Traveling All of Antarctica/Chapter 13

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Traveling All of Antarctica
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Chapter 13:The Heart of the Enemy, Snowzerland[edit]

Snowzerland Nature.png

That next day, the travelers headed to the Wien Airport, and eventually flew to Zurich, Snowzerland. They luckily did not get caught, and left the airport without trouble. They soon began walking through downtown.

Gottfried:"OK. We need to get to Terninia. I remember Fisch and Jock telling me that we need to go the Northern Coast of the island if we are going to reach the LATTUs that head for that base."

Clovis:"So we better get out of Snowzerland as soon as possible, no?"

Gottfried:"We should..."

Suddenly, a coah walked up to the gang.

Gottfried:"Bernard????? Is that you?"

Bernard:"Yes, it's me."

Gottfried and Bernard shook hands and embraced, since the two brothers have not seen eath other for many years.

Gottfried:"Why...why are you living in Snowzerland?"

Bernard:"I am the head coach of the nation's soccer team. Don't worry, I'm not a total SN freak. I only came here to coach and train a great team..."

Gottfried:"I understand. Look, Bernard, can you please help us get to the Northern Coast?"

Bernard:"Hmm....I suppose I can. Sadly though, I don't own a car or anything."

Gottfried:"Not even a bus? For like your team or something?"

Bernard:"No...the bus is under maintenance right now. It's being fixed..."

Clovis:"Well, we'll never make it to the other side of the island by today."

Bernard:"True. We're going to have to stay overnight at an inn. I know this place where we can's a quiet secluded area far from the cities and villages. The owner is also anti-Swiss Ninja and can house you in safety."

Piper:"All right. I always like Snowzerland for it's nature anyways. It's clean and green down here."

Bernard led them through the city of Zurich, and took the gang down a road that ran across the east side of Lake Zurich. Eventually, the city was behind them, and the countryside became visible. There was basically a lot of green pastures, farmland, and forests, with farmhouses and villages that dotted here and there. The road they were walking down ran across the lake that eventually went to Luzern. From the lake the travelers looked across to see the capital city of Geneva. The lake glittered peacefully as they walked.

The inn was some distance however they made it. It was located in a small village called Saint Swiss Ninja.

Piper:"Swiss Ninja named this village after himself?"


Gottfried: "Such an egomaniac".

They entered the inn, which was full. An old man was playing the piano and singing. It was a pro-Swiss Ninja song. Piper stopped to listen to the chorus.

Hail, our Kaiser, Swiss Ninja!

He brings us freedom and liberty,

Liberator of islands,

Archenemy to the villainous USA,

Fear of the TerraMounts,

And the unifior of High Penguins

O, Swiss Ninja, bring us peace.

Piper went into the living room behind the bar. The rest of the gang was in it.

Piper: "Who was that old man?"

Bernard: "The owner, Joseph Maximillian."

Piper: "You said he was anti-Swiss Ninja."

Bernard: "He is. However he must keep down low, for like me, he is a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Snowzerland."

Piper: "Prove it".

Bernard: "Ok. Joseph! There is a kite suck in the washing line".

Joseph immedietly ran into the living room and locked the door. He then opened a wardrobe and what appeared to be a trap door inside it was opened.

Joseph: "Come!"

Joseph jumped into the trapdoor and everyone followed. There was a large network of tunnel. Joseph lead the way through this maze and ended up in a small room.

Joseph: "Welcome to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Snowzerland, Saint Swiss Ninja branch."

The room was uncleaned and surrounding it was just ice. A fire was built in the middle for warmth and some chairs surrounded a table that you'd see in a Board of Director's meeting. However the most shocking of all was an ammunition cache, containing several weapons, including several prototype Pancake Launchers and Flamethrowers. Joseph pointed his flipper at them.

Joseph: "We nicked them from the Arctic Wolves".

Leonardo: O_O

Clovis:"Gottfried, I belive then it is our duty to join the PFLS since we share a common goal."

Gottfried:"I agree."

Bernard:"Ok, Gottfried, but please, do not make this public. You know what will happen to us, and SN will not be happy!"

Gottfried:"We know."

Gottfried turned to his companions.

Gottfried:"Are we in gang?"

Clovis, Sancho, Piper, Leonardo:"Yeah!"

Suddenly, Jock Hochstadt walked into the room.

Jock:"Good choice, boys!"

Clovis:"Jock??? What are you doing here?"

Jock:"Good question. I'm the one who founded this organization while you guys were on your trip!"

Piper:"It's good to see you talking some sense into these people."

Jock:"Yes. I formed this group with the help of the Vikings, and now I'm an admiral again...except not for the Viking army but for the PFLS."

Gottfried:"Ok. What's your current objective?"

Jock:"To take you guys safely across Snowzerland island without being caught. We already have a plan."

Suddenly, a group of soldiers from the PFLS militia were dressed up with 'I ♥ Swiss Ninja' T-shirts and signs."

Sancho: O_O

Jock:"You all will be traveling while hiding inside this crowd of total yes-men impersonators. Unfortunately, you will have to hold some signs up too just in case."

Clovis:"No big deal."

Jock:"Now, get some good night's rest, and we'll see you tomorrow."

The travelers then left the PFLS meeting room and went off to recieve their hotel rooms.

Die Schweizer Ninja Hassern[edit]

The Hochstadt travelers slept very well in their Snoss made beds. Snowzerland was known for their luxury products, for it seemed like even the smallest of things were made with very high quality. They also had a good breakfast that consisted of cereal and yogurt. They soon met up with the crowd of PFLS milita penguins wearing their Pro-Swiss Ninja t-shirts and posters. Jock was there too, and handed the travelers some posters and signs as well. Then, the milita penguins surrounded the travelers, nearly concealing them.

Jock sarcastically said:"Men, march to Sankt Moritz! For 'Swiss Ninja'!"

Militia men:"For 'Swiss Ninja'!"

The militia soon marched through the village again and down the lakeside road. Although they could not see what was in front of them, the travelers could see cows grazing on the pastures of the hills nearby. Snowzerland was famed for their cows, which had came from the Cow Dimention and seemingly seemed to adjust to Snoss weather, which was moderately cool, but not terribly cold. The gang also passed many other villages with names like Zug, Schwartzmask, and Schwyz.....

They then passed through the major city of Sankt Moritz, a famed ski resort city in Snowzerland. It was the northernmost major city on the island. Now the soldiers needed to march the travelers towards the mountains in the north. The travelers would have to then climb over them, and they would finally be able to reach the Northern Coast. Luckily, everything went out as planned. The militia marched them to a mountainside village, and the travelers then went over the mountains and onto the Northern Coast. The Northern Coast was a farm covered plain, full of grain fields. The coastal areas of the Northern Coast had several military bases and LATTU landing pads.

The Hochstadt treaded across the fields. They then approached one of the bases until they saw Fisch's abandoned Snowsna aircraft left on the field. Fisch never brought it back to the airport.

Clovis:"Hmm. Fisch never returned his aircraft back to the hangar."

Sancho:"Hmm...I don't think I want to risk it and go to Terninia anyways. It's ok. I'll fly Fisch's aircraft back for you guys."

Bernard:"I'll fly with Sancho. I gotta coach tomorrow."

Gottfried:"Ok. Piper, are you ready to fly a LATTU?"

Piper:"You bet I am!"

Gottfried:"Then let's go! CHARGE!"

The Hochstadt travelers ran towards the closest LATTU they could find. It's side doors were open, with RDA Clone Troopers unloading and loading cargo. Before they could take notice of the Gang, the two RDA Clone troopers were on the ground after being whacked by Gottfried's sharpened sword. Piper busted inside the LATTU, and shot down the two Pilots sitting in the LATTU's cockpit. Clovis and Leonardo then came and threw the limp pilots out of the LATTU. Piper got onto the LATTU controls and took off. A minute later, Sancho and Bernard took off with Fisch's Snowsna, heading inland, the opposite direction.

Piper:"So, where's Terninia?"

Gottfried:"According to Fisch's map, it's north of Snowzerland, but still south of Alemania. It's located in the Constance Sea."

Hochstadts LATTU.png

Soon, the weather turned bad. It started to get very cloudy and it began to rain more and more.

Gottfried:"Hmm. Fisch said this weather is a sign that we're getting close to Terninia."

Piper:"Hmmph. No wonder these LATTUs are very sturdy."

Leonardo:"Hey, is taht Terninia right there? I see lights!"

Everyone looked to their amazement to see the floating metallic structure that was Terninia.

Clovis:"Wow! Terninia can float?"

Leonardo:"How innovative! They must have had a thousand Brown Puffles help them!"

Clovis:"Yeah. They probably did. Hey, there are three of these settlement buildings. Which one are we supposed to visit?"

Gottfried:"Hmm..let me see what Fisch wrote down. Oh yes. Section A is the Civilian area. Section B is the cloning facility, and Section C is where they train and house the RDA Clone Troopers."

Clovis:"S2 is probably in Section C. That's probably where that 'Correction Facility' is."

Gottfried:"Yeah. That's right. Piper, land the LATTU at the landing pads of the Section C building."

Piper:"Got it."

Piper landed the LATTU nicely onto the landing pad.

Gottfried:"All right, so we need to exit the LATTU carefully and somehow sneak past the hallways so that no one will notice us..."

Suddenly, a troop of RDA Troopers had already surrounded the LATTU, with Austin and Java leading them.

Clovis:"Oh darn, we're caught..."

Gottfried:"But how did they find out????"

Leonardo:"Keep the doors closed! Those RDA troopers are fierce, I hear! Very elite!"

Clovis:"We can't hide here forever."

Gottfried:"I know, sneak attack!"

The side doors opened to have Gottfried jump out and slash at the closest RDA clone troopers he could hit with his sword, but it didn't take long for the others to pin him down with snowballs.

Austin:"Don't try anything. These troopers are ultra elite. Their aim is super accurate. By the way, don't think we won't know you're coming if you leave bodies of RDA Clone troopers on a LATTU takeoff platform. You should have known better that there were other soldiers watching."

Clovis:"Fail. What were we thinking?"

Gottfried:"Hmmph. Didn't see anyone. Oh well."

Austin:"Enough chit chat. You boys are just in time too! We're going to send S2 to the 'Correction Facility', with you guys watching! We tried to convince him, but it was to no prevail. I hope he learned his lesson! Maybe one of you will be next! Men, take them to the 'Corretion Facility' so they can see their old friend!"

The troopers then led Clovis, Gottfried, Piper and Leonardo to a large room, where in the center there was S2, strapped to a Operation Table, with a large machine hanging above him. The Machine had all sorts of sharp devices, a drill, some knives, a saw, and other torturelike looking objects which were controlled by the machine.

Clovis:"Oh no....I know where this is going...."

Gottfried:"They're going to operate on him..."

The Hochstadt travelers were viewing everything behind a glass window. Suddenly, a bunch of Surgeons and Austin went into the 'Correction Facility'.

Austin:"S2, I am here to give you a second chance. Will you swear your loyalty to Swiss Ninja, and only Swiss Ninja? Hey, if you don't, what about me instead? I'll let that slide."

S2:"Hmmph. No. I'd rather die."

Austin:"Fine then. We have no choice but to operate and correct you."

Piper:"Correct? Don't you mean screw up more into the convaluted ways of Swiss Ninja?"

Austin did not reply since the Hochstadt were behind a glass window, watching. Austin only hear a faint murmer.

Then, suddenly, they turned on the machine. They activated first the giant drill. S2 was still fully awake, now wide eyed as the drill came closer and closer towards him. He couldn't escape since the straps of the operation table were super power proof.

Piper:"We gotta do something!"

RDA Clone Trooper:"No you won't. We'll make sure of that."

Piper rolled his eyes and then jumped on the RDA Trooper. It seemed worthless, for as soon as the did that, he got pummled by Snowballs from the snowball guns of other RDA Troopers.


Piper was ok, but he was now being held by the RDA Trooper.

Clovis then remembered. He turned to Gottfried, and whispered: "Hey, I now remember, we still have the Sensei state! We haven't used taht in a long time! I think taht power is the only way we can defeat these guys."

Gottfried whispered back:"Arg, one problem, Clovis. I don't know how to use the Sensei state. I heard that you have used it before, so you should do it."

Clovis:"But, I'm not very good at...."

Clovis then remember taht it wasn't himself who was being controlled during the Sensei State. It was his ancestors who did the fighting for him.

Clovis sighed, and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes. Suddenly, a surge of energy pulsed through his body. His eyes then reopened, and began to glow that famed blue color, that signaled that he was in the Sensei state. Clovis had not activated the Sensei state ever since the Great Snowzerland War II, when he had to defend the Dojo. That was long before meeting Gottfried and Piper. Leonardo was at this time still part of SN's household. It was the first time in a long time the Sensei State would be revealed.

The Sensei State absorbed Clovis then turned at the RDA Clone Troopers. They got frightened, and dropped Piper. Piper also being new to this, got out of the way. The RDA Troopers just stood there. The others began loading their guns.

Clovis raised his hands into a fighting stance. Then, the power was released. Since there were no other elements to use since they were in a metal hallway, the Senseis released fire.

Clovis then began punching large and powerful blasts of fire at the RDA Troopers. The blasts came directly from Clovis's flippers, not from the hot sauce.


This surprised them all, and many were now badly injured. Clovis then punched the glass window, and shattered it. Clovis then began firing at the surgeons.

Gottfried:"Piper! Leonardo! Try to stop that machine!"

Piper:"What is Clovis doing???? Why is his eyes glowing like that?"

Gottfried:"Long story! Just do as I say!"

Gottfried then started battling the startled Austin. Austin's knicicle and Gottfried's sword soon where clanging. Almost everyone forgot about S2, who was only inches away from being drilled.

S2:"Hey guys! A little help here??!!!"

Piper:"Aw, nevermind the machine!"

Piper took out his knife and sliced off the operation table straps.

S2 then got off the operation table safely.

Austin:"So, you think that this battle is going to be easy, eh? Well, it's not!"

Austin then pressed the large red button on the machine's control panel. Austin then exited the room, and locked the door. The machine then stopped what it was doing, and then, it turned upward facing the Hochstadt travelers. It then released other weapons, including two rapid fire lazer blasters.

Gottfried:"We're doomed!"

Piper:"Hmmph. Clovis can't fight fire with fire."

However, the Senseis had different plans. One of the senseis, named Hung, learned of Earthbending, and later metalbending. Luckily, he used his knowledge of metalbending to fight the metal machine.

Clovis then jumped into the air and knocked the machine hard, making it smash into the wall. It weakened, but was not completely destroyed. Piper then started firing at it with his snowbullet gun. S2 started blasting it with his superpowers. Gottfried and Leonardo just stood and watched. Clovis then jumped and kicked at it a second time, which disabled it.

Gottfried, Leonardo, S2, Piper:"Hurray!"

Since there was no longer any danger, Clovis exited the Sensei state. It tired him very much.

Clovis:"Man, that took a lot out of me. My foot and my flipper hurt a lot too..."

Gottfried:"That explains what happens after shattering the glass window and super kicking the metal machine."

Clovis:"Ok then, lets leave and get out of here. S2, I'm sorry for abandoning you."

S2:"It's no big deal, Clovis. We're both alive right now, that's what matters."

The group then quickly ran to the LATTU landing platforms, with S2 blasting any RDA Clone Trooper taht came their way. They then boarded the LATTU, and headed for Magyaria, their next destination.

Leaving the Archipelago[edit]

They finally arrived to Ludavest, the capital of Magyaria. From there, they were expected to take the plane to their final destinations, which were basically now Parhentina, Japaland and Asiania, Valnordore and Waffleland.

The Hochstadts were not very familiar with speaking Hungarian, so they did not stay long. They pretty much went to see some of the streets of the capital city, the parliament building that was located on the river, and the Luda Castle, the former home of the Magyar kings. Eventually, they went to the airport and headed for the Spanish-speaking nation of Parhentina.

An Excerpt from Gottfried's Journal:

From the time I last wrote in my journal up to this day I write this, I have been through a lot. We arrived in Snowzerland nicely without any enemy attacks. We learned of Snowzerland's culture and political views as little as well, some of which are classified. Snowzerland is very beautiful, with lots of nature, small villages, and farms. Dispite it's egotistical leader, Snowzerland would be an ideal place to visit for nature/countryside lovers. We then moved on to Terninia, a floating metal colony inhabited by Terns. Everyone has heard of wonderful Ternville, where it is always sunny and nice. However, very few know of Terninia, the polar opposite of Ternville. Terninia is made of pure metal, and it always rains there. Terninia also floats in midair using high technology, and is not supported by clouds. Terninia's main economy is based on industry. Terninia is mainly home to scientists, who have invented amazing technologies like the sturdy built LATTU. Terninia is also seperated from society, but in recent years have been trading with Snowzerland (their new owner) and Valnordore. Unfortunately, Terninia is not really open to the public, but it might be possible that Snowzerland might be allowing citizens to travel there soon. After rescuing our friend S2, we flew to the island of Magyaria, a realm held by the Viking Empire. It's very nice there, it is another typical Ninja Archipelago island that has several nice castles to visit. We now head towards the spanish speaking nation of Parhentina. From there we hope to meet Fuut Ga in Japaland.

End of Chapter. Go to Chapter 14.