Traveling All of Antarctica/Chapter 10

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Traveling All of Antarctica
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Chapter 10:Pengolian PWNage[edit]

The three Hochstadt Travelers arrived that late afternoon. When they walked out of the Arrival Terminal, they were immidiately welcomed by the two Pengolian tour guides.

Tour Guide 1 and 2:"Velcome to West Pengolia!"

S2:"Heheh. Hi. Thanks."

Tour Guide 1 and 2:"Your friend, Fisch Hochstadt, planned you guys a tour of the marvelous country!"

Clovs:"Ok. Can you first show us to the hotel?"

Tour Guide 1:"Yes. Follow me."

The tour guides led them to an old rusty pickup truck.

Tour Guide 2:"This is our tour truck. Hop in the back."

The three travelers hopped in the back of the pickup truck. The two tour guides then began to drive them through downtown Ulaansnowtar.

Tour Guide 1:"This is downtown Ulaansnowtar! It is very PWNsome and honors Penghis Khan!"

Tour Guide 2:"Hooray for Penghis Khan!"

The tour guide soon began driving out of Ulaansnowtar.

S2:"Ummm, excuse me, where are we going? Aren't we supposed to go to the hotel?"

Tour Guide 2:"Oh no. Fisch wanted you to stay at our place tonight. Don't worry, it's wonderful there!"

Tour Guide 1:"You will feel at home!"

The tour guides took the travelers to their home, which was an old abandoned looking house made of wood.

Clovis:"Will all of us be able to sleep inside it tonight?"

Tour Guide 1:"Ah no, I'm sorry about that. You guys will need to sleep in the shed for tonight."

The shed was behind the house, which was also in bad condition also.

Piper:"A SHED?"

Tour Guide 2:"Sorry. It's the best we got. It's real comfortable, though!"

Tour Guide 1:"Make yourself at home!"

The two tour guides soon walked into the regular house.

The three Hochstadt travelers walked in front of the shed.

Piper:"Where's the bathroom?"

S2 opened the shed to find a bunch of old brooms, a shovel, some rope, and the door to the outhouse, which was adjacent to the shed. The place smelled bad too....

Piper:"Now who would want to put their outhouse right next to the shed?"

Clovis:"I don't know. At least we can rest."

There were no blankets or pillows to sleep on.

S2:"I guess the ropes will have to do for our blankets."

Clovis:"I think this is a sham."

Piper:"You think? Fisch probably wanted these guy's hospitality only because they were cheap!"

S2:"Then again, I don't remember Fisch or Fuut Ga telling us anything about staying with two weird Pengolian Tour guides."

Piper:"Well, I suppose we get some shut eye then."


Clovis then wrapped and covered himself with the ropes for warmth, and S2 did the same with his. Piper rolled his rope up into the shape of a nest, and all three of them went to sleep.

A loud banging on the shed's door was heard the next morning.

Pengolian Tour Guide 1:"Wake up! Wake up you Hochstadt foo...I mean friends....."

S2 groggily opened the door.

S2:"Good morning Mr. tour guide."

Pengolian Tour Guide 1:"Yes, good morning. Now hurry up, make yourself decent! The other tour guide is going to pick us up real soon!"

Clovis:"What are we having for breakfast?"

The Pengolian tour guide slapped Clovis with a fish, and then handed to him.

Pengolian tour guide 1:"Here! Here is your breakfast!"

The Pengolian tour guide then gave another fish to S2 and to Piper.

Piper:"Errr...I don't eat fish, sir."

Pengolian tour guide 1:"Then starve! Eat what I give you!"

Piper grumbled.

Piper:"Puffles don't eat fish!"

The tour guide walked away.

Piper:"Aw man, I'm hungry!"

Clovis:"Maybe you should look around. There's gotta be an O-Berry bush nearby."

Piper went outside to look for some food, meanwhile, Piper and S2 began eating their fish raw.

S2:"At least they could give us a fire or at leat cook the stuff before giving it to us...."

Clovis:"Hmmph. It must be a Pengolian custom. I've heard of a Pengolian who eats his fish raw."

Piper soon came back.

Clovis:"Did you find anything?"

Piper:"Well, all I found was a wilting O-Berry bush with barely edible berries on it, but I managed to swallow them. I'm still hungry though. It wasn't enough."

S2:"Oh well. Maybe lunch will be better."

Then, Tour guide 2 came with his truck.

Tour Guide 2:"Alright, Hochstadts. Our first stop is a beatiful forest located outside the city! It's famed for being the only dense forest in the area!"

Tour Guide 1:"Yup. Lots to see and do for those who like nature."

Piper:"Alright! There's gotta be O-Berry bushes there!"

Piper, S2, and Clovis all jumped into the back of the pickup truck, and the tour guides drove off towards the Devecter Woods.

The truck pulled into the mystical greed forest, unknowingly called the Devecter Woods. The tour guide then parked in a clearing in the middle of the forest.

Tour Guides 1 and 2:"Welcome to the best forest of West Pengolia!"

Piper:"Wow! I can't believe they actually have stuff like this here!"

Tour Guide 1:"Excuse me for a minute boys, but my partner and I need to go to the bathroom. We'll be right back."


Piper took out the camera as the two pengolian tour guides stared running deep into the forest.


Suddenly the firing of a Snowball Gun was heard from the trees, and it barely missed S2. That then triggered more shots that made the three travelers dance and jump, trying to evade the shots.

Clovis:"We're being attacked!"

S2 then quickly tried pulling on the door handle, only to find it locked!


S2 then pulled out a Snowbullet Pistol.

Clovis:"Where are they coming from? I can't see them!"

S2 then fired randomly at the trees and brush until one RDA Clone Trooper got hit and fell off the tree.

Piper:"Ah! They're hiding! Just run!"

The three of them started running away down the path they came from. Clovis and S2 were running at a very fast pace, leaving the no-legged puffle Piper behind.

Piper:"Hey, wait for me!"

Suddenly, a whole bunch of snowballs whirled at Piper, practically buring him. Clovis and S2 hardly didn't notice that Piper was no longer behind them, and kept running and still trying to evade the snowballs and lazer blasts.

Swiss Ninja then ran out into plain sight and jumped on the pile of snow that was covering Piper. He grabbed Piper and threw him into a little puffle cage.

Swiss:"Yes! We got one!"

Austin:"Gah! We lost the other two!"

Swiss:"Don't worry about them. There's only two of them. We can easily capture them."

Austin:"Alright. True."

Johnathan:"Yeah! We caught one!"

Rex:"Finally. For once we prevail."

Swiss:"Let us party!"


Swiss:"Heheh. Shut it, puffle! One more word and you won't get any food!"

Piper closed his mouth and used his last resort Puppy face beg.

Swiss:"Hmmph. Stop trying to bribe me with your adorable ways. The Hochstadt Gang will soon be all gone, and I will soon become the Master of...."

Austin:"We get it, Swiss."

Swiss:"Alright, alright."

Austin:"I'd love to party, but I know soon that those two are going to be on the move."

Swiss:"Let them first enjoy United Terra, then Fishwow and then the Darktonian Realm. It's weird that they went off course....."

Johnathan:"Obviously to evade us."

Piper:"Now you figure that out?"

Swiss once again angrily pointed at Piper.

Piper:"Oh, sorry!"

S2 and Clovis were already sweaty and tired by the time they had left the forest.

S2:"Oh man, that was tiring. Piper, you ok?"


Both of them turned around to see no one except for the trees.


Clovis began running back until S2 grabbed him and restrained him from running away.

S2:"No, Clovis. We can't go back. Piper can take care of himself."

Clovis:"But, he might be..."

S2:"Clovis, Piper knows what to do."

Clovis:"They'll already be at the airport. We can't go there either without being caught."

S2:"Then we fly there then."


S2:"I'll take you to UTR the same way I took Akbaboy from CP to the cruise ship that was sailing off the coast of Freezeland."


S2 then picked up Clovis and flew into the air.


S2:"Hold on to that Journal, Clovis!"

Clovis:"I will!"

S2:"UnitedTerra here we come!"

Still in the forest, a RDA Clone Trooper on guard then spotted the flying S2 carry Clovis into the sky.


Swiss:"What? How can that be?"

Swiss Ninja then climbed up the tree and took out his binoculars, and looked out into the sky.

Swiss:"Oh. Wait, woah! S2 can fly! I didn't know that!"

Austin:"Wait, you don't know much about your own creation?"

Java Ghent:"Correction, my father, Django Ghent, was the one who cloned S1 and S2 from the super hero Shadow Guy."

Swiss:"Hmmph. Nevermind then. I suppose at this rate of their speed, we should head into the skies tomorrow."

That same day, S2 and Clovis flew to New Club Penguin City in UnitedTerra.

Clovis:"Hey look! It's the famed Tops Tower! I hear they have a pool on the rooftop!"

S2:"Oh really?"

S2 flew high up in the air several hundred feet over the rooftop of leasure, and let go of Clovis after taking the Journal from him.



Clovis then swam around the pool and got out, only to slip on the wet floor and Clovis fell off the building.


S2 came back and caught Clovis in midair and flew back down to the streets.

S2:"Did you have a good swim?"

Clovis:"Eh, yeah, I did, until I slipped."

S2:"So we're here in United Terra now. Tomorrow we head for East Pengolia. Hopefully we can contact your TerraMount Allies from letting Swiss and his goons from attacking us."

Clovis:"Well, we're here. Interesting, though to see that that small town of East Terrain turned into the continuously developing New Club Penguin City."

S2:"Well, I guess we should head for East Pengolia tomorrow then...."

Clovis:"Hmmm? No, we better leave in an hour or so. I believe that SN knows that we always stay a day in one place and then move on. We can just stay here for a little bit, and then we go to East Pengolia for some rest."

S2:"Alright, then you better write your journal then! You haven't updated it in a while!"


An excerpt from the Gottfried-Clovis Journal:

Things have really taken a toll on us lately. South Pole City was very nice, and we visited the South Pole Council to find that Swiss Ninja missed the meeting as usual. We all wondered where he could be until Piper, S2, and I went to West Pengolia only to be tricked by two fake Pengolian Tour guides who led us into a trap that my brother Swiss Ninja had cooked up. For once, it was a surprise as he and his goons hid behind brush and trees of a forest that SN devised himself. We made a hasty retreat, but we left the poor Piper behind forgetting that puffles can't run as fast as a penguin. S2 had no choice but to fly me here to UTR right away, where I was able to view the rooftop of Tops Tower. We also plan to fly to East Pengolia today the same day so that we can break the habit of staying in one place for one day so that SN will have a harder time catching us.

S2:"Are you done yet? We better leave now if we're going to make it to East Pengolia at dinnertime!"

Clovis placed the journal back into his pocket, and S2 lifted him into the air, heading for East Pengolia.

Swiss Ninja and all of his soldiers and bounty hunters were all partying in the backyard of the Devecter family home. A large table was set up for all to sit, and a small pedastal was placed near the table, where Piper could view from his cage as the Penguins feasted and partied over his defeat.

Piper:"Please! Can I have an O-Berry? I'm hungry, and you still haven't given my nothing!"

Swiss:"Pipe down, Piper."


Swiss grabbed a Cream Soda bottle and threw it at Piper's cage, knocking it over and dousing Piper in Cream Soda.


Everyone at the table laughed.

Swiss poured a glass of Cream Soda into his bottle.

Swiss:"I propose a toast, to our victory!"

The others also filled up their glasses with Cream soda, and said: "For the victory of Snowzerland!"

Everyone toasted while Piper started licking his fur, trying to drink whatever was left of the Cream Soda. Austin later came and picked up his cage again and set him up back on the pedestal. However, Swiss Ninja was no fool. He left one RDA Trooper to keep track of the two remaining Hochstadt travelers by using a tracking devise they had attacked onto S2 when they suprise attacked the group in the Devecter Woods. The trooper had set up a whole bunch of equipment including a radar to keep track of their movement.

RDA Trooper:"Errrr...your magesty? I have news. The two Hochstadt travelers seem to be on the move again. This time they're heading for East Pengolia.

Swiss:"They ought to be staying there for the night since It's getting late."

Austin:"They're trying to change up their routine...."

Swiss:"Well, we can't go into East Pengolia, not when we're in West Pengolia. That's just going to cause more problems..."

Austin:"So where are they going to next?"

Swiss:"I don't know exactly. They missed the Darktonian Realm, so I bet they're going there next."

Austin:"Pffft. Clovis doesn't even have the guts to go near that place!"

Java Ghent:"But S2 does!"

Swiss:"Well, then I better contact Darktan then and let him know he's going to have visitors."

Johnathan Wolfhunter:"Hmmph. You haven't allied him since the Great Snowzerland War I. What makes you think he's still your ally?"

Swiss:"I still send him holiday cards!"

Everyone: O_O

S2 and Clovis arrived in the city of Fishwow, East Pengolia at 5:30 PM. They went to eat in a cafe run by workers for dinner. There they had delicious Fish and ate it with sickles (the national eating utensil). The fish was well made, and the two satisfied penguins went to a nearby hotel for some rest. However, they forgot about the classic East Pengolian reversal custom.

In the USA, S2 and Clovis sleep on beds.

In East Pengolia, the beds sleep on S2 and Clovis.

Thus the two travelers had their beds sleep on them for the night which was not very comfortable, but at least they got rest.

That morning again, they had fish.....but at least they were cooked this time. Clovis and S2 strolled the streets of Fishwow, or should we say the streets of Fishwow stolled Clovis and S2....

Clovis and S2 took pictures of the famous sights that were all made by the workers, including the Penguinlin, and the Red Scare Square. Clovis then sat down on a bench and wrote in his journal.

An excerpt from the Gottfried-Clovis Journal:

Ah, beautiful East Pengolia, it's so different from that dreaded West Pengolia! Everyone is equal here, which means no one is either rich or poor. This also means that the city is very clean, and that everything here has been manufactured and built very nicely. Nice places to visit in the capital city of Fishwow would be the Penguinlin and the Red Scare Square.

S2:"Alright...Clovis, I think it's time to move on again."

Clovis:"Alright. Where to now?"

S2:"Well...we need to go to....brace yourself Clovis....The Darktonian Realm."

Clovis looked down, instantly losing joy.

Clovis:"Oh. I forgot. Gee, I don't know S2. It's dangerous."

S2:"Well yeah, it is, but we have to go everywhere, remember? Don't worry, with me by your side, we're going to make it."

Clovis:"I hope you know what you're doing."

S2 grabbed Clovis and flew away again, towards the unforgiving realm of the evil Darktan.