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Green Troll.png
Conservation Status
Not evaluated
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryote
Kingdom: Cryptid Kingdom
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Unknown
Order: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Genus: Unknown
Subspecies: Green, white, brown, red and blue trolls

From Snowrse mythology, trolls are monsters, both male and female, who live in small caves, and clans, in terrains away from penguins. Exposure to sunlight turns them into stone, but at night, they are awake. Most of the time, trolls trade items, hunt, but thats not worse: some of them eat penguins, abduct chicks, and attack farms and penguin-inhabitant towns. Trolls are scared of lightning and church bells force them to move away. For centuries, it was a custom to put food outside your igloo, to caught, and possibly kill a troll, to claim its body. Standong stones, often meant that a troll met its stony fate, by some sort of light. There are actually five species of trolls: Green, White, Brown, Red and Blue trolls.

Green trolls are the common ones, the size of a penguin. White trolls live in tundras, capable of ice powers. Brown trolls, live in murky, frozen wetlands, eating frogs, and salamanders. Red trolls are one of the most evil trolls, forcing stolen chicks to be their slaves, or even devour them alive. Blue trolls are the largest of trolls, and only one of these members of blue troll, supposedly still lives.


Trolls first appeared in ancient folktales around the United Penguin Islands, mostly Penguio and Sleetden


Species vary: A common green troll, is the size of a High Penguin, a whitetroll is a bit taller of a green troll, about 3 feet more, brown trolls are the size of medium trees, a red troll, is the size of a building, while the last surviving member of a blue troll is approximatley 19 feet tall.


Like height, a green troll is 120 lbs., an white troll is 200 lbs., a brown troll is 400 lbs., a red troll is a heavy 780 lbs., while a blue troll is a whopping 1,200 lbs.


Boreal and Tempurate forests, wetlands, alpines, Tundras and sometimes make out into penguin inhabitance




puffles, small animals, penguins

Physical Characteristics[edit]

Most trolls resemble bulky-looking goblin creatures, with sharp rows of teeth, rhinoceros-like feet, long thumb fingernails, and wearing some sort of clothing.