Treats For Don

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Treats For Don
Type Game company
Industry Video gaming
Genre Video Games
Fate Growing
Founder(s) Don Whites
Headquarters Polaris City, Polaris SAD (USA, respectively)
Area served Video games
Key people Jerry Whites
Handles Zimmer
Products Airlanders: Dyro's Adventures
Revenue 10 million coins per year.
Operating income 5 million coins per year.
Net income 18 million coins per year
Owner(s) Jerry Whites
Employees 712
References: This is a parody of Toys For Bob

Treats For Don is a medium sized video game company located in Polaris City. The company was founded on May 7th, 1989, by Don Whites. Don Whites at the time was making computer games as a hobby, then decided to established a true company. Treats For Don became a famous computer game company, then Don decided to take on the field of video games. Treats For Don hired some video game designers, and soon became amazingly well at creating video games. In 1999 Treats For Don was the 4th best video game developer in Antarctica, the 2nd in Yow Kingdom, and the 3rd in Puffle'and. Treats For Don is still well known for their amazing games for children and adults of all ages.


Don in 1988.

Don Whites was a computer game developer, and publisher since 1986. He was doing it as a hobby mostly, because he had a job at a local doughnut shop. In December 1988 Don decided that he would establish a computer game company, and quit his current job. Before he quit his job, he had to get investors to give him their money for the project. Amazingly every investor he contacted agreed to give him son money for the project. Don quickly started drawing up plans for the first game he would develop with the company, and other related things. In January 1989 he decided to call his company Treats For Don, he even decided to replace the "O" in "Don" with a doughnut. In April Don had finished most of the game he was creating, and advertisements of the game were going good. He was creating a game called Space Demons, which would be a single player, mini-game. In the game players would fly a small space ship around, firing at alien ships. The goal of the game was to last long enough to reach a boss battle, which alone took a month to program and design. In late April Don finished some of the steps to making a company, and was finally done. On May 7th, 1989, Treats For Don became a real computer game company. Don hired some friends to work with him, and the company started off. Surprisingly Space Demons became a very popular game, and it was the company's #1 resource of income.

By 1990 Treats For Don had developed 7 computer games, and was now selling merchandise. The new computer games were Space Demons II, The Red Castle, Panda Adventure, Cow Fishing, Space Demons III, Space Demons IV. Each of these games, except Cow Fishing, were very popular among all age groups. The most popular were Space Demons II, Space Demons III, and Space Demons IV. Treats For Don stopped creating the Space Demons series after the fourth game, due to the fact that the company was getting tired of creating the same game over and over again.

In 1992 Treats For Don moved to a bigger office, which was located in an old post office. This was because they had hired over 80 employes in 1991, and were running out of room. Treats For Don continued making games and merchandise, and continued to grow.

In 1995 Treats For Don became close partners with Acting Vision, their main publisher. TFD and AV started working closer together, and it seemed like AV was wanting more control of TFD. Unannounced to Don, who was now very old, Acting Vision had been buying up pieces of TFD. Treats For Don continued on, like nothing bad was happening. They continued making more computer games, until 1996 when they entirely stopped making new computer games. In 1996 Don decided to get the company into the field of video games, and hired some video game developers. TFD's first goal was to recreate all the computer games so they can be played on video game systems. The video game industry proved to be good for TFD, for they made 3x more profit than they did before.

In 2002 Don died from a heart attack, and TFD now had no owner. The board sadly sold the company to Acting Vision, because they didn't know what else to do. All the employees of TFD had to sign long-term contracts with AV, meaning that they couldn't retire until they were 52 years old. These contracts angered many employees, and some quit because of the long-term contracts. After that Treats For Don slowly declined in profit, and nearly went out of business three times. This changed when a sudden rise in video game sales happened, which helped all video game developers and publishers get back on track.

In 2003 Treats For Don started developing more games, and started to rise in fame again. In 2002 they were the overall #91 video game developer, in 2003 they were the overall #42 video game developer. The division got back on track, and was able to stay in business. TFD started to create arcade games in 2004, including turning some of their old games into arcade games. The division also started to sell merchandise to its fans, which included t-shirts, hats, etc. From 2005 until 2009, TFD created nothing but arcade games and attractions. They remained a small branch of Acting Vision, and didn't became popular.

TFD continued to produce merchandise for its fans, and didn't make any new games. All until 2009, when the Dyro Games series went bankrupt. AV bought the rights to Dyro, and then pushed TFD to create a new, and exciting game with Dyro. During a board meeting, a music composer called Handles Zimmer made the most fantastic idea in recent history. He said that TFD should recreate the Dyro universe, with new characters, locations, and storyline all in a game called Airlanders: Dyro's Adventures. The game idea was accepted by the CEO of AV, and TFD started work on the new game.

Early concept art of Dyro for Airlanders: Dyro's Adventures.

Airlanders was released on September 7th, 2011, in the USA, and instantly became extremely popular. The idea of merging toys and video games excited the gaming community, and by the end of the month, over 1,500 copies of the game were sold. The game got ratings ranging from 4 to 5 stars on average, and barely received any criticism. After the success of the Airlanders, Handles started to come up with ideas for a sequel. He realized that there were gaps in the Airlanders storyline, and planned to fill them in. The result was Airlanders: Flight of the Heroes, a game where the players would fly around Airlands, defeating evil mafias and gangs, and hunting down Madness who has returned. The game is currently in development, and is exciting Dyro and Airlanders fans alike.


Image Title Release Platform
Sd1.png Space Demons 1989 Computer
Sd2.png Space Demons II 1989 Computer
TRC.png The Red Castle 1989 Computer
Panda Adventure 1990 Computer
Cf.png Cow Fishing 1990 Computer
Sd3.png Space Demons III 1990 Computer
Space Demons IV 1990 Computer
Airlander cover.png Airlanders: Dyro's Adventures 2011 Vii
Snowtendo 3DS
Airlanders: Flight of the Heroes 2012 Vii
snowtendo 3DS
Collesious 2012 Vii
PlaySystem 3
Airlanders: Teammates 2014 Vii
snowtendo 3DS

Financial Data[edit]

Treats For Don doesn't get that much profit from its products. Their revenue is only 10 million coins a year, which isn't a lot for a video game company of this size. Treats For Don used to have a revenue of 60 million coins, all until 2002, when Acting Vision bought them out. 12% of TFD's profit comes from their merchandise, 1% comes from aid funds, and 87% comes from video games. To help keep the division running, Acting Vision has raised the aid funds to TFD. It used to be 0.01%, but was raised in 2010 due to an upcoming game.


Treats For Don has gained some criticism for using swear words, and gruesome violence in some of their games and merchandise. They've had complaints from different Eco-Groups, and "hippies". They also get some complaints about the content on their merchandise, mostly the shirts. Shirts that say stuff like "I'm better than you" get the company many complaints.


Treats For Don has making merchandise related to their games for a long time. They tend to have t-shirts, toys, and soundtracks made based on their games. TFD's most popular type of merchandise is their shirts. The shirts was popular for their funny graphics, and captions. The second most popular type of merchandise is soundtracks. The soundtracks contain music from all of their games, and they sell very well.


The leaked artwork.
  • Treats For Don averagely makes games rated E+10.
    • The highest rated game they've ever developed was a T game.
  • It was rumored that TFD was going to produce a movie based on Space Demons. This rumor started when leaked artwork was found that was known to be made by TFD artists.

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