Treshurr Islands

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Treshurr Isles
Treshurr Isles flag
National name The State of the Treshurr Islands
Country Culldrome Isles
Capital city Pirate City
Largest city Pirate City
Formation 1800s
Inhabitants Pirates, penguins, puffles
Other info
Population 95,000
Leader Steven Snowen
Location Central Culldrome Isles
Alliances Other states.
Neighbours Menap Island, Snelten Island, Culldrome Island, Skulldrome Isles

Archipelago of the Culldrome Isles
Outline of the Culldrome Isles
Ninja Occupation
Porcyal War
Nightmare of Culldrome
Battle of Culldrome
Shadow of Culldrome
States, Islands and Territories
Skulldrome Isles
Treshurr Islands
Menap Island
Snelten Island
Culldrome Yow
Toxic Island
Daire Isle
Civ Island
Notable Locations
Culldrome City
Golden City
Bluetower Castle
Mt. Charlamander
See Also
Culldrome Military
The Axle Powers
Confederacy of Independent Culldrome

The Treshurr Islands or Treshurr Isles, is a state of the Culldrome Isles. It is made up of five large islands; a sub-group of islands within the Culldrome archipelago. The Treshurr Isles are well known as a large trading hub for the area and a famous port for ships within the area. It is also home to a large pirate and sailor population.



After the Culldrome Isles was founded by Mark the Warrior on January 26 1864 and a colony was up and running, there was a large scramble to colonies the smaller islands nearby. The navy of Culldrome expanded as gigantic sailing ships were created to explore the surroundings of the area. On April 4 1857, a fleet of ships landed onto the western beaches of the Treshurr Isles. Some of the ships were destroyed and used as a rapid source of wood.

By 1860, a small colony was thriving on the islands. Small farms were set up to feed the growing colony. This alone, however, was not enough to sustain it and so the colony also relied on supply ships coming in from the mainland. Up to as many as 20 supply ships would come in and sail into the harbour, chock full of supplies such as food, fresh water and building materials.

Ninja Occupation and Knashram (1860-1890)[edit]

In the 1860s, the ninjas inhabiting the Skulldrome Isles set up a blockade on the nearby colony located on Menap Island. Soon, this situation promoted the Culldrome Isles to retaliate by sending naval ships to battle with the enemy. Battle after battle occurred on the seas around the area. The Treshurr Isles, located in the middle of it all, became a naval hub and port. The colony located there grew in size and eventually became a town. This growth promoted the ninjas to invade the Treshur Islands and to take them over.

On January 20 1861, the Treshurr Isles were woken up to the sounds of cannons firing and giant snowballs hailing down onto them. Many buildings were destroyed, including food stores and the town hall. Within a few days of relentless battle, all resistance on the island was crushed and the Treshurr Islands was occupied by the ninjas. Like its purpose before, the islands became a naval port. The control of the Treshurr Islands are important due to this fact. Penguins from the Culldrom navy tried to re-take the islands, but to no avail. By 1864, the whole Culldrome Isles was under ninja control. The citizens were immediately put to work on creating a new town out of the ruins. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Treshurr Islands rose again, this time under the rule of the ninjas.

Soon, the foundations of a fortress was built. It was named Fort Knashram, and located on the eastern coast of the eastern island. Knashram was to be a fortress designed to train, house and mobilize a newer and better ninja army. The citizens building it were watched over by seasoned soldiers. These soldiers were formerly employed in the navy and so they also helped to defend the coasts of the Treshurr Islands.

With the rise of Knashram, the famed Mark the Warrior was captured by ninja forces and forced into work on Fort Knashram. Mark, desiring and wishing for freedom, escape along with some other workers and attempted to form a small resistance to overrun the fortress. Soon, the fortress was defeated and the ninja's western advance faltered. Despite this large effort, the whole Culldrome Isles were eventually taken over.

The years passed under the ninja regime. A small resistance force began to spring up out of no where, lead by Mark the Warrior. Soon, they grew in size quickly and the fort of Knashram was destroyed. The ninjas there failed to warn the capitol and soon it was overthrown. The ninja occupation was now over and peace reigned.

Colonial Years (1890-1930)[edit]

Several Pirate ships still left docked near a settlement after nearly a hundred years.

The Culldrome Isles began re-building and restoring their way of life. On the mainland, Bluetower Castle was constructed and the majority of Treshurr's small amount of inhabitants moved there. By the turn of the century, only an estimated 1000 inhabitants remained on the Treshurr Isles. Soon, all kinds of evil villains began to seek shelter in the isolated islands.

Twenty years later, in 1923, the Culldrom government began to establish proper colonies on the islands. Since colonization was interrupted by the ninja occupation, ships were sent to the islands with equipment to build military outposts. Soon, a small colony equipped with a small army, a town centre and several houses was established. Docks and dry docks were important to support the only connection between the colony and anywhere else.

Mines were set up and the minerals were shipped back to Culldrome Island. The warm climate on the islands lead to farms being built and their produce being exported. The warm climate also made spices able to be grown on the Treshurr Islands, leading to a spice trade to be established. This expanded the shipping routes connecting the islands to the rest of Culldrome and beyond. However, the many ships sailing on these routes soon became easy prey for pirates, lurking around the archipelago.

Soon, in 1926, the pirates all united and invaded the Treshurr Isles. Back on mainland Culldrome, news of this invasion was heard and the navy was mobilized. However, the pirates had a massive navy and was able to repel the forces. The pirates then proceeded to settle on the Treshurr Islands, taking over the treasure in the mines and establishing townships.

After some battles between the two, Culldrome eventually surrendered. The Culldrom-Treshurr Accords of 1929 was signed, handing sovereignty of the colony to the pirates under the terms that it would still be part part of the Culldrome Isles as an autonomous territory.

Development and Riots (1930-1990)[edit]

After the pirates controlled the Treshurr Isles, their ships were able to sail to far off lands, like Olde Antarctica. This boosted the overseas trade with the colony. Soon the Treshurr Isles became known as the trading powerhouse of the Culldrome Isles. All of this trade boosted the economy by over ten fold.

To cope with this trading, docks and large ports were built around the islands. Shipyards also sprung up, to build and repair ships. It was also found that special spices and Cream Soda Roots grew well in the warm weather. Many farms and plantations were built to grow these crops, which would be delivered to the ports where they would be shipped overseas. Minerals and goods from the nearby Menap Island also began to be shipped to the Treshurr Isles for international export.

With the rapid development and rise in population and economic standards, the Treshurr Isles became a state of Culldrome in 1951. This was met with much local criticism, due to the now limited freedoms of pirates. In 1952, a local revolt, known as the Sailor's Revolution, occurred. The Sailor's Revolution was a riot staged by several pirates on the island. They complained about the bad conditions and lack of freedom of the pirates. The riots lasted for a month, with the pirates destroying dozens of ships and the capitol. The pirates managed to take over the local government, placing the Treshurr Isles under pirate control. Eventually the military stepped in, retaking the Treshurr Isles and ending the revolution. In the aftermath, conditions for the pirates were bettered, most notably the expansion of ports. The changes are still met with criticism, with some not being favorable of the changes.

Porcyal War (1990-1996)[edit]

See Porcyal War for more.

The Treshurr Isles was an important theater of war. Many battles occurred and at one point was entirely controlled by the Skulldrome Isles. It became a ninja base to mount attacks on nearby Culldrome Island. It was also where a massive Porcyal vault was located, and thus it became an important target towards the start of the war. Due to its geographical location, in the middle of Culldrome, many battles were fought to control it.

After the end of the war, the Treshurr Isles were rebuilt, once again becoming an important trading port for Culldrome.

Modern Day[edit]

Today, the Treshurr Isles continue to be a massive port island. It plays an integral part of the Culldrom economy and for many other countries, as well. It acts as an important via point for ships in and around the Culldrome Isles. Dozens of large ships sail into Pirate City, the capital, loading and unloading their cargo to be further transported.

Pirates still dominate the island and account for a large amount of population. The old lifestyle of sailing and trading form the core of Treshurr society.

Map and Geography[edit]



Icy cliffs on the northern coastlines.

The Treshurr Islands consist of several islands. The four main islands are Northfort, Pearlya, Southsland and Icefrost. They are located in a box shape surrounding the Treasure Sea. North of Northfort is the largest island in the chain, Netherwart. Netherwart and Northfort are separated by the Snowball Straight, a narrow strip of sea known for its dangerous rocks and reefs.


Northfort is home to the state capital, Pirate City. This makes it the most populated island in the Treshurr Isles. Much of the island is highly developed, with many towns scattered around the countryside. These towns are located on the coastal areas and often have large ports, which can have many ships docked.


Pearlya boasts many rolling hills and beaches. Rivers flow all around the island, most of them shallow and difficult to navigate with ships. On the eastern side of the island is an old abandoned fortress, Fort Knashram. Knashram was home to many ninjas during the early colonial days of the Culldrome Isles, when it was under ninja occupation. There is a small amount of inhabitants on the island, most of them not pirates and sailors.


Southsland is the most southern island in the group. On its southern coast, there is a small amount of snow and ice. Ship wrecks can be found all over the coast of the island. There are also many forests in Southsland, with portions of it supplying the Treshurr Isles and even Culldrome with their wood needs. The capital of Southsland is Bandjor, a small port town located on the very south of the Treshurr Isles.


Icefrost, just as the name suggests, is icy and frosty. Instead of small grassy hills, there are large snowy mountains. Despite the dreadful conditions, many Puffles live on Icefrost. These Puffles range from civilized ones to wild ones. The civilized Puffles are found in small settlements whereas the wild Puffles are often found in groups or tribes. Monhest is the capital of Icefrost, which is a small town with penguin and puffle inhabitants. There are several docks for boats to venture out into the Treasure Sea, in search for adventure and treasure.


Netherwart is the largest island in the Treshurr Isles. It is relatively uninhabited, due to the harsh conditions. Nearly the entire island is positioned up high, with thunderous waves crashing onto the cliffs. The sea surrounding Netherwart is often feared by even the most experienced sailors. Many ships have sunk in the wild waves. The capital of Netherwart is called Buccaneer's Landing. This was formerly a large town where the original Treshurr colony was founded on.


Even though most of the islands contain grass, there are several areas (particular near Northfort) that contain ice. The cold climate there causes distress for ships that have to navigate around the icebergs, breaking off from the icy cliffs. The ice in the Treshurr Isles account for 60% of all ice in the entire Culldrome Isles.

However, warm climate it present towards the south. The large icy expanses blend into tundra and, eventually, grass. Hills are common, as are trees and forests. Sandy beaches line the coast and the eventual creek or river provides a safe haven for the sailors. There are some small mountains that jut out from the landscape, but none of them are very tall. Cliffs, however, can reach up to 200 metres tall.



The lifestyle of the Treshurr Isles is heavily based on a seafaring culture. The inhabitants that live on the islands are usually sailors or merchants. In fact, almost everyone in the Treshurr Isles classify themselves as "pirates". Many of them know a skill that is related to sailing in some way (ie: trade, carpentry, etc.).

The term pirate refers more to normal sailors, rather than to sailors to commit piracy. The term is used loosely, and the pirates are usually "good pirates". Some famous examples of "good pirates" include Rockhopper and his family.


Fish is a very popular main dish to be served, as the fishing industry dominates the islands. The fish range from the large Mullet, usually served during important occasions, to the small Fluffy Fish, which is the most commonly served.

Cream Soda is a very common and very loved drink in the Treshurr Isles. This stems from the fact that Cream Soda was commonly brought on ships and enjoyed by the sailors.


The architecture of structures in the Treshurr Isles are not very different from that in mainland Culldrome. Houses are built from wood and stone, since igloos would normally melt in the high temperatures. Wood is also fairly cheap and common in the islands, and in addition, is durable and strong, making it a very good building material.

Larger buildings, such as warehouses and offices, are built from more modern and durable materials, such as concrete and steel. Glass is used a lot in large office buildings, especially in the cities. However, larger structures, such as castles and forts are built with large stone and sandstone blocks. Wood is sometimes used for smaller buildings and for other structures within the forts.



See here for more information.

The Treshurr Islands are part of the Culldrome Isles and so they share the same currency.


A large portion of the Treshurr economy relies on overseas trade as they are, of course, an island. Trading is the largest sector of the economy. To this day, however, ships account for 70% of overseas trading and always have. Since the Treshurr Islands were based on a sea-fairing community, it became tradition to use ships for trading. Planes account for the rest of trading, mostly the large, rich companies. Air mail is renowned due to its speed compared to ship mail, but it is much more expensive.

Fishing is the second largest economic sector for the islands. Fluffy Fish, Mullets and other fish are more common in the warmer, northern seas and so fishing offers lots of money. 80% of the fish and sea food that is caught is exported to other countries and cities, the largest importer being Club Penguin, which consumes ⅓ of the Treshurr fish. The remaining 20% is either consumed by the Treshurr Islands or shipped to other areas in the Culldrome Isles.

Trees are common on the islands and logging is the third largest economic sector. For hundreds of years, the trees on the Treshurr Islands have been used in ship building. This was due to the strength and durability of the wood, especially in water. During the foundation of the colonies, the trees were often exported to Culldrome Island for structures like buildings or even camp fires. Today, wood is still in wide use even though wooden ships and buildings have long been phased out. Wood is a sustainable resource and de-forestation is rare.



Even though the Treshurr Isles are part of the Culldrome Isles, there is a colonial flag. The flag represents the Treshurr Isles, as opposed to the entire archipelago. The design of the flag some-what resembles the Culldrome flag. The blue area in the middle represents the sea, and the purple circle represents a Porcyal. On the blue area is also the constellation of Crux, also known as the Southern Cross. The constellation can be seen from the entire southern hemisphere, including the Treshurr Isles. The two green areas on the sides of the flag represent the grassy plains and hills that are abundant on the islands.


Penguins and puffles are the two dominant creatures in the Treshurr Isles. There are a total of 65,718 inhabitants on the islands, with 56,829 living in the state's capital, Pirate City. 70% of the penguins are Adelie Penguins, 28% are Viking Penguins and the remaining 2% is compromised of other penguins. A large portion (78%) of the population come from mainland Antarctica. 17% come from the Ninja Archipelago, especially from Castilla, Frankterre and the UK. The remaining 5% come from various other countries.


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