Tremour Island

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Tremour Island
Key details
Type Island
Location North Of Rockhopper Island
Inhabitants Dannywsa1998, Penguins, Puffles, Ninjas

Tremour Island is an island which is home to a Ninja Hideout. It is part of the Sub-Antarctic Islands and is usually hit by earthquakes and storms, yet Castilla and Batavia have both conquered and colonized a half of the island for themselves after governmental neglect from the USA. Due to the large amounts of thunderstorms that hit the island per year, the island recieves a lot of rain that helps to benefit the cultivation of crops. Today the island serves as a tourist attraction and a stopping point for Castillan and Batavian sea traders.


This place was founded by Dannywsa1998 when he traveled on a small boat at the age of six to discover it as an abandoned Ninja colony set up by Chin Yang almost a century and a half ago. Dannywsa invited other Ninjas to live here and tried to rebuild the abandoned camp, Dojo, and Temple, only to have it destroyed by several earthquakes and storms several times. In 2011, the two countries of Batavia and Castilla conquered the two halves of the island to add on to their evergrowing empires. Dannywsa and his Ninja friends were soon Castillan citizens who were helped by the master Castillan Colonists who were experts at earthqakeproof buildings to build an earthquakeproof Dojo, Temple, and Ninja camp. The Batavians pitched in to build weatherproof rooves since the Batavians have bad storms constantly in the homeland. Batavia and Castilla also built their own towns on their parts of the land and many farms and plantations popped up on the countryside. Tremour Island still gets many earthquakes and storms, but because of the knowledge of the Castillans and Batavians, buildings do not get severely damaged and penguins and puffles are able to inhabit the island. The Batavian and Castillan Economy are also making a decent profit from their colonies on Tremour Island.


Before being conquered by Batavia and Castilla, there is a destroyed temple which has much information in the ninja arts. It was later rebuilt by the new colonizing islands. Also, a destroyed dojo and a destroyed camp were in the heart of the island on the Castillan side, and was also later rebuilt.

Basically, Tremour island is divided in half by an earthquake fault line, which also divides the Castillan side on the east from the Batavian side on the west. The Batavian side has one small town known as Tremourstadje with a lot of farms and canals that surround it. The Castillan side is similar, for they have a town known as Temblor and have a lot of farms and plantations on it.


  • Tremourstadje - a beautiful Batavian Town that has many row houses, canals, cobblestone streets, and a good harbor. It has many little shops that sell things from fine china to woodworked items made from the island's trees.
  • Temblor - a magnificent Castillan town that also has a good harbor and cobblestone streets. The Houses of this town are very close together and have many alleyways, just like many other Castillan towns. The town also has a couple nice seaside restauraunts that serve fresh food from the island's farms. Temblor also has a few textile shops that sell tapestries made in the town. Temblor also has a beatiful beach and is home to a Hotel Resort.
  • Ninja Camp - Located on the Castillan side near the fault line border, the Ninja Camp is the oldest settlement on the island. Many Ninjas live here and is where some Ninjas are trained as well. The camp also has a few shops that sell rare Ninja items. Near the Ninja Camp is the Temple and the Dojo.
  • Tremour Islands International Airport - Built on the Batavian side, Tremour Island International Airport was built by the help of both the Castillan and Batavian governments, since it is the only airport on the island. It now stands as a peninsula on the island and is an artificial annex to the original island. It only has two runways and only serves flights to and from Castilla and Batavia.


  • Dannywsa1998
  • Penguins
  • Puffles


On both the Batavian and Castillan sides, farmers produce various types of fruits, vegetables, and spices. The townspeople produce fine ceramics, vases, and bowls that are traded in the marketplace. Female penguins on the Castillan side also produce textiles as well. Fishing is a major industry, and in the Batavian side, Koi are raised in ponds to be eaten. Both Castillans and Batavians fish for herring, a common product that is sold back to the Ninja Archipelago. The Castillans also fish for shellfish and octopus. Near the ancient temple and Dojo, Ninjas can buy special Ninja items there, such as invisibility silk, Zhouese furniture, and green tea.

The large amounts of yearly thunderstorms have prevented the cultivation of many sun reliant plants on the island, though White Asparagus and potatoes are commonly grown here.

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