Town Center

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Town Center
A picture of Rookie in the Town.
The Town during normal hours.
Key details
Type Town
Level 1,003
Location Club Penguin Island
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles, Terns

The Town Center, or commonly known as the Town, is the center-point of Club Penguin Island. It houses the Gift Shop, the Night Club, and the Coffee Shop. It is a very common place for penguins, and puffles to hang out. It's the busiest place in all of Club Penguin, because many go there to advertise events in their igloos.

It was built by "The Club" in 2002, and even then was the main focus point. Since then the Town Center has been worked on constantly. It's the most decorated room during parties, and is where most free items can be found.


The Town was the first room built by "The Club". The Club first built a town hall, where they met for meetings. In 2002 the town hall was burnt down by a crazy penguin, who later was arrested for robbing a bank in South Pole City. Since the town hall was destroyed, The Club decided to build a Night Club, Coffee Shop, and Gift Shop. Construction started right away, and in no time the buildings were complete. The Club named the room the Town Center, but more commonly called it the Town. Before Club Penguin was established in 2005, a small party was held. The Club put up a banner, and wore party hats. They had a small party in the Night Club, and later ate pizza at the Pizza Parlor down in the Plaza. Since then the Town has been the main focus point of Club Penguin. A lot of penguins go there to advertise events either happening in their igloo, or somewhere else in the island.

Famous penguins, like Rockhopper, visit the Town a lot. The Town is sometimes so crowded the Servers crash. The Town is also the most decorated room in Club Penguin. During parties the Town is the most decorated, and sometimes the most fun.



The TCP version of the Town is exactly like how it was when The Club controlled it. It has a Night Club, Gift Shop, and Coffee Shop. A lot of news is heard at the Town, and it is always full of penguins and puffles.


The BCP version of the Town is very different from the Traditional. The Coffee Shop is still there, but the Night Club is replaced with a Peach office. The Gift Shop is replaced with a clothing factory, which actually makes all the clothing sold in Club Penguin.


The RCP version of the Town is very friendly looking to some. The Coffee Shop is replaced with a market, that sells fruits and vegetables; the Gift Shop is much bigger, and has three levels for people to shop on. Also, as of 2016, New Penguin Stadium can be accessible.


The ICP version of the Town is very ugly. All three buildings are replaced with three factories. One factory makes Peach products, one makes candy, and the other makes lights and cameras.

The snow is replaced with all pavement, and underground is a parking garage.


The Town Center is very well decorated for parties. There have also been many different events at the Town. One year earthquakes damaged the Town slightly, and sunk the Gift Shop. During the Underwater Expedition the Town was tilting hard to the left, causing coffee cups in the Coffee Shop to slide off tables and shatter.



  • The Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature has an entrance to their base in the Town. It's in the lower left corner of the Town, in a snow hill. Members dig up a remote in the snow, and press a big red button seven times. They suddenly disappear, and end up in their base.

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