Traveling All of Antarctica

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Gott Piper Ak Trip.png
The map of the trip. Click to enlarge.
Start Late November 2010
End Mid December 2010
Prerequisites Gold for Thanksgiving, Great Snowzerland Wars I-V
Level World Class
Location All of Antarctica and it's islands.
Rewards Fame, the publishing of Gottfried's Journal into a book, expirience
Gold for Thanksgiving EPF Agents Dave and Clovis

Traveling All of Antarctica is the story of Gottfried Hochstadt, Akbaboy, and Piper J. Cub on a mission to visit all the places in Antarctica and learn about their cultures and put it in a book so that everyone could know. Much to the easy sounding mission, the going gets rough once they come across the Snoss, and discover some valuable and shocking secrets about what really goes on in the Kaiser's Nation.

The Story[edit]

The Story is so big that it's chapters are divided into individual articles. Click to view them.