Travis Howe

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Travis Howe
Born August 1, 1970 (1970-08-01) (age 49)
Residence Acadia
Gender Male
Nationality Puffish
Ethnicity Puffish
Citizenship Acadian
Title Chief of Staff of the Acadian Armed Forces
Spouse(s) Krista Howe
Children 5
Military service
Allegiance AcadiaFlag.png Acadia
Service/branch Army
Years of service 1990 - Present
Rank Joint Chief of Staff

General Travis Howe, is one of the two Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Acadian Defense Forces. Originally an officer in the Puffish army and the brother of Puffish general Billy Howe, Travis Howe defected to the Revolutionists during the Antarctic Revolution and rose through the ranks to become a high ranking general in Greg Cleanington's army. After the war he traveled to Acadia where he became one of the founders of the Acadian Defense Forces, helping build up the organization, before being promoted to one of the two Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2010.


Travis Howe was born at his family's estate in the Puffish countryside in 1970 to Billy Howe and Sophia Howe. His father was a high ranking general in the Puffish army and encouraged his sons to take the same. Travis had two brothers, Billy Howe, named after his father, and Greg Howe. He entered the army around the same time as his brothers at the age of 20 in 1990 during the STINC War, and helped free Antarctica from STINC control, before returning home to his family's estate once more.

In 1999, the Antarctic Revolution started in Antarctica, and Travis was once again called to fight on the side of the Puffish to crush the rebellion. However, he saw how dictatorial the Puffish were, and the atrocities they committed on King George's Island against suspected rebels, and defected to the colonials, where he met Brant11, Dominic Smith, and Ryan Crosby, for the first time, since they were in the same regiment. During the war, he rose up the ranks, and became a General in Greg Cleanington's army by the end of the war.

When the war ended in 2000, and the Republic of Acadia was formed that same year, Travis helped form the Acadian Defense Forces, which was created by the Military Act passed by Parliament to create a military to defend the fledgling city-state. He and many other generals and military planners built up the army and made it more powerful, creating new plans and tactics, and it first saw action in the War of 2002 and the Snowinn Civil War around the same time, where his plans and tactics were first tested, and proved well.

In 2002, he got married to Christina Howe, whom he had met in Club Penguin in the early days of the Revolution. She was the daughter of a farmer on Penguin Island who became a nurse in Greg Cleanington's army and followed the army as they traveled across Antarctica. They had their first child in 2003, who was also called Travis after his father, followed by Michael in 2004, Julian in 2005, Alexander in 2006, and a girl called Krista in 2008. Travis and his family settled down in their estate in northern Acadia for the next few years.

After the Snowinn Civil War and War, during peacetime, Travis built up the army, with tanks, planes, ships, and submarines, and by the time it saw action in the Antarctic War on Terrorism, it had become very powerful, and had 50,000 soldiers and 25,000 reserve troops. For his role in the founding of the Acadian Defense Forces and expertise in military, he was promoted to the rank of one of the two Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Acadian Defense Forces, one of the highest ranks, and became one of President Brant Esser's military advisers.


  • The family name Howe, is inspired by the Howe family from the American Revolution.
  • He is a High Penguin.