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The Tvarkov Family is an influential family hailing from Rusca. They are known to be reasonably dangerous with their foothold on Ruscan military and politics and is one of the big voices involved in running the country. They are best characterized by their versatility and inner strength, their boldness in any position they're put into, and their high standards of excellence towards whatever it is they have to do.


At best, the Tvarkov lineage can be traced back to the time of tsars and royal courts, when the family was part of the royal court. While they steadily made their way up the royal ladder by either marriage or assassination, many have also shifted towards working their way through the royal army as either spies or soldiers to the Tsar. They would slowly make themselves a powerful family when they peak at the marriage of Tsar Alexander I to Ekaterina Tvarkova, propelling the family's importance to the royal throne. Many of the family members were in the frontlines of invading and conquering small islands around the country, keeping a firm grip on tactics to ensure no revolt would succeed in overthrowing their rule on them. Tvarkovs had a strong power of Ruscans until a revolution that killed Alexander IV and his immediate family, forcing royal Tvarkovs to escape Rusca and remain in neighboring countries as the farmers continued to escalate tensions within the homeland.

With the military put into power, Tvarkovs raced to make themselves prominent among the ranks of the various branches. A new generation of scientists, soldiers and spies came from the family as they made themselves prominent once more in the Ruscan stage. Problems began to arise when they realized the heavy pull of the mafia towards the military could either make and break their influence, prompting them to make deals or join the mafia's ranks as a show of respect. This would be characterized by large amounts of Gold Coins mysteriously disappearing from the national budget and appearing in the pockets of mafia leaders, violent crimes being given the blind eye, and shady businesses being put up by known mafia head honchos. The mutual acknowledgment and exchange between the family and mafia groups have since then been constant and near unwavering.

The Khanzem War is widely known in family history as the greatest feat in their military tactics. Under President Stallin, many of the finest Tvarkovs rose to the ranks to make themselves key personnel in his army. They would be there to face the siege in Rusca, the bombings, the invasion into Mainland Antarctica. The family's main attributes of brilliance, bravery, and versatility made itself prominent to the Ruscan public. This would cement their power in the military as a brutal force of nature that cannot be stopped unless spoken to kindly.

A quiet time in the family's history would be during the False War. Little is known about their involvement about this, seeing as their opinions on the war was nothing but clear distaste at how much of a waste of a time it is. The family didn't have much involvement in the STINC War, which led to the Comintern's loss. The Tvarkovs advised STINC on how to effectively overthrow the Olde Antarctican government, and advance their troops through the continent with minimal casualties, though this was never proven as they've covered their tracks.

Currently, the Tvarkov family keeps a strong foothold in the military workings of the country. While not many are so keen on entering the Duma, the younger generations have by far been considering stepping into the legislature.


The Tvarkov family is known to be wealthy and endowed, but the origins of the true amount of this wealth remain questionable. There are theories being raised that their wealth dates back to the time of Imperial Rusca, with the possibility of the family still owning some of the precious gems and portraits of the Tsar. Members have also been rumored to constantly dipping their flippers into the national budget, with questionable millions of Gold Coins going missing in the blink of an eye. They've also been accused of being part of shady deals made with the mafia to ensure influence and power, allegedly with business profits being given to the family.

Tvarkovs have also been accused of assassination and forced disappearances to keep nosy penguins from getting close to revealing their dirty secrets. Any negative opinion that is thrown at the direction of the Tvarkovs is taken lightly until the penguin starts making too much of a ruckus. With all the eyes they have all over the country, with the wide variety of assets at their disposal, there is no surefire way for any activist or journalist to survive without going missing or being found dead

Coat of Arms[edit]

The crest changed over the years, but the current one consists of three animals. The double-headed snake wrapped around a sword with the tip slightly dipped in blood with a yellow penguin holding it.

Meaning of the Coat of Arms[edit]

The double-headed snake is said to represent the family's relationships with both the government and mafia of Rusca. It may also represent their ability to strike when no one assumes they would. The sword wielded by the penguin symbolizes how they can wield both good and evil to their bidding, as well as all the wars they have fought. The penguin is said to represent one of the three pure Tvarkovs.

Genetic Tampering[edit]

In the years of the Khanzem War, Rusca was desperate to get a lead against the Naughtzees. Among the family members, a scientist named Borya Tvarkov decided it was high time to combine science and magic to strengthen the family's best genetics. To do so, he had to do extensive studies on the genetic makeup that could determine what genes are responsible for strength, intelligence, and speed, to name a few. He also dabbled in studies in Magic from ancient Ruscan books to see what he can do to enhance these and mix the most powerful serum of his time. At the peak of the war, he is said to have perfected the serum and drank it himself.

Borya shared the serum with two of his brothers, Kazimir and Vasily. The three decided to keep the serum's exact recipe a secret by hiding it somewhere in the family's attic, which cannot be found to this day. Any known direct descendant of the three brothers is known to have gotten any of the genetic enhancements originally from their ancestor.


Pure Tvarkov[edit]


  • They have ties with the Von Maple Family.
  • It's rumored that in order to get his results with the serum, Borya made use of puffle and penguin experiments to test the serum and determine what needed further enhancing.
  • The only way to identify a Tvarkov is by the tattoo on their neck, which is the Tvarkov crest.
  • They are the only known family in Antarctica that can cross the Fourth Wall to be with family.