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A map of the Tropicalis Highway System highlighting both highways and ferries.
Republic of Tropicalis
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Tropicalian History
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The Tropicalis Highway System is the collective network of motorways and highways in Tropicalis. An intricate road system that allows safe and easy access to highway systems and nearby cities, the Tropicalis Highway System is used by millions of civilians every day and stretches across most of the country. The highways are also linked up to ferry systems, allowing for access to some of the country's nearby islands.


The Tropicalian Highway Transportation Project, which aimed to establish a working and effective road system, was proposed in the year 1969 and passed by the Tropicalian Parliament with much agreement with the current president at the time, Penguino Lagois III. The system began construction in early 1971 and created several new highways connecting several major cities together. Over time, more highways were added, adjusted and fixed to provide better access around the country and less traffic.


  • T1 - Connects Palm Tree Town to Emperor Penguin City.
  • T2 - Connects Tropicapolis to Penguinas.
  • T3 - Connects Westend-on-Delta to Emperor Penguin City.


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