Twin Heroes

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The Twin Heroes
Name The Twin Heroes
Type Heroes
Location Culldrome Isles
Head Hero of Reality and Hero of Ideas
Job Warriors of Bluetower
Members Hero of Reality and Hero of Ideas
Headquarters Bluetower Castle

The Twin Heroes were the two sons of Mark the Warrior and part of the Adelie Family. The two Heroes, are known only as the Hero of Reality and the Hero of Ideas.


The two Heroes were born in the 1890s (the exact date is unknown). The two were both twins of Mark the Warrior, founder and fearless hero of the Culldrome Isles. The two often fought a lot. The Hero of Reality wanted to find out more about the world and to seek the truths. The Hero of Ideas, however wanted to ignore everything and think that he was better than his brother. The two would argue a lot, deciding who was better.

In about 1900, Mark the Warrior forged the two Heroes a single sword, dubbed the Sword of the Twin Heroes. He hoped that his two sons would find a common ground and stop fighting. However, this did not work. In the end the two had enough, and split the sword into two, with one half for each of them. The two also parted ways, with the Hero of Reality moving off to Antarctica, while the Hero of Ideas stayed behind in Culldrome. The two twins had vastly different personalities and traits.

Hero of Reality[edit]

The Hero of Reality was one of the Twin Heroes. He favored to seek the truth and the reality; wanting to find more about the world. He was also quite judgemental and took everything literally. The Hero of Reality was also the most intelligent of the two, since he had a hunger for knowledge. In his time, he had created the Adelie Manor in South Pole City and filled its libraries with many books that he wrote, documenting many different topics. Later on in his life, the Hero of Reality started a family and had several Chicks, starting the Adelie Family's history in mainland Antarctica. After his death in 1948, his half of the Sword of the Twin Heroes was sealed away in Fort Knashram, an old ninja fortress in Culldrome which his father had liberated.

Hero of Ideas[edit]

The Hero of Ideas was one of the Twin Heroes. He favored to ignore reality and think that he was the best penguin in the world. He had a large ego and many disliked him. Despite this, he became the warrior or Bluetower Castle, after his father's death, even though he liked to boast. The Hero of Ideas, like his name suggests, supported his own ideas, even if they were bad. He also strongly supported anyone who managed to convince him that their idea was better. Later on in his life, the Hero of Ideas settled down and started a family of several penguins. After his death in 1942, his half of the Sword of the Twin Heroes was buried deep in the icy plains on the south of Culldrome. In 1996, during the Porcyal War, the location where the sword was buried broke off, later forming Snelten Island.


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