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The KKF's sociopathic archer.
Title Clown-mask guy
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction KKF
Status "Clowning around"
Occupation Archer for the KKF

Tyrone, often called Clown-mask guy or Clown-mask dude is a skilled archer in the KKF. He was found by Kim as a newborn and grew up under her eyes, basically becoming her son. He's one of the older members of the KKF at seventeen years old (hatched in early 2000), unlike the newer and younger members, Charlotte, Pal, and Eloise who aren't even aware of his existence. Tyrone is very stealthy and spends most of his time in the shadows befriending AKKF members and then betraying them. Very little has been discovered about this almost unnoticed penguin, but most of his acquaintances know he never speaks.


Early Life[edit]

Not much is known about the past of this mysterious penguin. He was found by Kim Karkrashian, who was taking from her ravenous paparazzi. In a clearing behind the large buildings in the heart of South Pole City, she spotted a cracked half of a penguin egg in the then melting summer snow, resting in a lively green patch of grass, surrounded by coltsfoot. Glancing to her right and through the trees, she spotted a lime green chick, struggling with the other half of the eggshell on his head, his face masked by the remains of his old shelter. With a grin, Kim picked up the chick with the eggshell still resting firmly on his petite cranium as she dashed past her entourage, until she made inside of her private jet, not a word spoken to her fans.

Once entering the lush and luxurious interior of her private jet, she sat the tiny pile of green feathers on one of her satin purple chairs as the chick, still hidden behind the cracked eggshell that rest atop of his head, sat quietly; almost politely. Kim walked over and whispered to the young penguin: "It's time for you to grow up."

The chick, then named Tyrone with the help of Kim's sisters, Kait and Kole, grew up under the twisted sisters' wings. Soon after getting a suitable replacement for his previous eggshell hat, he learned about hatred, how to treat citizens, the art of lying, stealth, and of course; their main foes, the AKKF. He also was taught normal school curriculum and was a rather smart boy. When the sisters thought he was old enough, age eight, they let him try out a few weapons. The second he grabbed the vivid purple pistol crossbow, he wanted to try out every crossbow they had in the arsenal. Before the others in the KK estate realized it, they had a murderer in the making.

Battles Against the AKKF[edit]


For a penguin who constantly wears a mask everyday in his life without stopping, Tyrone does make his emotions apparent, quite a lot. He tends to playfully punch or pat someone's back sympathetically. While Tyrone is a relentless killer like most of the others in the KKF, he does love his allies and he also loves Kim's sisters very dearly as he thinks of them as his mothers. When irritated, he shakes his head or facepalms. When sad, he doesn't do much of anything. Tyrone, truth be told, actually has silently cried once as tears were streaming down his cheeks at the death of his close friend in the KKF, Camille. He quickly got over it as Camille was a traitor.


As Tyrone never speaks ever, he does tend to show emotions and communicate with flipper gestures. He tends to silently joke quite a lot, though.


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  • Tyrone's face has never been seen, ever.
  • His gray sweater was once a Penguin Band sweater, but the letters have long since faded.

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