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King or crook? You decide.
Full Name TurtleShroom (penguin) Jones
Alias TS, TSP
Born June 27, 1980
Olde Antarctica Flag.png Mattress Village, Olde Antarctica
Died June 27, 2019 (age 39)
Cream Soda Zone
Cause of Death Heart attack-based shock
Resting Place Club Penguin Weekee
Mattress Village (body)
Species Emperor Penguin
Gender Male
Height 4 feet
Weight 97 lb. (without crown)
Residence The Imperial Semi-Democratic Despotic Theocratic Palace, Club Penguin Weekee
Citizenship USA flag.PNG Antarctic
Nationality USA flag.PNG Antarctic
Parents Liber Jones and Attilla Necisty
Spouse Dara
Children Clauderashroollo, Chaynee, Shroomya
Relatives Jones Family
Occupation Webmaster, Absolute Energie, der gefürchtete Schildkröte-Pilz, Diktator der Penguin-Enzyklopädie
Employer Club Penguin Weekee
Years Active 2007-2009
Salary Unknown
Net Worth He refuses to share
Political Career
Political Party Webmasterism
Absolute Energie, der gefürchtete Schildkröte-Pilz, Diktator der Penguin-Enzyklopädie
2008 – July 3rd, 2009
Saint V-Rex, Saint Robbsi
Hat Pop, Comrade Tigernose
Censor for Life over the Mattress Village Board of Censors
June 26th, 2005 – 2019
High Inquisitor of the Antarctican Inquisition
2009 – 2019
Chairman of the Holyberden Board of Censors
2009 – December 2009
Position established
Grandmaster of the Mabel Mongrel Klan
April 2010 –
South Pole Council Delegate for Mattress Village
2015 – 2019
Position established
Military Service
Allegiance Nachoes of Club Penguin
Branch Salsa branch (Red)
Years Served 2008-2010
Rank Ranger
Education None (self-taught);
Monsters' University (B.Sc Fear)
Alma Mater Monsters University
Awarded Uncountable, including the Nacho Medal of Outstanding Turnout
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"TSP" redirects here. For the ultimate fate of this penguin, see TSP AI.
For other TurtleShrooms, see Jones Family.
"TurtleShroom" can also mean Turtle and Shroom, that is, Professor Zlo Shroomsky and Melvin Turtleheimer.
For everything else, see TurtleShroom (disambiguation).

Suck up to guys with crowns. Believe me. It works well.
Austin's Father

The Absolute Energie, der gefürchtete Schildkröte-Pilz, Diktator der Penguin-Enzyklopädie, or as he is known in English, Dictator TurtleShroom (penguin) Jones, TurtleShroom, or merely TSP, was the leader and final successor in a dynasty of ruling elite on the Club Penguin Weekee. He resigned from office but was notorious for returning to the whiteboards as a backseat Driver.

Most, if not all, creatures considered him extremely annoying, and his family is also known to create chaos in the world. He was the purest and most honest of his siblings, but became extremely cynical and bitter over the years.


Early Life[edit]

Hatched to a loving family back in the days of Olde Antarctica, the year 1980, in Mattress Village, TurtleShroom (penguin) was sheltered heavily. Unlike most creatures, he was unaware of the filth and inappropriate things of his world, like instability, liars, deceivers, butter-uppers, villains, and even the Revolutions and such of his time.

He was taught dying principles on things such as "Stability is Paramount", "stand for what is right", "Censorship", as well as "honesty", "integrity", "dignity", and "cleanliness". He developed this weird obsession with crosses as a chick, a love of which even Mayor McFlapp can not understand.

When he was sixteen, TSP set out on his own, carrying with him his ethical beliefs and an unfortunate trust of everyone, something that would be a problem down the road.

On his own[edit]

TurtleShroom carried on in life and developed a long-standing love of computers. He held various jobs as an IT-technician, computer tech supporter, and even as a roller coaster maintenance penguin as a side-job. It was at his theme park job that he discovered a flier for what would one day be his empire, the Club Penguin Weekee. The flier explained the concept of the Weekee and its location, one that peaked TSP's interest and sent him running with all he could carry in his player card.

Early Weekee career[edit]

TSP arrived at the Weekee around March 2007, back when it was a lobby and four entrances to the maze of whiteboards. There were no major Usapajers, no houses in portals, and all articles were simply text and a few portraits. TSP got to work and helped on the site for what felt like ages. He was promoted to Sysop on July 6, 2007 by the Weekee's founder, Saint Virrex, and later to Bureaucrat. Sadly, though, St. Virrex left because he felt he outgrew the Weekee, waddling off and never being heard from again. TSP and his close friends, Saint Robbsi and Barkjon, among many others marched on, and the Weekee continued to grow. Penguins such as Sk8rbluscat and Happyface jumped on board, and prosperity followed.

However, TSP, in a strange display of generosity, bestowed great and bureaucratic power to a resident named Aqua Jet because she was a routine target for Fords when not at the Weekee. This caused unrest and bitter complaints on the site for months to come. TSP continued to find graffiti mentioning Aqua Jet and condemning the action long after it happened.

St. Robbsi chose to symbolically leave exactly one year after he joined, and he promoted Barkjon to rank of Co-Webmaster and TurtleShroom to Co-Webmaster as well. The two penguins were very similar in beliefs, and they prospered together.

It was then that a close friend of TSP, Simon Wiki, informed the leader that security was needed and that a resident genius, Beaky4444, had created as PSA branch specifically for site affairs, a branch dubbed Project: Top Agent.

The adventures on that thing were glorious, the characters absurd! The Weekee's squad once sent Herbert to Mars, and stopped a wizard from stealing ham! Wanted posters were stapled onto nearly every whiteboard on the land, and everyone great and small got involved! It was in this time that Captain Str00del migrated to the USA, and that F was declassified. Doctrines were drafted on how to handle vandals, and these were used on legendary spammers like Sanity1 and Sp00nzoid, banishing them.

However, Top Agent became out of hand. TSP had written a complex set of laws (far more confusing than the COC) banning things like Demon Penguin supporters (they exist) and freaks from being members of the group. Security went overboard, and contributors suspected contributors, monitoring their every move on the walls, scanning every scrawl, marking every monologue, processing every penciling. TSP was forced, much to his sadness and to the site's, to cancel Top Agent forever. Unfortunately, he 'forgot' to head on to the special rooms where the rules are kept and erase the "no magic" laws and other things from the TA era.

This proved a problem. Coupled with the secret anger of promotions and the absurd laws, lots of protests began. TSP grew angry and began banning protesters left, right, and center, using a large and complex behemoth machine he had been operating for over a year (this was pre-deletion rod).

This further split the site as twelve Demon Penguins stormed the Weekee, and posting how great it was to be a Demon Penguin. They attacked TSP immediately. A banning spree followed, insults and sock puppets flew left and right. The Demon Penguins were enraged and mocked TSP, calling him a "dictator". They began calling TurtleShroom (penguin)'s government a semi-democratic theocratic despository. TSP, in an attempt to show the Demon Penguins that he was not scared, took the title of "Dictator" and christened his now infamous German title, "Absolute Energie, der gefürchtete Schildkröte-Pilz, Diktator der Penguin-Enzyklopädie".

After the Demon Penguins were cast out, the population continued to exhibit unrest because of the careless promotions performed in the past. TSP, in guilt, signed what is now called the Magna Carta, a still-unpublished document stating that he could not promote anyone unless it's a critical emergency, and that even he, as the ruler, must follow the laws established. No-one anticipated this, as he was often viewed as "above the law".

Dictatorial era[edit]

Turtle Amigo.png

As Dictator, TSP faced controversy on his title, and explained it again and again to haters, also appointing Barkjon as the superior to any of his orders or ideals.

TSP watched the Weekee grow in this period, he had engineered and empire with the help of a lot of friends, writers, and other users in power. The Weekee was now three times larger than it was when TSP joined.

Snakesy1 entered the whiteboards shortly after TSP's dictatorial proclamation, and rose to Bureaucrat status in the Weekee. A Str00del named Chlorine performed minor vandalism, erasing whiteboards and such. He was one of the earliest Str00dels to come into existence and the first victim of TSP's Deletion Rod, a portable scepter that could eradicate the banned from the Weekee forever. It was much easier than the contraption he used on before.

It was also in his early reign that Ben reared his ugly beak, turning TSP's ethical beliefs into weapons with his infamous faking of innocence and sorrow. Appealing to TSP's love of crosses one day before his favorite holiday (Easter Sunday), he managed to spare himself from being banned despite the huge stacks of evidence by hiring the Dictator as a puppet-lawyer, who fought to the end to save him. Ben later revealed to his cronies in a wiretapped chatroom that he had "buttered [TurtleShroom] up", meaning Ben had tricked him into feeling sorry for his cause when in reality, he was pure evil.

However, one of TSP's old friends, Snowman 1001, was facing catastrophe on the whiteboards. An evil wretch (up there with Fluffy) named Slow Poke managed to steal his identity, credit cards, bank accounts, and appearance, then began to impersonate him to make him look bad. TurtleShroom immediately believed his case, in which he claimed he was hacked, and had to face most of the database, particularly Agentgenius, in the battle. In the end, he was right, and this experience helped him, along with other heroes like Happyface and Metalmanager, win the Dollarface Scandal that exposed Fluffy 21 and saved Happyface's name.

Ben came back but was annihilated (again) shortly after Snowman's battle. When Slow Poke faked reform (sound familiar?) and tricked TSP, he managed to steal Snowman's identity AGAIN and created a smaller battle for Snowman's integrity. It was because of this that TurtleShroom refused to trust Ben.

Un-Club Penguin Weekee[edit]

Main article: Inquisition
Inquisitorial persecution of the Un-CP.

Later on, TurtleShroom found out about a secret project that was constructed under the Club Penguin Weekee, a blackboard known as the Underground Club Penguin Weekee. He knew that most Underground Weekees were usually full of things that which violated his views and beliefs, so he went down to check. He was appalled, as his guess was correct. His absence from that area has resulted in a chalkboard laden with nauseating filth. He was so angry that he demanded that it be gone. TSP called some of his friends, like the mighty Speeddasher and the obsessive Happyface, and together, they banned all mentionings of the Weekee 10 feet away from the original Club Penguin Weekee. They used an extrajudicial group called The Inquisition, which was quickly absorbed into TurtleShroom Productions (a shell company) and Holyberden, merging together to become a powerful vigilante force.

He was successful. Still, the blackboard returned with a vengeance when he departed, only to be quelled a final time when Hat Pop, who was webmaster (before that too was abolished), finally took a stand for herself and sealed the deal for good.

However, this does not mean that the blackboard was eradicated, quite the contrary. It is common knowledge that persecuted items grow faster under pressure, and the UCPW did just that. It thrived despite losing its only official entrance. Bypassing the CPW and the Bureau of Fiction altogether, the infamous chalkboard opened a secret portal somewhere in Antarctica, providing access to the realm.

Holyberden continued to pursue the Un-CP through all sorts of direct and passive tactics, be it with the Inquisition, Holyberden, through a third party, or an action by TurtleShroom himself until its destruction in 2012. They have moved on from the Un-CP to all of Club Penguin.

Late Weekee career[edit]

Time passed and the dictator aged, and he recalled one a Demon Penguin quote that had been said to him years ago:
"No Dictator has seen his empire last through the end of his reign without crumbling."

A Walrus Crime Ring raid was initiated at this time, pushing the users of the database, and TurtleShroom, to their limits when it came to banishment. There was a Walrus on every corner, whiteboard after whiteboard, writing "walruses where here" on previously developed whiteboards and driving the law abiding contributors insane with their immature swearing.

That too was stopped. Eventually.

The End of an Era[edit]

It wasn't until Ben made a final appearance that TurtleShroom's spirit finally broke. The full tale of that can be read here. After the defeat and further appointment of the new leaders, TSP entered a state of mild depression and retreated to his palace, where he occasionally ventures out to Club Penguin Island or to one of his many vacation homes in Antarctica.

Last Days[edit]

Right before TSP retreated from the site forever, several annoying and occasionally depressing blows blew through. ZapWire, who had been secretly plotting to assassinate TurtleShroom with sockpuppets, started editing multiple templates with what TurtleShroom called lousy images and non-colorful pallets. He too was banned.

It was also voted to make an article on every piece of clothing ever distributed in Club Penguin, something TSP banned in his reign because he hated spam. This annoyed him, as did the slow deletion of user subpages and inclusion of non-CP userboxes covering things like "Windows" and "Favorite Games".

The biggest blow to him, however, was the decision by the people, egged on by Anti-Turtlenators, to allow a Leenk to a blackboard (AKA chalkboard) realm which he considered dangerous. He was convinced that warning signs were not enough, and he tried his hardest to stop it, but surrendered with advice from Saint Joeyaa.

Joining the Bureau of Fiction[edit]

Shortly after he stepped down from the site, TurtleShroom was still hungry for power. TurtleShroom's resignation from the Weekee caused him to become very depressed and unable to work with others in IT. One day, TurtleShroom stumbled upon one of the entrances to the Burau of Fiction. He asked for a job, and while the members where quite skeptical, they let him apply. TurtleShroom realized that his actions on the BOF could help control the universe, and he was happy to have such great power.

Under the BoF, TurtleShroom primarily worked for the Department of Plot, but also went to other departments as well. His stories and characters were very well received by the other members, and he became a high ranking official. Like his Weekee career, his role in the BoF was very stern and authoritarian. He tried his best to purge the universe of "uncleanliness" and was much more effective that doing so in real life, since just by using pen strokes, he could eliminate whatever he wanted. He greatly funded the Inquisition and Holyberden. This lead to many conspiracy theories happening in the real world, and even among BoF members themselves. TurtleShroom's response to them were "I can neither confirm nor deny any of your statements".

Many users got tired of TurtleShrooms authoritarian rule and tried to stop him. However, he had his supporters and nobody succeeded. TurtleShroom later lost his administrator powers, but later regained them through support of the community.

Mabel Mongrel Klan[edit]

In 2010, when TurtleShroom was still working for the BoF, he met the Mabel Mongrel Klan. Their leader, Alex12345a, had recently stepped down as leader, and TurtleShroom, who found Mabel Fascinating decided to become their new leader. TurtleShroom used his power in the Department of Plot to give Mabel a large role in many stories to glorify her (which often didn't turn out well for Mabel since McFlapp and Director Benny didn't like her). When he wasn't working for the BoF or Inquisition, TurtleShroom pushed for the ideas of Mabelism, although he was a softcore member. TurtleShroom was the MMK leader until his death, after which the MMK continued to recognize TSP AI as their leader.

BoF Inactivity, Abuse of Power, and Ultimate Demotion[edit]

In 2014, TurtleShroom became extremely inactive. He barely edited anything, and only came into the BoF to put up banners for holidays such as "Happy Easter!" and "Merry Christmas!". Many members of the BoF had also become inactive, but they kept their administrative positions. A vote was had to demote inactive users, and TurtleShroom was vehemently against it. He was the only person who voted "against" so it passed. TurtleShroom vowed that he'd take it down and went on vacation.

Two and a half months later, TurtleShroom was at the beach when he received a call from a considerate member of the BoF, telling him that if he didn't go back to edit, he'd lose the spot he had. This made him extremely angry, and he stormed back into the BoF, and used the computer to destroy that policy. Fortunately the other members had back up copies but he kept destroying them again and again. A vote was put up to demote TurtleShroom for abusing his power. He tried to destroy the poll multiple times but didn't count on the other members having backups again. The community was in near agreement and TurtleShroom was demoted. He was banned from coming back to the BoF for 3 months due to his bad behaviour, and would later have his knowledge of the Bureau of Fiction wiped using a memory eraser, due to an ultimatum he made threatening to delete many countries, characters and events.

Personality changes and Marriage to Dara[edit]

Rapid changes in the world were hard for TurtleShroom to take on. Since he got a job at the BoF's Department of Plot, and had a large income, he decided to open himself up to dating in mid-2011. However, it was very stressful on him because the females he went out with abused his kindness and gullibility, dating him for his wealth and power, not him.

In 2015, Corai found another girlfriend. She was one that Dara couldn't scare off; the more she exacted terror, the more the girl clung to Corai. They fell in love, and Corai took her flipper in matrimony, leaving Dara in the dust. Experiencing a feeling she only created before, Dara fled heartbroken after seeing Corai propose.

Dara was devastated. Corai was really the only one, other than TS, who liked her instead of fearing her. She headed to the mainland to contemplate what she had left, where TS came across her and saw her downtrodden state.

TS had been involved in friendship and business relations with Dara for years now. Dara was only paying attention to TS for his political status in Mattress Village, and connections with Holyberden, for she loved Corai.

Yet, seeing her faking as actual love, TS proposed to Dara. He always believed her interest was genuine. Dara was awestruck. Realizing the Corai thing was finished, she settled for TurtleShroom. TurtleShroom was never happier any time in his life. He was a faithful husband and did all he knew how to show his devotion to his wife.

Dara never told TS that she didn't really love him that much. He lived the rest of his entire life thinking that Dara loved him like he loved her.

They had several chicks together, from 2016 to 2018; the oldest of these also proved the most dangerous.

After he was fired from the Department of Plot, TS became more bitter, despite his memories of it being wiped. He withdrew himself from social gatherings and all but his family and closest friends. He even distanced himself from Rocket Slug, who he used to be close to. He was happiest with his wife and with his chicks.

Except to friends and family, he became a lot meaner.

He became colder and less sympathetic to others, and what mercy he had began to slip away as well. He devoted himself to his business far more heavily and much more viciously than before.

TurtleShroom became much colder and displayed harsher emotions to others. People started to turn away from him and his ideologies, and at long last, he was truly alone in most of Antarctica in regards to how he saw the world. That didn't stop him, though, from continuing his rants whenever possible.

Ironically, his rapid entrenchment and close-mindedness actually got him elected to power... again... again. Dara had been tired of him not receiving any money, and pushed him into pushing his political career further. TurtleShroom complied, to make sure he could continue influencing the world as well as impressing Dara.


TurtleShroom also became less physically pacifist. While he never beat anyone or caused serious harm at any time in his life, even at his worst (except in self defense), he became more "grabby". That is to say, when he was mad, he'd grab someone and shake them back and forth to make a point, or get in their face.

He also mentioned the idea of taking care of Snowzerland "for good" with a second XXX strike, this time, though, as a whole wave of deletion weapons. Erasing the island from existence, he suggested, would be the only way to bring peace to Antarctica. However, he didn't recommend perusing this. He didn't want to expose the innocents on both sides to such brutal warfare, so he made emphasis time and time again that he was only stating an opinion, and that it was not a recommendation or suggestion.

South Pole Council[edit]

Mattress Village finally got South Pole Council representation in 2015. TurtleShroom was elected almost unanimously by the Unoians to be their delegate. There, he did everything in his power to fulfill his two election promises: Stability is Paramount and No Big Change, No Exceptions, Ever. Historians agree that he kept that promise.

During his four year service on the Council, he used the filibuster provision more than any other delegate before him. Normally, the filibuster involved any change to the court systems, gerrymeandering reform, and most anything that came out of Polaris. He also opposed excess spending in the Council, earning him respect by various libertarians. He constantly proposed bills intended to purify the government and declassify everything that wasn't a military or Unoian secret. Yet, and much to the shock and delight of more moderate SPC delegates, he never really made any attempts for federal-level censorship attempts, because he said it wasn't the SPC's business.

Later, when TurtleShroom played Thin Ice, he got so mad at it that he had a heart attack. He was rushed to the hospital and was saved from death, thankfully. The cost, though, was that TurtleShroom had to be outfitted with a pacemaker, and he lost a chunk of his biological heart in the incident. That pacemaker was upgraded with an external item he had to wear to keep the implanted machine running.

In 2016, an attempt by Polaris to instate a Polarian-style single-payer healthcare system that was supposed to completely cover the medical needs of the entire country was made. In effect, a nationalization of the USA healthcare industry. TurtleShroom pulled off the longest filibuster in SPC history to block it. Ranting for the next three days, TurtleShroom finally stopped when they agreed to vote "Nay" on the bill. When TS threatened to do it again if Polaris ever tried any of that "liberal shaving cream", as he called it, again, he effectively silenced the city's delegate until his death.

TurtleShroom proved everyone wrong when he returned to the exact lifestyle he had before the attack, albeit he limped when he walked and kept squinting. This was in July of that same year. It was revealed that he'd need to start wearing glasses again, so he was handed a spare from his sister, a thick black pair that framed his eyes and made his glare look even more menacing.

TurtleShroom's voice became more raspy and loud, though it maintained its deep pitch. Commentators noted that it made him sound meaner, even when he didn't want to be. TS resigned from Inquisitorial field work at the end of 2016, because he was too weak to pursue Un-CP goons on foot.

Medical burdens[edit]

The former dictator in his waning years.

Most notably, though, was TurtleShroom's rapid decline in health.

2016: In Which TurtleShroom Has No Pulse[edit]

TurtleShroom made an almost full recovery and decided to return to the Dance Lounge to challenge Thin Ice one last time. That was a big mistake. TurtleShroom had another heart attack at the hands of the wretched game, which, by now, was being considered for a nationwide ban because it can kill its players.

TS was saved from death again, but this time, the cost was downright creepy. Thanks to the new device, TurtleShroom does not have a pulse! It's a good thing that TS isn't evil, or that'd be an endless source of jokes.

The machine he wears is, in RL, called a Left Ventricular Assist Device. It's like a filter in a fish tank: steadily pushing blood through the heart as a substitute for a heartbeat. Unlike a real heart, the LVAD does not beat or pump, it just circulates, eliminating the pulse in its host. It also comes with a lot of accessories that TS has to wear to support the item.

In this year, his first chick hatched: a son, who they named Clauderashroollo.

Call to the Cane[edit]

What would count as TurtleShroom's legs gave out next, in December 2016. Since penguins don't technically have legs, though, let it just be said that the area that controls his feet required some stints to keep the arteries open. As it turned out, the lack of a pulse made his arteries uneasy and weaker down in the lower parts of his body.

To keep himself stable, TS acquired a cane and once again marveled doctors with a surprising recovery. His waddling speed was cut in half, though, and the limp was far too noticeable. The Staff of Mattress Village (used as a ceremonial mace in MVBC meetings) was given to the frail penguin as a cane.

TS didn't stop though. All of that CPW stubbornness was paying off: he was still alive. Another attribution may have been the happiness and devotion he had to his wife. After all, he had never expected to find love.

2017: Have You Lost Weight?[edit]

TurtleShroom, due to his weakening body, also began losing weight as side effects from all of that medication he had to take. He soon lost twenty pounds and became shaky. This was August 2017.

TurtleShroom refused to die, though. He feared that the sky programmers wanted to do something horrible to him, so he insisted on surviving. He didn't abandon his will to live, and he continued his censorship and stubborn policies both in public office and not.

He was hailed as a medical marvel by doctors, who expected him to die years ago. Most creatures attributed it to his stubbornness and refusal to change. What change is greater than death?

The King is Dead[edit]

Main article: TSP AI

The year was 2019. TurtleShroom was sick and lying in a bed. He was gravely ill. He said that this may be near the end, so the next day, he was going to go on a great adventure into the Box Dimension before he died; this was something he always wanted to do.

Visiting him on this day was Dara, Rocket Slug, Explorer, Shroomsky, Melvin, Happyface, Pufflezzz, Corai, Maria, Speeddasher, Kwiksilver, Tammyshroom, Willie and a CPW representative. His chicks were present, too.

Explorer, with his infinite Fourth Wall knowledge, knew that TS would die the next day, so he had some folks come over, claiming he was about to die. After all, he'd been sleeping more and more, and not standing up, either: a sure sign of death.

He looked to his friends and told them his final wish.

Friends, my dear wife, children... all I have to give and all I want to do has been outlined in my Will. However, there is one last thing I beseech any of you who are capable of doing to do. You see, it's always been one of my more minor goals to finally defeat Thin Ice. Laugh if you must, but I wanted to live to defeat it... -but alas, death is calling. So, please, I implore you to, in my name, defeat that accursed arcade game. Promise me this, for I am not sure if I can truly be laid to rest if this goes unsolved.

This is my final wish: defeat Thin Ice.

At long last, the life of the fragile TurtleShroom came to an end.

The next day, TS was carried into the Box Dimension to explore and maybe complete his ancestors' quest to solve "THE SECRET". There, he discovered a large box with a flap on it. Opening it and entering, he found that he was in the Cream Soda Zone. Cream Soda and cactus juice were mixed in the pink pools of doom. Soda Roots were everywhere and glass bottles and wooden barrels washed onto the shore. The shock of all of those "liquids of Diss" caused what was left of TS' organic heart to give out. TurtleShroom screamed, but he died before he could finish the shout. His last words were "This can not be!".

His body was discovered the next day.

Funeral and reactions[edit]

See more: TSP AI

After his body was discovered, the rest of June became a national period of mourning. The Weekee stopped editing for the three days to show respect, while allowing him to lay in state as part of a state funeral. A Turtlenator convinced the funeral-goers that TSP wanted his brain to be uploaded into a computer, though it was specifically against his wishes. Later, TSP's Palace on his CPW UsaPajer was torn down and replaced with a large supercomputer that TSP's mind had been uploaded to. To keep him from finding out he had died, TSP's body was sent to his home of Mattress Village, where a memorial and another funeral were held before his body was entombed in the Jones' Tree Mausoleum, along with the Deletion Rod. Memorials were held throughout the nation and Antarctica by dedicated Turtlenators, such as one held in Pengonia.

Many characters paid their respects to TSP, from the friends who had visited him before his death, to his family members, and even old adversaries. Barkjon, Saint Robbsi, Tigernose, Seahorseruler, Hat Pop, Saint Kermit, and many other past and present Weekee visitors attended his funeral or otherwise showed their respect. A Polarian diplomat that TSP had notoriously has issues with in the past said "Today is a victory for love everywhere, but our thoughts are with TurtleShroom's family", while Mectrixctic was shown celebrating and shouting "The dictator's dead!". Many newspapers across the continent featured obituaries or stories about TSP, including the Club Penguin Times, which recounted his time at the CPW dedicated to chronicling the island, along with other media outlets such as PSTIME magazine and the Penstubal Post.


Screenshot of a victorious Thin Ice run. This picture was framed in near-pure silver and hung in TurtleShroom's palace.

After his funeral, those who heard TS' final request discussed who would fulfill it. Thin Ice was notoriously hard and nearly killed TurtleShroom twice. (Due to this, the game now had a disclaimer warning of what it can do to those who have heart and temper conditions.)

Rocket Slug volunteered, since she still played games, even after all these years (getting a lot of teasing from Agent Meltie because of it), and set off to the Dance Lounge to fulfill her good friend's request. Without using cheats or exploiting glitches, RS completed the entire game, all nineteen levels of evil, in four hours. She took a picture of the "SUCCESS" screen.

The picture was then printed and hung in a gorgeous frame of 99.7% pure silver, and placed in his palace for all to see. Under it was a plaque:


After his palace was demolished and TSP AI was built, the picture was sent with his body to the Jones' Tree Mausoleum, after the plaque was temporarily removed and it was shown to TSP AI by Rocket Slug. After his family discovered TSP's will and his wishes to not have his mind uploaded, they knew they couldn't tell him what had transpired, and decided to let things be, refusing to ""pull the plug" as he seemed oblivious and content.

TurtleShroom's famous crown was obtained by the CPW, to be displayed by a section of the wall dedicated to Weekee history. Stromrocks1 became Mattress Village's new Delegate in the South Pole Council, and maintained the typical conservatism of the town. TSP continued to lead the MMK as Grandmaster as TSP AI.

Some time after his death, Explorer played TurtleShroom in a movie made about TSP's life.


However, TurtleShroom was never forgotten. Love him or hate him, the penguin had made an inescapable presence on the Club Penguin Weekee, one that is still felt to this day. He had received more awards than any penguin at the point of his resignation and had rewrote the site's history and law in his dictatorship. TurtleShroom was eventually taken off the Bureaucrat roster after being kindly convinced by Saint Joeyaa to leave, and he retreated to his sister's house, and later back to his own palace, where he still welcomed visitors. Very few people visited him.

TSP was survived by his chicks: Clauderashroollo, Chaynee, and Shroomya. Called by enemies and liberals the "Spawn of TurtleShroom", they continued to wreak havoc in TS' name long after he departed.

  • Clauderashroollo was a corrupt penguin, torn by TS' purity and Dara's obsession with misery. He tried to do right by turning his wrath and misery compulsions on ridding the continent of Mwa Mwa Penguins, but he couldn't fully control his urge to make misery, and his conscience wouldn't stop tormenting him for his entire life.
  • Chaynee took over Holyberden when Tammyshroom retired to live her Golden Years with Dan. He made it into a ruthless company and turned its focus to oil. The censorship and communication duties of the company were sold to other businesses. Chaynee started the destruction of the environment where good oil could be found, much to the chagrin of hippies and EBUL.
  • Shroomya was the youngest and also the nicest. However, he wasn't really a snow white purist, either. Shroomya tried to carry on the censoring political power of his father, but he entered the weapons business, like his mother.


TurtleShroom was never formally educated, and instead taught himself to read and write (with the help of family and neighbors) like every other chick in Mattress Village. Due to this, he never had the chance to go into tertiary education (college) until a very odd, very special situation happened on Club Penguin Island.

TurtleShroom traveled to visit the Monsters' University Party in 2013 AD and was shocked to find that the college was offering humorous bachelor degrees "in Fear/Scaring". Longing to have some sort of academic merit in order to honor his family, TurtleShroom enrolled and managed to obtain enough Points in his Canister to graduate Summa-Cum-Laude from Monsters' University.

TurtleShroom received his diploma for Bachelor of Science with Honors in Scaring on July 3rd, 2013.


Prior to his death, TSP usually stayed inside his palace or Dara's Mansion, taking teleporters to various places in Antarctica on the occasion for vacation and business.

He often spent most of his days at his residence in the Weekee, sitting and watching his empire disintegrate coupled with an annoying increase of articles on clothing. He was usually in his office, staring out the window and over the maze of whiteboards, watching friends and foes alike write on the Weekee, sighing routinely until he closed the blinds and looked at his achievements. He later perked up with the help of his friends and family, and made various trips, visits, and adventures across the continent, for assorted reasons ranging from business to pleasure. He also enjoyed visiting his vacation home in Club Penguin and conversing with his friends.

In the corporate world, he was rumored to fund or assist, unintentionally or on purpose, holy wars, vilgantes, yes-men, raw evil (unintentionally), theme parks, and pet projects.


Main article: The Turtlenator March

Right before his transition to evil, Dacula Hertz provided, quote, "an epic anthem suited for an epic dictator".

The result was this composition, entitled Farewell of Slavianka. This was what was played when TSP waddled out of the Weekee for the final time, and as Tigernose marched in. Interestingly, the ceremony was the first of its kind, and, due to the de-formalization instated by Tigernose (we are not administrators, we are normal users with privileges, not powers), the last.


Studio albums[edit]

Title Album details Peak chart positions Certifications
Whirlwind Tour
  • USA: Bronze
"—" denotes items that did not chart or were not released.


Year Title Peak chart positions Album
2010 "Impress My Revestor" Whirlwind Tour
"I Shall Be a Mavv Banker"
"Censorship Killed a Good Story Arc"


  • TurtleShroom's full name is "TurtleShroom (penguin) Jones". His middle name actually has parenthesis in it, and his last name is actually Jones. This secret was kept until his brother's bank account was frozen.
  • In Antarctic schools, textbooks list TurtleShroom as "a prominent figure in the history of local politics".
  • Historians regard him as "a villain whose heart was in the right place" and "the nicest dictator they ever met".
  • Most creatures who knew the penguin personally agree on this:
    "He was friendly and entertaining, and he always voiced his opinion without fear. However, he was extremely annoying, rather tyrannical, and stalked people."
  • TSP used to wear glasses before earning his Ninja mask. After earning his mask, he chose to wear it by itself, to abide by Club Penguin's single item per category rule, at the cost of his eyesight. From July 2016, he would wear his mask and a pair of his sister's thick black glasses, as his vision worsened.
  • Despite being a Ninja, TurtleShroom was one of the absolute worst Card-Jitsu players to ever take up the sport. He lost far more than he won, and admitted to losing to a white-belt ranked noob when he was a brown-belt. He stated that "if anyone ever wants to become a ninja faster, play me and you'll probably win".
  • TurtleShroom was Penguin Standard TIME Magazine's Featured Penguin of the Year of 2008.
  • TSP was Perry the Puffle's direct superior in the MMK.
  • TurtleShroom is licensed to officiate marriages/conduct matrimony. He never really used that until after his death.
  • Rocket Slug used to have some sort of crush on him. This faded away as TurtleShroom became more bitter and cynical over the years, but they still remained good friends.

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