Tropicalian Extraterrestrial Colonies

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Tropicalian Extraterrestrial Colonies
Motto: Juntos estamos unidos y juntos somos fuertes
Anthem: United Under the Palm
Largest SettlementLunar Prime Base
Official languages English, Spanish, Latin
Demonym Tropicalian
 -  President Penguino Lagois IV
 -  Governor Lawrence de Vin
 -  estimate 20
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin

The Tropicalian Extraterrestrial Colonies are a series of colonies in space that are situated on planetary bodies within the solar system, namely the Moon, Mars and Europa. There are very few residents, who only stay for a very short time before returning and allowing others to take their place.




  • Lunar Base Prime - The main and core colony on the moon, consisting of a research facility, communications room and a nearby launch/landing pad. The only residents are scientists, who only stay for a few months at a time.
  • Lunar Base Tycho - A smaller base within the Tycho crater, having very few rooms and located close to lunar mountains. Used for exploration and mining purposes. Unlike other lunar bases, Lunar Base Tycho is less developed.


  • Martian Base 1 - Currently only 3 penguins have ever travelled to Mars and were only able to set up foundations for future missions.


  • Europa Station - Currently only consisting of a single probe.


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