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Tran$action - is the story about the top criminals of Antarctica uniting for a mass break-in to Owcatraz and The Facility. The UnitedTerra Parliament and Terrain Spy Union join forces to track down the criminals and to figure out what they're up to. Their evil plans expand throughout the story as they form the mission titled Tran$action, while trying to receive top-secret information from agencies and the Heptagon as well as collecting money. Gangs such as Corpz also team up to attack the whole of Club Penguin and who knows what else! The agencies are trying their best to track down the criminals - but are they too smart for them? Illegal goods, axes, looting - it all links to Tran$action. Written by User:Ninjinian and User:Happy Too.

Chapter 1: Joining Forces[edit]

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Story information
Genre Crime drama
Story date March 11—April 22, 2011

The Facility[edit]

March 11, 2011 - an hour after Small-Fins McKlowsky helped Austin break out General Terkin in The Escape.

The creature slid through the 12 gates as he exited The Facility. The lights were off. No guards.

"Hehehe, stupid penguins." snickered McKlowsky. "Better contact Corpz."

He walked off towards an alley and pulled out a phone he pinched off a guard and dialled a number.

"This is Polaris City Council Headquarters speaking, how may I help you?" said the other line.

"Psst, yo - it's me, SFM. I've escaped."

"Boss? Hey everyone, The SFM's back!" - a lot of cheers came from the other side of the phone. "I can't believe it, how you been?"

"Never mind that. I need you to get Hystle."


"What? Are you serious? That guy's mental!"

"Just do as I say and get all the criminals we are associated with together. I got a plan."

"By when boss?"

"Next month. I'll see you then."

He closed the phone.

* * *

Inside The Facility, almost all the prisoners were fast asleep at 4am. The guards were on heavy patrol ever since Terkin was freed. The Terrain Spy Union were currently being contacted, including the UnitedTerra Parliament. The four guards outside Small-Fins cell were sipping some coffee and discussing promotions.

One of the guards then said: "Ah, I forgot the cleaning stuff in the cell. Better go go them. As soon as I go in, close the door immediately!" The rest nodded. "You never know when he can catch us off-guard. No pun intended." The guard entered quickly and grabbed the supplies. The door opened again and the guard rushed out.

Then froze.

"Wait a minute... it was a bit quiet in there. Usually the ugly thing doesn't sleep."

"I'll go back in there and check." said one of the other guards.

Ten seconds later the other two guards heard moving of furniture inside and went in to investigate.

"What happened?"


Their facial expressions turned dull.

"Oh no! We're gonna get sacked!"

"Don't worry, d-don't w-w-worry. We just have to make it look like we had nothing to do with this. Quickly, raise the alarm!"

"The alarm? You must be mad!"

"Just raise the alarm and take this." He handed a packet of ketchup to each of them.

The guard inserted his trembling flipper into one of his pockets and took out his special phone and dialled 00000. And immediately the alarms amplified throughout the whole prison.

"NOW RUN BACK TO CENTRAL FACILITY!" - they replaced the furniture as it was previously.

All the guards got together in Central Facility. The Custodian arrived 6 minutes later.

"Alright, who set the alarm now?" he said.

The three guards responsible raised their flippers. "We did sir. McKlowsky's gone!"

Everyone gasped and started murmuring.

"Gone? WHAT DO YOU MEAN GONE?!?!" bellowed The Custodian.

"We were injured during the Terkin break-out." said one of the guards. They showed The Custodian the place where they had applied ketchup on.

The Custodian cursed. "We must contact Parliament and the TSU immediately. You three! Come to my office, we'll need your help."

The three went with The Custodian, answered his questions wisely and went back to work.

The Custodian dialled a number on his telephone.

"Hello, Ninjinian sir?"

The Parliament[edit]

Ninjinian, Mayor Crepsley, Administrator Kai, Judge Konquer and Baby N were sat down (or laying down on the table) up in Tops Tower when the President got the call. He placed his half-eaten cookie back onto the plate and answered the phone.

"That's cookie me! Who's speaking?"

"Yes, The Custodian here. I need to talk to you. It's quite urgent."

"Must be important. Continue..."

Ninjinian walked over to his glass of milk and started drinking it. Before he could swallow it he spat it out.


Everyone either stood up or awoke from their nap.

"Yes sir. Terkin was also freed by a break-in just some hours ago."

"Well what do we do?"

"I don't know, you're the president!"

Ninjinian got serious. "You're right."

"Should I call the TSU?"

"No, I got Kai right here to do that."

"Okay sir." And hung up the phone.

"What happened?" asked Baby N.

"Small-Fins McKlowsky has broken out of prison again. And just before that some guys broke into The Facility and freed General Terkin."

"Aur deer!" moaned Mayor Crepsley.

"Kai! Call the TSU immediately and tell them to line up outside Tops Tower as soon as possible."

The puffle skate-boarded across Crepsley's head (which was now lying on the table) to Ninjinian.

His hair started moving around and then formed the words "PAY UP."

"Grrr, sometimes I really wish I could replace you with someone else..." murmured Ninjinian, and pulled out 20 dauroes.

"That's more than usual." grinned Administrator Kai, then went to the phone.

"Evening sir." responded Agent U-X1. "It's quite late, is there any problem?"

"Yes, McKlowsky's out The Facility. Contact the rest of the agents. I'm coming down."

The Terrain Spy Union[edit]

Kai went to the lift and swiped the card slot and entered -7 to get to the Terrain Spy Union Headquarters. It took a minute to get there. He entered and all the talking agents stopped and gave way to Kai.

"Sir how did he escape? At what time? Sir, sir-" Agent U-X1 stopped as Kai jumped onto the receptionist desk.

"Everyone, as you have been informed the ugly McKlowsky has escaped from The Facility, following a break-in before it. The Custodian told Ninjinian who told me. I do not know much information about the matter myself, but we must act fast! He is the second most wanted criminal in all of UnitedTerra! He couldn't have gotten far either. I'll need at least 10 agents going to The Facility to investigate, 40 to start planning here, and any others to gather equipment and start tracking immediately."

Kai stopped talking and bounced onto Agent U-X1's shoulder and they walked to his station.

"U-X, I want you go to The Facility and investigate. I'll stay here and give orders."

"Okay sir." said U-X1, and went off to the other 9 agents towards vans.

Kai went to the group of agents working on the investigation.

"I think this time he is planning something big. I can just tell that he's getting more dangerous every time."

"I agree sir." said one of the agents. "He keeps escaping. And as well as that his gang must've been notified of his escape by now."


"Sir, this information sent to us just now shows that Small-Fins escaped at around 4 o'clock." said an agent.

"Let me see it." Kai looked at it. "We'd better send this back to Ninjinian. Do that."

"Yes sir."

"D-7, any news on Hystle?" asked Kai.

"No sir. But his activity seems to have increased since last week."

Kai patrolled the headquarters for the next hour, then called U-X1.

"What have you found?" asked Kai.

"We're searching his cell. It looks as if it's been damaged from the ceiling, but we're not sure if McKlowsky done it or if it happened during the break-in."

"Okay, have you seen The Custodian?"

"Some of us have gone to his office. Me and S-3 are checking out the cell. The rest are investigating the break-in."

"Good work U-X." praised Kai. "If you find anything useful call me back."

He shut the phone and went to the agents who were working on tracking sensors.

"Have you developed a way to put the device onto McKlowsky?"

"Yes sir, but it's currently being tested. We're even trying to make it invisible."

Kai nodded and went back to his office. He couldn't stop thinking about McKlowsky. He wasn't scared of him, but he had encountered Small-Fins quite a few times - and knew that he's even slyer than himself. And the truth was - for once, Kai didn't exactly know what to do. But he had to figure it out, one way or another.

Chapter 2: More Trouble[edit]

TBC were the first to report the news of Small-Fins's escape.

"It's 8:41 in Antarctica, I'm Huw Lowen. And now our top headline today - the long-time crime offender Small-Fins McKlowsky escaped from The Facility Asylum Reformatory Compound late last night at approximately four in the morning. The UnitedTerra Parliament and Terrain Spy Union are currently working non-stop on catching the convict. As well as that, prisoner General Terkin was freed from the same prison by a supposedly planned break-in to the prison. The Custodian and other authorities are checking camera footage to identify and catch the penguins responsible for the break-in."

Ninjinian and Administrator Kai were watching the report. Kai switched off the TV, then sighed.

"So apparently the cookies responsible for the break-in were associated with McKlowsky."

"Interesting." said Administrator Kai calmly.

"Don't you care?"

"Well it's not going to help us, is it? It's all been shoved towards me."

"What? I'm helping you, we've got your agents and other agencies have contacted us aswell, brother!"

"This guy's a master - it's true and nobody can deny it." admitted Kai. "But I'm gonna catch that ugly creature. And my hair's not gonna rest until I do." He headed towards the lift and went back down to the Terrain Spy Union headquarters.

"Everybody, I'm serious now!" Kai said as he entered the headquarters. "Small-Fins has been bugging me all night and I couldn't sleep all night."

The group of agents that were investigating at The Facility came to Kai, U-X1 said: "Sir, we've got an update on a sample of his hair or fur or.. whatever it is." He showcased a packet with some green material in it.

"Put it in the scanner." said Kai quickly. 20 seconds later the screen showed the extracts of the material. "Now hand it over to the agents near the tracking devices. That will be very useful for them."

The agent waddled over to them, settled Kai down and gave it to them.

"So this is his DNA?" asked one the scientists.

"Yes, have you finished the tracking device?"

"Sure have! We didn't manage it to become invisible but it's so microscopic in size that he won't feel it hooked into him and won't be able to see it either."

"Excellent. I have a feeling we'll be encountering him again very soon. Keep it with you." said Kai, then went to his office.

* * *

Small-Fins McKlowsky had somehow seen the TBC report on him - and also knew that almost all the spy agencies in the country and government were doing their best to track him down.

Now exactly 1 month later on April 11, 2011 at 6:23pm, the creature was about to enter Satellite City to meet his gang, Corpz.

During his journey from Zero Reverse to Satellite City, McKlowsky had come up with such a plan that if he even spoke about it to any authority, they would just laugh at him. But many still underestimated him. And there he arrived.

"Ay look who it is! It's the boss!" said Slik, one of the top members of the gang. He wore a black and brown fedora and an exquisite beard.

Small-Fins walked into the broken hideout casually as they cheered him on. There were four short penguin - Slik, Taurment, Stuntz and Wavey - and two tall, muscular penguins - Grits and Rolla.

"Yo boss, it was your birthday last week, how'd it go?" asked Rolla. Small-Fins turned twelve on April 1.

"Ah nuh'in special. So hows my boys been?" said McKlowsky.

"You were gone for long this time, so we hooked up with some dons over the months." said Grits.

"Nice. So, let's get to business." He sat down on a box. "Did you call Hystle?"

"We sure did, but with some difficulties. The guy's quite non-negotiable and we had to lay down the bizz as carefully as we could." said Wavey.

"What did you ask and what did he say?"

Wavey continued: "He didn't sound that interested at first. We told him that you escaped from prison. Then we said that you were planning something serious and big - at that point he was all ears."

"Anything about hooking up with us?"

"I told him that when you came we'll deliver some more information."

"Niceeee." nodded McKlowsky.

"Sooo... what's the plan?" asked Stuntz.

Small-Fins smiled, then stood up on the box. "This.. my boys, will our biggest attempt at crime yet." Everyone leaned forward, looking intrigued.

"You really wanna hear it?" teased the criminal.

"We've been wanting to hear it all month!" said Taurment excitedly.

"Okay. This... is gonna be big. We'll need a lot of guys for this... a break-in to Owcatraz and The Facility - freeing all the criminals there, teaming up with Mafia to retrieve information from the Heptagon, sending illegal goods overseas. I dub the Mission... Transaction, with that weird currency sign replacing the S."

"Wow... that's, that's crazy!" exclaimed Rolla.

"I don't speak crazy." said McKlowsky. "And that's only the beginning!"

"Is that why we contacted Hystle? So that he can help?" asked Slik.

"Yes - and he can't possibly disagree. Call him now. And if he asks what's in it for him, say I'll tell him when we meet."

"Who else should we call?" questioned Wavey.

"Atrocious - we'll definitely need that guy. Obviously Herbert and his sidekick, Mr. Tiny, Xinjinian, might as well call everyone in our address book! The more men the better. Do that by today. I need to do a few errands - I'll be back by the morning."

And with that the others set to work, while McKlowsky went to investigate the newspapers.

* * *

It was now 7:04am - April 12, 2011. McKlowsky returned while the others were sleeping. All of them had finished contacting within 6 hours.
With successful responses.

Small-Fins went over to the sheet of paper on the floor next to Wavey. It had names on it, either with an X or a tick next to each name. He examined the paper and at 7:10am their alarm clock went off, and they all woke up.

"Oh look, boss's back." said Slik as he stretched.

"I like what I'm seeing." praised McKlowsky. "When are they coming?"

"I've told them 11pm at our hideout in the underground base."

"Nice. The feds will be searching all over UTR and maybe even USA for us. This has gotta be done quick." said McKlowsky.

"Don't worry fam." assured Rolla. "We're on it."

"A'iite." thanked Small-Fins. "I'll be preparing my plan until they come."

The others set up the underground base so it was suitable to accommodate all the soon-to-arrive guests.

11pm - they arrived.

* * *

When some of the villains got the call, they met up and decided to travel to Satellite City together - knowing that it would be more dangerous. But that's what villains do - take risks.

Ernie, Evil Pengy and Xinjinian arrived together by speedboat. They stepped out of the boat and set foot upon Satellite City. They hid as other penguins passed them. Three minutes later, the three entered Corpz Territory.

Rolla saw them coming and announced "Boss, some of them are here!" He pointed a torch in their direction to signal them.

"We're here, Small-Fins." said Xinjinian, and the three sat themselves down.

"Nice." said Small-Fins as he approached them. "Ernie, Evil and Xinjinian. Sit down while the rest arrive."

Ten minutes later, Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy arrived, along with four other crabs.

"Small-Fins! Herbert here with Klutzy and the minions!" shouted the polar bear.

"Excellent, the bear and the crab is here." whispered McKlowsky to himself. "Take a seat Herbert and co." They sat down.

Next, Gangsta Rookie, Denno Senshi and The Robbers entered the Corpz domain.

"Sit down, boys. This is gonna be one of the biggest robberies you do, Robbers. Gangsta Rookie, you've probably never done anything like this before but I have big plans for you - so that's why you're here. Senshi, we'll need your ninja skills."

At 11:26, Smuggler Gary and his crew Smuggler Pete, Smuggler Don and Smuggler Fly arrived.

They sat down and Smuggler Gary addressed Taurment: "Let's hope that this is big, for your sake."

Atrocious stepped into the room.

"Atrocious Sir, how are you?" asked Taurment, walking away from Smuggler Gary.

The villain sniffed the air, then turned to Taurment - and responded in his croaky and deep voice: "I am doing fine, Taurment. I know Small-Fins very well - and I know he won't let me down. I can sense this is going to be big." Then sat down.

Mectrixctic and Zone appeared three minutes later. Everyone, except for Atrocious, backed away as Zone walked in (probably to give him space or backing away in fear).

One of the most crucial villains of the plan arrived just as Mectrixctic and Zone sat down. Desmond Tiny.

Small-Fins saw him enter. "Ahh yes, Desmond. How do you do?"

"It's all good. I checked tomorrow. It's going to be a good day for us."

Mr Tiny has the power to see into the future - which is one of the main reasons why Small-Fins wanted him here. But more importantly, he could control it.

"Thanks. Have a seat. We just need a couple of more groups to arrive."

11:47 - the gang Enemeez were sighted by Rolla via binoculars.

"Boss, Enemeez have been sighted. Atleast 21 seconds away from the entrance."

"Nice." replied McKlowsky. Just as Rolla predicted (he timed himself just to make sure) they waddled in.

8 penguins, Peak, Tuxx, Irregular, Lupe, Thedon, Heavy Mob, Political, Slik da Slim.

"GAH, more penguins..." complained Herbert.

"Waddup?" greeted Peak, the leader of the gang, with him and Small-Fins doing a mini flipper-shake (literally mini, because Small-Fins is so small).

The room was completely packed now, with Zone taking up most of the space.

"We'll have a seat." said Peak, with the rest following him.

Then Hystle arrived.

"Ah look. The penguin we've all been waiting for. You're late." said McKlowsky.

"No games, son. I had to avoid feds." retaliated Hystle. "It took a while to get here anyway."

"Right, have a seat then."

29 of them were squashed as they sat on boxes. Hystle and Atrocious stood up while leaning against the wall.

Small-Fins stood on his own box and spoke. "Now you all know me. You know Corpz. You'll also know that we are wanted all over Antarctica - just like you. Now what would happen if 31 of the most dangerous criminals and villains of Antarctica got together and planned the biggest series of crimes ever?"

"DESTRUCTION!" interrupted Gangsta Rookie as he stood up - then sat back down.

"Exactly. And possibly even more than that! Now I want to go through the plan again. We got smugglers in this room, we got robbers, we got gangsters, we got evil villains and who knows what else! So what we're planning to do is contact dealers and send illegal goods overseas, break into Owcatraz and The Facility, attack Club Penguin and get information from the EPF, TSU and Heptagon.

"Woah, sounds pretty big." said Zone.

"Yeah, do you think we'll be able to do all that?" asked Senshi.

"BAH, that's nothing! I could do all that in less than an hour." bragged Herbert.

They ignored him, then Mectrixctic said: "I think we can do this."

"Same." said Hystle.

"We're doing this. And we're going to succeed. If you're going to be moist and chicken out then leave right now." threatened McKlowsky. Nobody moved.

"Good. Now we got the smugglers to smuggle. Who wants to help me break into Owcatraz?"

At least 10 stood up. Small-Fins picked some of his gang members, Grits and Wavey - then Desmond Tiny, Atrocious, Slik da Slim, Heavy Mob, Evil Pengy and Political.

"Who's up for The Facility?" asked Small-Fins. He chose Zone, Hystle, Xinjinian, Lupe, Thedon, Herbert P. Bear, Klutzy and the 4 other crabs.

"We'll have Ernie, Denno Senshi, Gangsta Rookie, The Robbers, Tuxx, Irregular, Stuntz and Rolla sorting out the attack on Club Penguin and the robberies. Then Gary and his crew for the smuggling. That leaves Mectrixctic, Slik, Taurment and Peak to sort out the planning for the agency and Heptagon hack. We'll need more for the hacking, so the remaining masterminds will have to leave the mission early after helping out their group."

"Good plan." praised Atrocious. "So I believe that each group will do their own thinking."

"Exactly." confirmed Small-Fins. "Each group has at least one mastermind in their group. For the Owcatraz break-in, there's me, Mr Tiny and you. For The Facility, Zone, Hystle and Lupe."

"HEY, I'm smart! Don't underestimate me!" interrupted Herbert.

"So when we heading out?" asked Mectrixctic.

McKlowsky checked the time - 12:20 - "1 o'clock. Did everybody bring any tools?" Everyone in the room showcased something.

"Nice. Start preparing your plans. We head out at 1 o'clock."

Chapter 3: Mission Tran$action[edit]

Everyone got busy immediately. A list was made for every group by Grits.


By 12:56am, every group had their plan discussed and revised.

"Commence Mission Tran$action, my allies!" conducted Small-Fins as he inspected everyone while they got their equipment. Many were taking the boats which Small-Fins had stolen a while ago, but some were planning to walk most of the way, then take any form of transport available that won't draw much attention to themselves.

The agency & Heptagon hacking group departed first. Small-Fins and many others wished them good luck. The four put their tools in a boat, and set off.

Next went the CP attackers, robbers and smuggling group - who were both wished good luck too.

That left the prison breakers. Nobody said anything for a while - because they could see that Small-Fins had sat down as was thinking.

"Change of plan." he said, as he got up. He walked to the boats. "We're all gonna go together now. In one group. One prison at a time."

"You sure, man?" asked Lupe. "It's kinda risky. Cause it's gonna take a lot of time for us to reach all the way from the USA to Zero Reverse..."

"This G's not as thick as you think he is." complimented Hystle. "He's got something stashed for us."

"Right, my friend." winked Small-Fins. He walked and signalled them to follow him. They followed him to a collapsing building. Inside it were 24 one-passenger rocket capsules. Many were surprised.

Thedon started to question him: "How did you -"

"Stolen." said the rest.


"These babies can be set to travel automatically to a location via co-ordinates. I've used these a couple of times, but once you travel in these 4 times they will break down. We'll only need to use them at least 3 times though." said McKlowsky.

Small-Fins continued: "I've got the co-ordinates for Owcatraz, The Facility, Club Penguin, Satellite City and a couple of other places. So grab one and let's go."

Everybody grabbed for one. Herbert and Zone had 'big' problems getting in their capsule. All the crabs went into one capsule. Small-Fins and Wavey went into one capsule too. Everybody had a speaker and microphone which Small-Fins connected to each other.

"Everybody click the Chat tab on the screen. It's touch-screen, by the way. I am typing in the co-ordinates for Owcatraz to the chat."

Small-Fins sent a message!
Herbert: What's "LOL"?
Zone: Laugh Out Loud.
Herbert: Thanks fool.
Auto-Operator says no emalfs, Zone!

"I'd suggest getting off Chat now." advised Small-Fins. "It's gonna be a bumpy ride. Gimme some math, Mr. Tiny."

"We'll be hitting in about 1 minute and 2 seconds. Grits and Herbert should change the position they're sitting in or they'll probably break some bones..." said Mr. Tiny. The two heard this immediately and reacted.

"Here we go." Small-Fins pressed the LAUNCH button, and everybody's rocket rose from the ground and flew out the building. Many capsules started bashing into each other. Everybody could hear Herbert's screams...

30 seconds later they were high up in the air. Small-Fins wanted to make sure nobody looked up to see 17 flying rockets... They made quite a noise, and even though they were inside the capsule everybody could still feel the air rushing past their face. Fire was forming around each capsule.

Each capsule hit the ground hard. They had arrived. Grits and Herbert were making sure they didn't break anything. Everybody started getting out.

"That was ill" said Hystle.

"Am I alive?" asked Herbert.

"I was only joking, you were never going to break anything!" laughed Mr. Tiny. Herbert growled.

A guard heard the crash from afar. He settled his coffee down.

"What was that?" he said.

"I dunno." said another. "Go check."

The guard went outside...

"OI EVERYONE, LOOK OUT!" said Wavey as the guard saw the group and reached for his holster.

Hystle turned around, took a gun out from his Mohawk and fired once. The guard dropped.

"Nice." said Small-Fins.

"Got any more?" asked Zone.

"They're in my capsule." Hystle went to his capsule, and showcased his impressive collection of AK's and handguns.

"Nice stash." said Small-Fins. Many of them only had knives and bats, so they went to get a gun too in case they needed it.

"The guards must've clocked us by now." said Grits.

The alarm went off.

"Yep, they've clocked." said Wavey.

The siren whirled around them and guards sprayed out of the gates. The small island was illuminated by the lightning.

Bullets fired straight, left, right. Hystle took a BB gun from his Mohawk, with two guns in each flipper. Small-Fins jumped on the guards and used a knife to injure them. Herbert used his bat and the crabs had their pincers. Everybody else shot bullets or handled a knife.

The 14 guards were down. The 20 criminals entered Owcatraz - more guards fell as the bullets impacted their chests.

"Shoot the cells, quick!" ordered Small-Fins. Hystle, Atrocious, Grits, Xinjinian and Lupe shot as many cells as they could in order to free the criminals. Two cells opened successfully, and the occupiers of the cells ran out of the prison.

Zone, Political, Thedon and the crabs went up some stairs to get to the second level of cells. Two guards confronted them. One of them shot a bullet, which almost hit Political. The guards were stabbed by Thedon and they continued to open cells.

The alarm was still in action. 26 guards started chasing Zone and Political. The guards weren't very good shooters.

Zone turned around and fired seven times. Five guards fell while the other two stumbled but were still on their webbed feet.

Mr. Tiny hid in a broken cell while the others continued & looked into the future.

A few seconds later, he came out of the future trance, came out of the cell and shot a few guards that were chasing Evil Pengy.

"Take that! Don't mess with the Pengy of Evil!"

"Let's go!" said Desmond Tiny. Atrocious stopped and pummelled the guards with bullets. They stopped and started to run back the other way after seeing him anyway.

"I am so atrocious" said Atrocious, smiling.

Over 40 guards were shooting and were all chasing the group around the prison. Eleven more cells were opened. Hystle got his AK and shot more guards.

Herbert stopped, turned around and whacked most of the guards unconscious with his bat. 60-70 guards were down - and were probably a hundred more ... or more than that. The remaining guards that were chasing the batch had seemed to loose the mass-murderers - so they slowed down a bit to free more prisoners.

Small-Fins went towards a big cell that was far away from the rest of the cells.

"I wawnt chokiwits naoo!" said the voice in the prison, Manny Peng.

He stopped wailing and ran to the gate. "Pwease pwease fwee me!"

Small-Fins looked behind him to see everybody mouthing "No, no, no!"

"Hmmm... NAH! See ya, sucker!" said Small-Fins - and they continued south.

"Nwooooo!" wailed Manny Peng as the rest laughed.

The siren finally stopped now. All the prisoners were shouting and trying to get out without the aid of the criminals. Twenty more criminals were freed. Guards were stopped in front of them. BAM, BAM, BAM! went the bullets.

"How many prisoners have we freed?" asked Small-Fins, as he reloaded his gun.

"Over a hund'rid." replied Slik da Slim.

"Nice. Forget everyone else. I have a special prisoner to free. Speed it up!"

It had been 12 minutes into the break-in - 1:31am, April 13. More guards and security collapsed as the murderers confronted them. More cells were opened, the prisoners poured out while thanking them.

Two minutes later they started climbing to get to the top floor. Here, the biggest and most dangerous criminals were kept. They walked up to the last cell there.

"Attention all living guards and security!" said the voice from the speaker. "Please escort yourselves to the top floor immediately! The criminals have been sighted! Catch any prisoners that are escaping!"

"HEY YOU!" said a guard as he saw Small-Fins and the gang. Hystle shot at him once - then shot bullets at the cell door. It opened.

"Hey Deathfin." greeted Small-Fins. "Long time no see."

The red-eyed penguin stood up and stepped out of his cell. He wore a blue beanie.

"Aye." said Deathfin. "I see you've been doing big things since my capture, ain't that right darling?!" He cackled.

"Most definitely, dawg."

"We'll tell you the rest later." said Heavy Mob. "For now we've got to get out!"

"You're right." agreed Small-Fins. "Do you need anything before we go, Deathfin?"

"Just my chainsaw, axe and nunchaku."

"Okay, let's go." said Small-Fins.

"Nah, I'll go myself. I can handle them."

"Okay - let's go everyone!"

As they exited the narrow top floor, a group of 40 or so guards appeared blocked the exit.

"You ain't going anywhere." said one of the security guard. The villains ducked and ran into cells as the guards let their bullets loose.

Hystle turned 180 degrees out of his hiding place and fired with his two BB guns. He walked slowly towards them and ducked as the guards released their bent bullets.

Then everything started to slow down - except for Hystle.

The guards' bullets were flying as slow as a snail ... but not Hystle's. BANG, BANG, BANG was heard more than twenty times.

Time returned to it's normal format after Hystle finished them off. Mr. Tiny had worked his magic yet again. Deathfin saluted Small-Fins.

"I'll meet you outside!" He ran across the guards and cackled as he went down to the Weapons Office.

"Our work is done." said Small-Fins, blowing the smoke off his miniature gun.

"This is the police, surrender now!" said a voice booming from a megaphone. Sirens were coming from three helicopters hovering above the prison. A ladder ascended from each of the copters - and troops landed themselves on the roof by parachute or via the ladders.

"Let's go!" said Slik da Slim - others started following him, heading down the stairs.

"No time for the stairs!" said Small-Fins - too late to stop them.

"Through the windows!" said Hystle.

"WHAT?" said Xinjinian. Hystle shouted as he dived to shoot one of the four windows. The other three windows were smashed by bullets too as the rest of the criminals evacuated the top floor. Hystle lay on the roof and shot the helicopters with his AK.

Soldiers that had touched ground were shooting at the villains on the roof.

Slik da Slim, Wavey, Thedon, Herbert, Klutzy and the other crabs came out of the prison - firing as they exited.

Hystle got out one of his flipper grenades and threw it at a helicopter. It exploded and so did one of the other copters.

The successful break-inners slid off the roof and quickly got into their capsules.

"They're escaping! Get them! Fire!!" screamed the general soldier. The remaining soldiers came out of the last helicopter.

Deathfin exited Owcatraz with his chainsaw, axe and nunchaku. He whacked anyone in his way with his nunchaku and ran to Small-Fins. Prisoners were either jumping into the water or were seized by officers again.

Political squeezed into Small-Fins's and Wavey's capsule so Deathfin could get into one. Small-Fins sent the next co-ordinates into Chat and ignited their capsules.

"Call for back-up! CALL FOR BACK-UP!" said the general as the capsules flew into the sky.

Small-Fins talked into the micrphone: "Stage 1 of Mission Tran$action complete. Off to The Facility now. It will take longer now - ten minutes and a bit. Well done boys. And welcome, Deathfin." Small-Fins explained his plan over the microphone.

"I like it!" he said. "Can't wait to infiltrate The Facility!"

"Same - but it will be harder as they've tripled their security after Austin8310 and his mates broke in. And nice job slowing the time down back there, Mr Tiny."

"My pleasure ;)" wrote Mr Tiny on the Chat.

Small-Fins closed the microphone and they travelled without trouble.

* * *

Every agent in the TSU Headquarters was working non-stop. The police General at Owcatraz called Kai, telling him what happened. Kai closed the phone and skateboarded to the receptionist desk and talked into a megaphone.

"Everybody, Small-Fins has broke into Owcatraz!" The agents stopped what they were doing and listened in silence. "He has got together all his close alliances to break into prisons. They managed to get away with Deathfin and at least a dozen other prisoners escaped successfully. The word 'transaction' was engraved on the outside gates, with the S stylized as that foreign currency sign. We're still trying to find out what it means... Meanwhile, I'm gonna go there and check it out. Can some available agents go get the helicopter ready and come with me? I'm just going to go contact Ninjinian."

Six agents went out of the headquarters to start the helicopter. Kai went to his office and dialled 1.

"Hello, Ninjinian?"

"Yesss...?" said a sleepy Ninjinian. It was almost 2am but was still awake in the Parliament room.

"More news on Small-Fins... he's got together all his friends and broke into Owcatraz."

"What?!" said Ninjinian. He accidentally knocked over his glass of milk as he got up from his seat.

"Yes - it happened just an hour ago. I'm going to investigate now."

"Stay there, I'm coming with you - I'll be there in 5 minutes."

"Okay, I'll be right here." replied Kai, then shut the phone.

"What is Transaction...?" murmured Kai as he headed towards the headquarters entrance. "I must find out..."

Chapter 4: Criminal Pursuit[edit]

Everything was just calm. They were just waiting there... silently.

"I should've bought a cheeseburger... or at least some Poritos..." sighed Thedon.

"Be quiet." warned Small-Fins. It was almost 3am and they were all waiting 90 yards away from The Facility waiting for the right time to break in. Small-Fins had inside sources inform him that the few guards on patrol relaxed in their office at this time. That would give them plenty of time to execute the break-in.

Kai and Ninjinian didn't find anything at Owcatraz that would help them get closer to Small-Fins, but still they were not going to rest. The prison was completely torn apart - the windows all shattered, the guards all injured or deleted and so many missing prisoners. Ninjinian planned to unite with Billybob on rebuilding the prison, hiring more guards (and contacting any relatives) and improving the security.

The problem that they were dreading for the most was the press...

Back outside The Facility, Hystle reloaded the guns while the others watched the prison.

"I'm gonna check on how the others are doing." said Small-Fins. He got out his micro-mobile and walked away from the group. He dialled the number 6 to contact the smuggling group.

"Hello Small-Fins." answered Smuggler Gary.

"Yo SG. How's it going so far?"

"We're in the process of packing all the items. We got missiles, X-Burgers, chemicals such as Ditto and the X-Virus, guns, rifles, fake passports, Judgies and much more! By the end of tomorrow we'll have contacted others to make sending arrangements and then payment!"

"Wow! Best of luck on that. You'll hear about what we've accomplished in tomorrow's newspaper..." said Small-Fins, then closed the phone and dialled number 3 for the hacking team.

Mectrixctic answered the phone - "Y'ello boss."

"Hello Mec - everything going good?"

"It's quite harder than I thought it would be. But we've gotten hold of one of the best computers in Antarctica by Smuggler Gary and have established coding for the hacking procedure."

"What are Slik, Taurment and Peak doing?"

"Slik's helping me with the coding. Taurment's working on the agencies and Peak's working on the plan."

"Okay - we're outside The Facility. After that we're going to Club Penguin. Message me your location when I call you." ordered Small-Fins, then closed the phone and dialled number 9.

The Robbers (part of the Club Penguin attack and robbers team) picked up the phone: "Wussup boss?"

"About to attack The Facility - how about you?"

"Just waiting for the island to cool down before we do anything. Their April Fools party finished about 10 days ago on the 3rd. And moreover, Rockhopper's coming and the Earth Day scheme is gonna start too."

"So what's the plan? Cause we plan to come by the 15th."

"The party and the pirate come next week Thursday - the 21st - so we should attack when all of us are together on the day before the party starts."

"Nice. Meanwhile plan where we're gonna attack first."

"Roger that." said the lead Robber, and closed the phone.

Small-Fins went back to the group. "I just got off the phone to the teams. Everything is going well. The smugglers start tomorrow and the Club Penguin group are going to attack in two weeks. Hopefully around the same time the hackers will have succeeded too."

"Great." said Hystle. "So when do we attack?"

Small-Fins checked his phone for the time. 3:14am.

"In 16 minutes - at 3:30."

* * *

Ninjinian and Administrator Kai returned from a long journey as they entered the TSU headquarters.

"Wow, I'll need two glasses of milk to get me to sleep tonight. I'll check up morning in the Kai." said Ninjinian, not realizing his last sentence didn't make sense.

Kai went to his office and paced the room on his skateboard, thinking.

"What are they up to now?" said Kai.

An agent walked into the room. "Sir.."

"Jimmy, you're fired!"

The agent's beak started to quiver. "B-b-b-but sir..."

"I'll rehire long as you don't cry on my floors."

"My name's not even Jimmy"

"Enough games Jim, what did you want to tell me?"

"Should we make duplicates of the Small-Fins tracking device?"

"Leave it. We'll only need one. But I have an idea. Bring all the available agents together at the reception, pronto!"

"Yes sir." said the agent, and went off to gather the others.

Kai decided to not bother Ninjinian this time. He must be asleep, thought Kai.

"They're going to attack The Facility next... I just know it..."

Kai bounced out of his office and gave an order as he pulled out his microphone out of nowhere.

"All spies report to the helicopters immediately! I have a feeling Puny-Fins and his friends are going to attack The Facility next! We must get there as soon as possible. Come on, let's go, let's go, let's go!"

All the agents and spies (apart from security and scientists) rushed to get their guns and ammunition, then dashed towards the helicopters. There was a giant level in Tops Tower just for helicopters.

Kai grinned. "Let's go catch us some criminals!"

* * *

It was hard to believe that they could have a whole factory open, and not attract a single trace of public suspicion.

The to-be-smuggled items had all been packed by Smuggler Gary and his crew, and the preparations for the shipment of the items had been fixed too. The list of the items went as so:

  • Missiles
  • X-Burgers
  • Chemical Ditto
  • Chemical X-Virus
  • AKs, riffles, swords, BB guns
  • Fake passports
  • Judgies
  • Smuggling penguins
  • Firework explosives & grenades
  • Money printing machines
  • Martial arts/ninja weapons

Items were being smuggled via planes - with the smuggler dropping the item via parachute. As well as direct smuggling, goods were being sent into prisons - charging 50-900 dauroes or 1000-11,000 coins for each good (with the prisoners having their money kept for special needs or stealing money from the guards).

As well as items, penguins and puffles were being smuggled into countries too. The fake passports were limited but they were high in demand. Whoever coughed up the most secured the most valuable goods.

Over the past days, the crew had contacted their allies to persuade them into buying the items. After hearing the offers, many agreed straight away. Some contacts were linked with prisoners, who told them about the smuggling. Nobody dared to rat out the crew.

It was now 3:24am. "Are we ready to smuggle?" said Smuggler Gary.

His crew Smuggler Pete, Smuggler Don and Smuggler Fly nodded.

"So let's go over the routes. Pete - you'll be delivering via plane to 37 locations. Don - you're in charge of smuggling into prisons and to smuggle penguins or puffles into countries. Take a plane if you want. Fly - you're smuggling by plane too, but focusing more on the weapons. I will be delivering the money printing machines and passports. We have about 12 machines and 34 passports, but we're not selling all of them. Just 4 machines and 8 passports. I still need to finish the passports."

"What if we get complaints?" asked Smuggler Pete.

"You know what to do..." winked Gary. "And the most important thing of all... don't forget to collect the money!" The rest nodded.

"Now let's go, boys!" All three of them headed towards the planes at the back of the factory.

The factory was a small one and looked like an igloo on the outside. But inside there were stations for all the items - weapons, guns, foods, chemicals, bombs, documents and the most important station of all. The planning station. Here they had their contacts, a bit of money and plans for smuggling.

"Best of luck boys." saluted Smuggler Gary as the crew put the last of the goods into their planes, returning the salute as they sat down. The wall at the back of the factory opened like a garage door. The planes flew out into the sky.

"Better check up on Small-Fins. I'm gonna regret splitting the money..."

Small-Fins picked up the phone. "Yo Gary. What's going on?"

"My crew have set off on their planes. Over 60 contacts co-operated in the smuggling. We've charged a high amount of money for the goods."

"Great. We're just about to attack The Facility now, so I'll contact you soon."

"All the best."

* * *

Hiding in a cave in the Wilderness of Club Penguin were Ernie, Denno Senshi, Gangsta Rookie, The Robbers, Tuxx, Irregular, Stuntz and Rolla - also known as the CP attackers and robbers.

The Robbers, who each went by their codenames Hydra, Wolfpack and Mantis, were waiting quite eagerly to start their attack.

Hydra is the leader of the robbers, Wolfpack's known for his strength and Mantis is the smart one who wishes they could still be making a living if they continued their job at the Pizza Parlour sensibly, but secretly loved the robbing action.

"Can't we just go back to our Parlour jobs?" said Mantis.

"No." said Hydra fiercely. "This IS our living. We're not going to stop any time soon. And you'd better not blow our cover! The Parlour job is the key to our disguise."

Ernie, Denno Senshi, Irregular and Rolla were all fast asleep. Most of them slept through the whole day, as they had no duty until they started their attack. The food they had finished quite swiftly, and now they were living by catching fish from the river 50 feet away from the cave entrance. But they knew that it would all be worth it.

"You're right Hydra." said Mantis. "We'll be making more money anyway."

"Attaboy!" said Hydra, while patting Mantis on the back.

Gangsta Rookie got up and started waddling out of the cave. "I'm gonna go catch some grub."

"Bring some back for me!" ordered Stuntz.

"Ayo, how many days until attack? I've lost track..." asked Tuxx.

Mantis turned around and checked his last diary entry. "It's the thirteenth today. We attack in seven days on the twenty-first."

"I swear this day feels like it's been at least a week..." said Stuntz.

"What, the thirteenth?" asked Wolfpack.


"I wonder why..." pondered Wolfpack.

"Oi, what's that?" said Hydra, pointing to Mantis's diary as he put it away.

"Uhh, it's my... record for... our shifts at the Parlour..."

"Let's see it." said Hydra.

"Oh wait, I lost it."

"It's right there in your flippers..." said Wolfpack.

"It's an illusion." winked Mantis.

The time was 3:27am (some minutes after Smuggler Gary's crew set off in their planes).

"I wonder how Small-Fins will do." wondered Tuxx.

"The guy's a don, he'll do it. And he's got enough allies to aid him." commented Hydra.

Gangsta Rookie returned running with a bucket of 5 fish. He settled the fish down quickly.

"Quickly, hide! EPF agents are on the go! Wake up the others!" he warned.

Wolfpack grabbed a fish and slapped them all.

"Flamin' Underworld!" emalfed Irregular as he woke up.

"Sshhh! Feds!"

Rolla got up. "Flamin' Underworld!"

"HIDE!" ordered Ernie.

They all went to the back of the cave. There were two agents with torches wandering near the river.

" I was like how can you put new mustard on a pizza without taking off the old mustard, you get me?" said one agent.

"...No." said the other. "We've been ordered to search for any clues relating to Herbert and his crabs. Who knows what he's planning to do."

"Maybe he's going to make some brrr-gggrrs as it's so cold in Club Penguin!" laughed the comedic agent.

"Quite funny indeed." replied the unenthusiastic partner. "Nothing here, let's go."

20 seconds after the agents left, the criminals crept out of their hiding spots.

"That was close!" said Ernie.

"Yeah, we would've been busted." said Denno Senshi.

"We'll need to be more alert. If we're caught we just do what we got to do... just seven more days." said Hydra.

* * *

"Come on guys, let's move it - let's go, let's go, hurry up!" said Administrator Kai as his agents filled the helicopters. The front wall opened vertically and one by one the helicopters left. It was very dangerous leaving like this, but they had no time to take out the launch pad out of the opened wall.

Kai got into the last helicopter. There were 4 agents in each helicopter with twenty of them swarming around in the sky, making 80 agents travelling all the way to Zero Reverse.

Not every agent could come as there weren't enough helicopters - instead they guided the agents travelling.

Soon they'd arrive to catch Small-Fins and lock him up. Or so they hoped...

Chapter 5: Break-in[edit]

It was 3:30am - the time to strike.

"Okay boys, get your guns ready." declared Small-Fins.

"As you know, the guards will not be on patrol from 3:30 to approximately 4:10. Figuratively speaking, that would give us 40 minutes to break in, free the prisoners and exit, but the alarms will go off once the guards realise what's up.

The 21 creatures, and their new recruit Deathfin emerged out of the bushes and charged towards The Facility doors.

The noise caught seven guards attention, who were all near the back of the compound.

"Who heard that?" said one of them.

"I did, let's go, hurry! It might be an intruder!" said another. All seven of them ran towards the front.

"HOLY EMALFS is that Small-Fins?!" the front guard said.

"Forget about that, just shoot!"

They got their guns and aimed - they were too many. Hystle, Herbert and Slik da Slim shot multiple bullets.
They hit all seven of the guards, but none were dead so far.

"MY TURN! HAHAHA!" cackled Deathfin. As the guards tried to get up Deathfin used his lethal nunchaku on them. Swings went to their heads, flippers and legs.

"I won't be surprised if they look in the mirror to find a few bruises on them in the morning, haha!"

"Fire at the doors!" ordered Small-Fins. Bullets sprayed aimlessly at the thick, black door.

The Facility image.PNG

The doors are much bigger up close. Herbert charged towards the door, breaking off the first side.

"Good job Herbert." praised Hystle. The strong ones, Zone, Evil Pengy and Heavy Mob, done the same.

They backed away to let more bullets hit the door. It finally fell and they charged in.

The villains could already hear shouting coming from the inside.

Small-Fins got to the power box of the doors and started licking the box.

Many were puzzled, but his gang members weren't.

"What is he doing?" asked Zone.

"Boss has the power to make things burn - or even evaporate - by licking things."

And Grits was right. They all took a closer look and soon saw the smoke rise and the box fall to the ground.

"Never let me kiss you." winked Small-Fins. He then touched the lip of his tongue with some wires and suddenly the second door opened. "Every door will open after the next one, but with a ten second delay. Get your guns ready!"

They all ran together as if they were being sprayed out of a disinfectant bottle - quick and in a group. Bullets hit the cameras. As well as getting in, they were trying their best to damage the compound.

The Custodian (manager of The Facility) got out of his office.

"INTRUDERS AGAIN?!?!" he bellowed. "Guards, get ready!"

The new guards had just arrived that day. If he lost any more then nobody would want to take the jobs. But more importantly he didn't want to look like he wasn't taking good care of the prison. He would of got fired. So he decided to help. He took out the gun from his robe and charged down the platforms.

He is a very strong and hench penguin - a few bullets wouldn't hurt him. Plus, under his robe was his bullet-proof vest.

"The eleventh door!" pointed Xinjinian with his gun. It slowly opened.

"This is the last door boys. Get ready." said Small-Fins. The twelfth door opened to slowest. Once it started opening, The Custodian picked up a megaphone he found on the floor. "ALL GUARDS MAKE SURE YOU ARE ARMED!"

The door had opened completely. But nobody came out. The guards had their guns up, but started putting them down.

"DON'T PUT THEM DOWN, IT'S A TRICK!" said The Custodian.

And he was right. About seven seconds later they came out of their hiding spots and entered the prison.

The Facility interrior.PNG

The bottom floor was filled with 34 guards, and 22 villains. The guns of the villains spat their bullets out. Deathfin ducked and avoided the bullets and used his nunchaku, chainsaw and axe to deal with some.

Just two minutes into the break-in, helicopters could be heard from outside of the walls.

Many froze to listen.

"Ahhh don't tell me it's the TSU feds..." moaned Political.

They had to continue with the break-in. The sound of the helicopters died out. It was amazing how they arrived so quickly. All the way from New Club Penguin to Zero Reverse.

Political was right - out of the open twelve doors came the Terrain Spy Union.

Atrocious and Small-Fins were in for the most trouble. They are Number 1 and Number 2 on their list of Most Wanted Fugitives. And even though Small-Fins is the one who planned all this, he is not Number 1. The agents would try their best to capture them.

"RUNNN!" panicked Evil Pengy. Even though they would look like cowards, they did run. Zone held back as he shot at the spies that were coming in. There must of been over 100 of them.

Administrator Kai came last from the gates, while on his jet pack skateboard. He flew up to The Custodian.

"Order your guards to retreat. We'll take it from here."

"No no sir, we will continue." argued The Custodian.

"I am telling you now. Your new guards can't afford to loose their lives."

The Custodian paused. "Roger that sir." He picked up his universal walkie-talkie. Every guard had one.

"I have been given orders by Administrator Kai to retreat. I repeat, all Facility Guards retreat immediately and take shelter at my office."

There were 64 guards currently on duty. 29 retreated. The rest stayed. Like real soldiers - leaving 35.

As the 29 arrived at the office, The Custodian asked: "Where are the rest?" The guards were not sure.

"I have a feeling they are still fighting. Bless them." said Kai. "Now if you'll excuse me - I have a showdown with them to attend. Best of luck, Custodian."

"Thank you sir!" he replied. Kai then set off on his jet pack skateboard.

Deathfin cackled madly as he ran past the spies - swinging his chainsaw around. Many had gone up to the top platform. Spies followed them. Herbert, Hystle, Lupe, Xinjinian, Atrocious, Desmond Tiny and Evil Pengy all stopped outside a cell each and shot the doors down.

It was taking a lot of bullets to knock the doors down. Just then Deathfin came spiralling up the platform. He took off his chainsaw and started it. The blade roared noisily as he cut the bolts that kept the doors shut. Even with a chainsaw it took a while, but the bullets had already loosened the bolts. Seven prisoners saluted them and ran for their lives, trying to avoid guards.

"We'll keep shooting." said Lupe. "Keep up the good work, Deathfin."

"As usual Lupe." he said. "As usual."

Spies stopped at the end of the platform as they saw the villains near the open cells.

"Fire!" yelled one of the agents. They aimed and the bullets flew through the air towards the villains. The spies/agents started running towards them as they shot the bullets. The villains done the same.

"Duck everyone! To the cells!" said Atrocious.

Herbert and Deathfin punched a few agents and took their shields. They grabbed around eight shields and covered themselves as the bullets bounced off the shields. Once they got to the others the two shared the shields.

Herbert went into rage-mode and broke down every door he hit with his arm.

"Hurry, let's move on!" said Mr Tiny.

The spies followed them as they climbed more stairs.

"I got a plan." said Atrocious. "Hide as they come up!"

They hid behind the wall at the top of the stairs. As the spies came up, Deathfin attacked first - striking his elbow into one's neck and then nunchaku'ing a couple others. Then he pushed them all down the stairs.

Everyone else laughed. "Whew, that done my day man." said Lupe. "Let's go release a few more prisoners."

Back downstairs, Small-Fins and others had released 17 lucky prisoners - and with some others they just loosened the bolts.

"You're meddling stops here, Small-Fins. Mine won't - but yours will."

Kai flew over Small-Fins's head, aiming a gun which was tied to his hair.

"Fight like the ugly creature you are."

"Very funny Kai." chuckled Small-Fins. "Okay then. If that's what you want, I'll settle a deal. Right now."

"Say what it is. If there's any catches then consider yourself dead."

"No catches. No betrayals. I'll get my crew - you get yours. And we fight."

Kai glared at Small-Fins. "No guns. No knives. And certainly no axes, nunchakus or chainsaws."

"That's the same for you then. We fight with our bare flippers."

Kai lowered his skateboard down. "We meet back here."

Small-Fins went to Zone, Hystle and Wavey and informed them to get the others.

Zone got to the second platform the quickest - where Deathfin, Herbert and some others were.

"We'll be having a showdown with the TSU at the bottom floor. Come down immediately. Get the others too."

They all exchanged looks with each other. "Well, let's go then!" said Deathfin.

Within the next three minutes the bottom floor was divided into two parts. The criminals on one side. The TSU on the other.

Kai and Small-Fins were in the middle, then Kai spoke: "This is going to be a fair fight. So no weapons. You will empty all your weapons and can retrieve them later if possible. Give your weapons to either me or Small-Fins."

They done just that. Deathfin, however, resisted a lot in giving up his weapons.

"And remember. If there are any wise tricks, then we attack."

"Deal." said Small-Fins. "Right guys?" They all nodded.

Everyone backed away to the walls of their side. The Custodian was looking from the top platform. He decided to join in. On the TSU side. He jumped from the platform.

The impact on the floor was tremendous as he landed - making cracks up to the walls.

"CHARGE!" ordered Kai. Each side charged in the opposite direction - towards each other.

Deathfin was the first to give a blow. He give one mighty punch in an agent's beak. Herbert pushed through the agents as if he was knocking down a row of dominoes. Kai jumped onto Evil Pengy's head and bounced.

"AHHH GET OFF! GET OFF!" screamed a terrified Evil Pengy.

The TSU spies used karate-type movements on the villains - while the villains were just giving strong blows.

It was 22 against over 100 agents. They could be arrested them then and now. Nobody knew why Kai was doing this. Maybe it was just to show Small-Fins how much of a boss he is.

The Custodian was the strongest penguin there. Probably as strong as Herbert. The two had their own fight.

Deathfin and Hystle were the most powerful - giving lethal punches and kicks to the agents. It looked like Hystle was skilled in fighting, whilst Deathfin was hitting quite randomly.

"Come on agents, fight!" said Administrator Kai.

Now the agents got the upper flipper. They started using more quick and powerful karate blows.

"Oh no I'm going down!" exclaimed Xinjinian as he was taken down via headlock. Evil Pengy came to the rescue with a punch in the belly for the agent.

Now agents were chasing the likes of Deathfin, Thedon, Small-Fins, Grits and Wavey up and down platforms and stairs.

It was past 4pm now. Small-Fins looked at a clock above him as he was chased and decided to retreat. He jumped off the platform and landed safely on an aget that was lying on the floor. Some Facility Guards had arrived to join the fight too, but were too late now.

Small-Fins went up to Kai. "We end it here. See ya sucker!"

Kai ordered: "Everyone stop the fight and get the villains!"

Many did as they were told. Small-Fins ran. "Let's go boy! Move it, move it!" They followed him out the open (and some broken) gates. They had hid their weapons behind the fifth door. Zone and Herbert quickly picked up everyones weapons and handed them out. As they got them they fired bullets behind them.

The agents ducked as they retrieved their weapons too. One managed to get one of the crabs.

"OH NO, one of my minions!" said Herbert.

"It's a small sacrifice, Herbert." said Hystle. "He's not even dead."

Herbert picked the crab up and continued running and ducking. A single bullet shot past at the back - but managed to get someone.

Hystle stumbled as the bullet impacted his shoulder.

"Ahh no, no Hystle!" said Small-Fins. "Evil Pengy and Thedon, carry him!"

They did as they were told - lifting Hystle up as they ran. A bullet was very close to Zone, missing his head by just 2 centimetres.

"Oh NOW they decide to try and shoot accurately!" said Political.

"Get to the pods." said Small-Fins. They managed to reach them. Evil Pengy and Thedon managed to put Hystle (who was luckily still concious) into his pod. "Put in the co-ordinates, quick!"

The co-ordinates were sent onto the chat. Just as they all pressed enter, bullets hit the bottom parts of their pods. One managed to hit Mr Tiny's windscreen. Cold air flew into his face.

Mr Tiny spoke into the microphone: "Yo Small-Fins my windscreen's bust, what do I do?"

"There must be a glue glass gun pumper somewhere in your pod. Stick that onto the crack and it should release the glue and secure your glass, got it?"

"Yep, okay." He found it immediately. "Autoglass? What's that? Oh well." He filled the glass with the glue. "Done."

The agents watched from below as the pods flew off into the sky.

"Let them have their fun for now. We'll get them later." said Administrator Kai. "For now, get The Custodian and contact others for repairing the cells. And start investigations for the freed prisoners. If we hadn't come here in time, who knows how many more prisoners would of been freed. As well as the guards. They wouldn't of managed the task all by themselves."

"All I can say is. Good job agents. You served your country well. All of you will most definitely be given a Medal For Gallantry by the president."

"Wow sir... a Medal For Gallantry? Seriously?"

"Yep, I am serious."

"I agree boss. I think we served well too." said another agent. "TSU! TSU! TSU, TSU!"

The agent had started a chant as they walked back to their helicopters.

Chapter 6: Journeying to Club Penguin[edit]

After 1am that night - April 13, 2011 - they had broken into Owcatraz. Dozens of reporters gathered outside the yet-to-be-repaired prison. There were reporters giving a report in front of cameras. Others were writing down details, and some were taking pictures and videos.

As usual, TBC were first to report. Small-Fins and the lot managed to escape The Facility at around 4:23.

"It's 4:21 in Antarctica, I'm Huw Lowen with the Late TBC News. Just this late morning at around 1 o'clock in the morning, Small-Fins settled a break-in into The Owcatraz Maximum Federal Security Correctional Complex. The criminal had escaped from The Facility last month, and returned this morning with a pack of his allies. It has been estimated that twenty or more allies aided him in the break-in. During the break-in, the criminals managed to free over a dozen prisoners, and also took one prisoner with them. We go to Laura Martinez live who is at the scene."

The reporter fumbled with his papers and the camera shot moved to Laura. She was outside Owcatraz.

"Thank you Huw."

"So Laura, can you tell us what has happened in more detail?"

"Yes I can Huw - Owcatraz was broken into with a lot of chaos. All the criminals have been said to been armed. The forces that arrived at the end saw the criminals escape in some sort of rocket devices that launched off into the sky. It is being said that the criminal they took with them is Deathfin, who was locked up a few years ago. Witnesses who do not wish to speak in front of the camera said that they didn't see him being taken reluctantly. So far no other reports have been given. Nor have we been given permission to go inside the prison so far. I expect to be let in soon. We will report back with pictures and videos."

"Thank you Laura. Well, that's it for the Late News. Next up is the weather. We will return at 6 o'clock in the morning. For now, good night. I'm Huw Lowen."

* * *

Small-Fins sent a message!
Small-Fins: Boys. We have a bit of a problem.
Heavy Mob: huh, a problem?
Zone: What type of problem?
Small-Fins: Wait, we have two problems actually.
Mr Tiny: Ahh na, spill it Small.
Small-Fins: The first problem is that the co-ordinates we all added were estimated - meaning that they are not super accurate. We could end up anywhere in the sea.
Small-Fins: Second of all, all of our pods have been shot atleast once. They are in a really bad state and we could crash any minute.
Auto-Operator says ERROR. ERROR. ERROR.

"Oh no, what's wrong Small-Fins?" asked Lupe through the microphone.

"Our engines are bust. We're going down!" announced Small-Fins.

"Ahhh!" shouted Herbert. "I didn't even get to commence my Medieval Party plans!"

"We're not going to die! Hopefully we'll land safely." assured Small-Fins. "Hystle, are you okay?"

"Yeah, kind of. A bit weak, but I'll be fine soon. It's just one bullet."

"That's my man." said Small-Fins. Just then everyone's pods blared out a siren. The red glass box that was on top of their pods started whirring around as it flashed red.

"We're going down fam!!" warned Small-Fins.

Every one of their pods fell slowly - not fast, but slow. It must of been going as fast as a jogging penguin.

CRASH!!! ... they fell and their pods crashed completely - breaking into big chunks.

It was 4:54 as they crashed. Hystle was in a bad shape already, but he didn't seem to be hurt more than before.

"Oooaahhh my head." said Herbert as he got up.

"Anyone know where we are?" asked Small-Fins.

"I think we're on ... " Mr Tiny looked around and pondered. "... Ed Island."

"Ed Island? Where's that?" questioned Slik da Slim.

"It's actually quite close to Club Penguin. Located in the Sub-Antarctic Islands."

"Okay, phew." said a relived Small-Fins. "How long do you think it will take us to get to CP?"

"It's ..." Mr Tiny checked his pocket watch. "... currently almost 5am. And I think we're on the other side of Ed Island."

"Other side meaning?" asked Evil Pengy.

"Meaning that we are on the side that is not closest to Club Penguin. If we walk it there and take regular breaks it will take us the whole day. But I think we'll arrive by night time. 9 o'clock?"

"Okay - we're going to have to walk." said Small-Fins.

"But we'll be taking regular breaks... right?" asked Herbert.

"Of course." said Small-Fins.

"How come we landed quite sofly?" asked Thedon. "Well it weren't soft soft, but it weren't too hard either.."

"Parts of the engines must of still been working. That's good." said Small-Fins.

"So let's walk." said Zone. "We'll steal any things like water and food on the way."

"I like how you think Zone." winked Small-Fins.

* * *

The smugglers job was done - it was the easiest task out of Mission Tran$action, but also the hardest.

Smuggler Fly came back first, at around 5am. Smuggler Gary was there waiting for him.

"Well done Fly. How was it?" asked Gary.

"Much easier than I thought it would be. How about you?"

"I had troubles sending the money printing machines, but the passports done well. Go rest my boy."

"Thanks boss." said Fly, then went to his corner of the factory.

At 5:40, Smuggler Don came back. He stepped out of his plane.

"Don, my boy!" said Gary as he saw Don. "How was it?"

"Much harder than I thought it would be. How about you?"

"Ah it was all good. Sit down, take some coffee."

Don went off to talk to Fly. Pete arrived later, at around 7am.

"Wow I am tired boss." he said as he stepped out of his plane.

"Did it go well?" asked Gary.

"Well is not exactly the word." he said. "More like excellent!"

He took out three bags of money and placed them on a table.

"Where's yours?" asked Gary, talking to Don and Fly. They each showed him two bags.

"Excellent boys!" squealed Gary. "Have you counted?"

They all shaked their heads from side to side. "Let's count then." said Gary.

Pete and Don took a big table and moved it to the centre of the room. Fly and Gary poured out the money.

It must of took more than 15 minutes to count all the money properly, but they got to it eventually.

Smuggler Fly's head was the first to lift his head from the desk. His face was in total shock.

"722,800 coins and dauroes!" said Fly. They all jumped up and started dancing.

"We're rich, oh yeah, we're rich, oh yeah, we're rich we're rich we're rich oh yeah!" chanted the three.

"I hope you do realize gentlemen that we will only be getting about 20,000 of the dosh each ..." reminded Don.

"Who cares?! That's still enough!" said Fly.

"Don is right Fly." said Gary. "It is still a lot, but we will be sharing more than 60% of our earnings with the others. And before you get any smart ideas - no. We will not be betraying any of them. We stick to our word, right men?"

"Correct sir." said the other two.

"I will regret it though, as we risk a lot when we do such tasks. Let's just hope for our brothers the best."

* * *

April 13, 2011 — 6:04 AM

"Well you know what they say... The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma."

"What's that got to do with hacking?"

Mectrixctic got up from her seat, picked up a half-filled carton of milk, settled it down on the edge of the table, and tipped it over.

"Do you understand now? ..."

Slik paused. "No."

"Forget it then. I'm almost done cracking it."

Mectrixctic, Slik, Taurment and Peak - also known as the Agency & Heptagon Hacking Team - were almost ready to start commencing the hacking procedure.

"I hope you three know that we will not only be hacking the TSU and Heptagon - the Bureau of Fiction will be a target too." said Mectrixctic.

"Seriously?" asked Peak.


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  • Feds - the police.
  • G - Gangster.
  • Fam - short for family; used to address your friends.
  • Greazy / Sick - awesome; cool

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