Travis Wolfe

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Travis Wolfe
The only known image of him.
Title Top secret
Gender Male
Race Secret
Faction Secret
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Criminal mastermind
Location N/A
Occupation Shipbuilder,
Friends Future-Bro, Pheonix II
Enemies Shops Island
Archetype Evil

Travis Wolfe is a diabolical criminal mastermind who works for the Brohailian Army. He was the penguin in charge of building the ship for Operation: Landmass.


Travis had a very cloudy history, and he himself was a very secretive person. Government files say that he worked as an apprentice of an unknown shipbuilder for 5 years before starting his own business. He only ever built one famous ship, but it sank on it's maiden voyage. Shops Island, though, saw the integrity in his ships (because the sinking of his first ship was because of operator's error) and hired him to work for Operation: Landmass. The government, however, overestimated him and took him as so crucial, that his name was kept a secret from the world, for security reasons.

After the ship was built, and the penguins arrived to the North Pole, he put the ship on lockdown while he stole all the supplies for himself. He then set the ship on fire, sinking it and killing all but 2 of the penguins inside. Once news spread, he became a wanted criminal by the SIA.

He was recruited into the Brohailian Army by Pheonix during the events of Calada, Eh?. He's been a high-ranking officer with them ever since.


Travis had a very snappy temper, and was never loved by anyone, which made him cold, secretive, and bitter. Unknown to the government, he also had a thing for creating elaborate schemes to be used to his own advantage.


  • He personally thinks of penguins as disposable objects.

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