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Born July 7th, 2013
ChillIslandFlag.png Chill Island
Residence CIPF Headquarters, Chill Island
Gender Male
Ethnicity Robot
Occupation Drone Commander
Years active 2013-present
Employer Chill Island Protection Force
Height 2'7"
Your meat-based processing is becoming a liability to us all!
— Tyler

Tyler is the first of the CIPF drones, developed by Professor Prepostera. He originally worked as an assistant for the agents, such as making coffee and cleaning up messes, as he wasn't ready for field work yet because of programming glitches. He was eventually upgraded to meet his full potential and serves as Drone Commander, which he claims he deserves because of seniority.


Several months before Tyler's creation, Professor Prepostera began attempting to develop drones of his own following the SIA's announcement of construction of a drone army in April 2013.

His attempts ended in failure until July 2013, when he finally created the first successful prototype. Upon activation, Prepostera immediately realized that he was very glitchy and had several personality quirks. A test of his weapon systems resulted in the near destruction of Prepostera's lab. Combined with the fact that the armor Prepostera was planning for the drones had not been developed yet, he decided that it would be best if he wasn't used for field duty and instead was kept in the CIPF Headquarters to perform simple tasks. Chill decided to name him Tyler, which he deemed as "an acceptable identification". Unfortunately, Prepostera's research had caused him to blow the entire budget for his project, and Tyler was kept in the HQ for nearly a year before research could be resumed.

Shortly after his activation, the Evilositian Army invaded and took over Chill Island. Tyler decided to disobey Prepostera's orders and escaped from the HQ to stop them. Because of his glitchy weapons system, he was actually very effective against them, although nearly destroyed several businesses in the process. Tyler was defeated after they fled into Chill World and lured him into the toy store, where he was deactivated by water balloons. He was recovered and repaired the next day by Prepostera.

In May 2014, Prepostera was finally able to resume work on the project, and Tyler was upgraded with proper armor and had most of his glitches worked out. Prepostera originally planned to fix his personality quirks, but was stopped by Chill, who found Tyler's snark and sarcasm amusing.

As more drones were created, Tyler decided that he was superior to all of them and promoted himself to Drone Commander. When Prepostera told Chill about this, Chill decided to just go with it and made his position official.


In 2030, Tyler challenged What Tambourine to a dance-off for position of mayor of Chill Island, who had become the mayor two weeks earlier after the cyborg dancer Raveous challenged Chill to a dance-off. Tyler won, and immediately gave the position back to Chill.



Thanks to programming glitches, Tyler has a snarky personality and is very sarcastic, often accidentally offending agents. He also has a superiority complex, considering himself vastly superior to the other CIPF drones because he was built first, and to other robots "just because he is". His many quirks often irritate Prepostera, although Chill finds them amusing.


Tyler has all the features of a Standard model CIPF drone. All other CIPF drones are at Tyler's disposal as they are programmed to obey his orders without question, unless overrided by Chill or Prepostera.



  • Chill57181 - Chill and Tyler get along well, and Chill enjoys his personality and sense of humor. Tyler considers Chill "the fun one", in contrast with Prepostera.


  • Bro - Bro often calls Tyler names such as "tin can" and "rusty heap of scrap iron". Regardless, he thinks Tyler is cool just because of his AI. As a result, Tyler enjoys irritating Bro as much as he can on their rare encounters.
  • Professor Prepostera - Tyler's quirks often irritate Prepostera, and he gets a kick out of trolling him. Tyler considers Prepostera boring, and often calls him a nerd.


  • Evil Pengy - Being programmed to defend Chill Island, Tyler naturally hates the guy who invaded and briefly took it over.
  • Radztur
  • Roger - Tyler encountering another robot that also has a superiority complex ends just about as well as expected, usually leaving Chill or The Ed to break it up. They often insult each other and argue, although Tyler is usually the instigator. Despite this, they can set aside their differences to work together if absolutely necessary.



  • Tyler is the only blue CIPF drone, which he specifically requested. This was originally ignored by Prepostera, but he obliged after Tyler retaliated by blowing up the first blue drone Prepostera made afterwards out of spite.

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