989 -) is an eptilat


He lived in Penguville since his birth with his non-evil older sister, Toro-27. His parents were there with him, until his father died of diesease. He and his sister later moved to Snowville, Land of Flystar55555, Warmslates, Hailvale and many more places during his childhood (around age 3 to age 7). He finally moved back to Penguville when he was 10. He met Darktan and played with him at the local school.

Change to Evil[edit]

When Darktan became Darktan (evil), Toro-25 started to avoid him. As Darktan was expelled from school and he destroyed the school with all survivors, they ran to a small neighbourhood in the town and lived there. Only until Darktan re-entered the school grounds, he fed Toro-25 the Doom Weed and he became evil.

Is he a spy?[edit]

After three such accidents with Darktan, rumors spread that he did not get affected by the infectionous Doom Weed. The first incident was when Darktan asked him to go and "babysit" the production for Doom Weeds in realm, he seemed to be nervous. The second one was during The Great Pie War, where he did not join at all. The last one was when he started to walk away from his palace and to CP, only until Darktan's Army caught him red-handed and sent him back to the palace, with no punishments (since Darktan was his friend). This could conclude a second spy, after Professer Shroomsky in Mission: Not Likely.


  • He has a non-evil sister named Toro-27.
  • Rumors conclude that the Doom Weed granted him the ability to not require sleep, since Toro-25 never sleeps.