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Twiguins are good at making faces
Title Mentally Insane
Race Penguin (even though they think otherwise)
Faction Insane
Health Terrible
Level Unknown
Status Pretending to bite penguins
Location Mostly the Forest in Club Penguin

Twiguins are a race of Penguins who are really just Feral Petguins. They say that they're sometype of animal called a wolf, and they wear fake plastic fangs. Some even claim that they're Vampenguins. Unlike Mwa Mwa Penguins, and their Petguin relatives though, they can speak with proper grammar, but their IQ is is rather low.


Unlike the Mwa Mwa Penguins and Petguins, the PSA and the EPF know how this "clan" started. Sometime in 2008, when Lobelia Sackville had adopted about over NINE HUNDRED Petguins for her Mwa Mwa Penguin, she fed them something that would change their lives forever. The food she fed them was cucumbers from the local forest and fish, and since all they had ever eaten at their past homes was Puffle O's, they soon found they loved the taste of the new food.

You would've expected they would've quickly turned back to normal penguins right then, right?


They refused to give up their ways, and continued to ask Lobellia for more cucumbers and fish. When she said that she didn't have any more, though, they - surprise surprise - got furious, and caused total destruction in her house. That night, they all left and spread out across Freezeland, the USA, Dorkugal, and quite a few other places. Many settled in the forest on Club Penguin due to the abundance of fish and the occasional cucumbers, and have stayed there ever since.

For about two months, no one even noticed them, but after a while, more started appearing. Soon more and more of these Petguins, joined by a few "rebels", became "feral" due to their diet of raw fish and half-rotten cucumbers (they think that half-rotten cucumbers are a delicacy), and Antarctica's forests were becoming nearly filled with these Mentally Insane Penguins. Some workers tried to remove them, but the creatures attempted to bite and claw them if they came near, so they gave up. They then started calling these weirdos "Twiguins", because they made featherbands, necklaces and bracelets out of twigs.

Then, about a month later, something even more terrible happened. Mwa Mwa Penguins became interested in Twiguins, and decided to join them. Not wanting to give up their insane ways, they pretended to be Twiguins, but still kept their baby language. Now they pretend to be baby wolves (whatever that is) and sometimes play-fight. As of now the Twiguins continue to expand, but hopefully something will be made to get rid of them before it's too late.


Twiguins usually live in pretend caves, and try and hunt any penguin that walks by. Sometimes they even hunt imaginary creatures, and they cause penguins to roll their eyes. Most normal Penguins enjoy telling them that they aren't whatever their trying to be, which will get them furious. G is trying to work on a cure to make them normal penguins.


  • Discussion is being made on whether Lobelia Sackville should be arrested for causing this epidemic. Judge Xaiver has even considered it.
  • Unlike Mwa Mwa Penguins, and Petguins, these creatures aren't sided with Darktan as they're against normal penguins.
  • However, some did side with Mectrixctic's Army.
  • However some have been spotted with DTA though they are unruly and often, they run away.
  • Rivialries have occured between Twiguins and Vampenguins.
    • To make it worse, the Time Agency sent thirty Twiguins back in time, around when the Vampenguin virus began infecting Penguins. The Twiguins then rapidly layed eggs.
  • Some twiguins have taken up crafting suits based off of the animals that they claim to be. The crafting of these suits, dubbed "twisuits", has grown into a million Fish industry.

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