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Developer Unknown.
Publisher Adam Hesse
Release dates
Release in the USA
No records available.
Release in Dorkugal
No records available.
Additional info
Genre Action-Adventure, puzzle, parody, comedy, drama, science fiction, disaster thriller,
Platform Computer
Rating Unknown.

USBURB is a game whose origins are unknown as well as the purpose of it's creation, but once played it was designed to bring about the end of the player's world. It was thought up by Adam Hesse who decided to use it in a science fictional adventure story called Starbound.


"USBURB" stands for "Universal Suburb" and the game comes only in the forms of either a computer disk or in a colorful assortment of scrambled code. The player needs to first insert the disk and install the beta or alpha version into their computers before accepting to play it. Once they do, the player will either become a host server for others who happen to be about to play it at the same time, or he/she will simply be a player whose surroundings will then become controlled through the server host's actions. The game play consists of multiple consorts joining together and working as a team in order to reach a gravitational keyhole which will appear high above their current location which the players need to reach in order for them and their homes to be transported to a new "land".


The instant that the player clicks play, meteors would be sent crashing down to the player's planet and his/her server host would be provided with three machines in their inventory. A Froxtruder would allow for the server host to acquire a game guide known as a Drupesprite which the player would be able to interact and also fight alongside with. A Froxite rivet would also be provided once the seal over the top of the Froxtruder was broken off which the Froxshaper would then carve off a specific design already marked on the Froxite which the player would then be able to use to alchemize weapons and other items of their choice later on in the game. The Frox shaper however, would first create a tree that is the color of the Froxite and an apple or something symbolic to the player's personality would be hanging from the tree which the player may take a hold of before they and their home is transported to a land generated by the game. The land they appear in can be anything, an example being "The Land of Storms and Twilight". Not much else is known about the land other than it's name which would appear before the player upon entering. The inhabitants of the land are peaceful as well as the NPC villages which would abound in a certain part of the planet where the player's Quest Bed will be held high above.



Users of USBURB Beta

  • Jonathan Eggert "John": An average teenage penguin who is one of Starbound's main characters. Him along with his friends will aspire to beat the game together while in separate lands until they meet, his land being the Land of Breeze and Shadow. His Elevated Tier is Heir of Gust and with his abilities he is able to fly as well as wield wind and control air to his advantage. His main weapon of choice however is the Warhammer of Sillywho which was given to him from Jacob English along with a stuffed Puffle and Jade's letter. Jonathan's palhandle is pogoSlime but was originally prankingMaster and his typing quirk consists of lower case words with the occasional "e"'s inserted for emphasis. He changes his handle after he was harassed by a group of aliens and later on in the game befriends them. His father isn't one of the alpha players in their alternate universe but Jaina Crockford is his alterbiological mother, who is currently his deceased nanna in the form of a Drupesprite in his own universe. Jonathan loves action and science fiction movies as well as computer programming even though he isn't very good at it nor is it his favorite hobby. He's well known for being similiar to penguins from Dorkugal and pretty much only has friends online.

  • David Stradlater "Dave": One of the other main characters in Starbound. David is one of Jonathan's best friends who has a great love for rapping and mixing beats for his own music and entertainment and he is also Dirk Stradlater's alterbiological brother. Being raised by him in his universe has it's perks, since he is skilled with swords and flipper to flipper combat. He is the second one to enter the game and is helped by Rosy Lalonde as she is also his client server as well as Jonathan's. His land is the Land of Flames and Gears and his weapon is a half broken sword when it's not in use. Ever the ironic one, David is the personification of what is considered "cool" which catches the attention of one of the aliens they all meet in the game, Terezi Eporyp. His Elevated Tier is Knight of Clockwork and his handle is turntableDJ and his typing quirk is similiar to Jonathan's and also Karkat Satnav. Rosy is his alterbiological sister and he too has more friend's online than in reality.

  • Jade Hatley "Jade": The sweet and caring penguin who was never really thought of throughout the game until she was revived through her dream self on her Quest bed, Jade is the alterbiological grandmother of Jacob English and in her universe he is her grandfather. Born with semi physic abilities and as a dreamwalker, Jade always traveled the dream planets of Mintage and Amarantine but never thought much of it until she realized the connections between the planets and the game. She originally hated the aliens but later on warmed up to them in the game and even befriended one of them who used to antagonize her, Karkat Satnav. Her Elevated Tier is Witch of Cosmos and her weapon of choice is yet to be known. Jade's land is the Land of Sleet and Hail and she is most powerful when in her Grimgoth form but can be easily controlled by Her Imperial Contemption of the Proxian Empire. Her pet puffle Bequerel was transformed into one of the game's main antagonists, Dracul Noir who brought Jade to her Quest bed after she was killed by an explosion since he was still loyal to her and would never hurt her bout will still kill her friends should he have the chance. Her typing quirk is simple and she uses emoticons often and just like her three other friends, she mostly interacts with people online.

  • Rosy Lalonde "Rose": A quiet but not too quiet intellectual, Rosy is the exact opposite of her mother Roxanne Lalonde, who she is also alterbiologically her mother in the alpha universe. She and David are also alterbiological siblings but don't necessarily get along so well with each other in the beginning of the game until things started becoming more serious. She becomes best friends with Kanaya Mayram and the two of them team up to try and revive the Proxian Empire by searching for a way to recreate the Matrixorb. Rosy's Elevated Tier is Seer of Lumination and her weapon of choice are the Grimmort needlewands she had alchemized in the beginning of the game. She and David are the last two of the beta players to rise to their Tiers and only do so in the last few minutes of their session before it was erased and they all escaped into the next one during The Abrasion. Jonathan had a slight crush on her in the beginning of the game before he started falling for Vriska Tekres and Rosy is the first beta player to meet the alpha ones when they entered their session.

Users of USBURB Alpha

  • Jacob English "Jake": Jacob English is a rather optimistic and hopeful individual who grew up socially isolated save for his alterbiological grandmother Jade. She died when he was young and since then he had learned how to get along by himself without the use of other people by his side. Through Nettlepal, he managed to befriend Dirk, Roxanne and Jaina who basically became his only friends. Jacob and Dirk became extremely close friends at one point but upon entering the game and meeting in real life, they drifted apart and were on considerably bad terms for a while until late. Jaina had developed a crush on him but her feelings were never reciprocated by the rather oblivious adventurer. On his part, Jacob only saw Jaina as a good friend and said so himself during his fight with Dirk. However, he once did mistake Jaina's feelings for him as feelings for Dirk which only served to annoy her. Jacob's Elevated Tier is Page of Trust and his weapons of choice are his two snowball guns and his close combat fighting skills.

  • Dirk Stradlater "Dirk": An independent and considerate person, Dirk always watches out for his friends and does his best to help them out in the game. He has a love for anime and anything associated with ninjas, specifically katanas. He grew up in a high rise apartment building randomly situated in the middle of the ocean with his alterbiological brother, David. He and Roxanne are paired together when they fall asleep in the game on Amarantine while Jacob and Jaina are together on Mintage but he manages to bring everyone together at one point so that they could all meet. His Elevated Tier is Prince of Soul and his weapon of choice is a sword whose features are strikingly familiar to David's. As the third set of players in USBURB, Dirk and his four friends automatically entered a new session which takes place in the future after the Beta player's session is eradicated, thus not allowing either groups of players to formally meet until Jade becomes Grimgoth and taken under control by the Contemption and teleports them to different planets once the Beta player's enter their session.

  • Roxanne Lalonde "Roxy": A mostly lax and care free kind of penguin, Roxanne is the alterbiological mother and daughter of Rosy Lalonde. She is Jaina's best friend and was thought to have a slight crush on Dirk until it was revealed that she mainly saw hims as a good friend. She adores cream soda and downs at least four to five cups of it a day and she enjoys dressing up her pet puffle Jazzers in silly outfits. Her Elevated Tier is Mage of Oblivion and her weapon of choice has yet to be shown. Even when in the game, she takes things easily and even dares to joke around and stall Grimgoth!Jade when she was captured by her and locked up in Amarantine. She can be serious at certain times when everyone is out of control, but for the most part she's usually just there for the ride and joins in whatever affairs her friends are having.

  • Jaina Crockford "Jane": Nearly the exact opposite of Jonathan Eggert but not completely, Jaina is a sweet penguin who enjoys anything to do with baking. She originally didn't seem like a very important character in the game until late when she became controlled by the Contemption but not Grimgoth. Jaina is the first of the Alpha players to enter USBURB and her Elevated Tier is Maid of Existence. Her weapon of choice also has yet to show, but while being controlled by the Contemption she wields a three pronged trident. Her drupesprite as well as her friends are actually a combination of the deceased Post-Abrasion trollguins who become their guides in the beginning of the game. Jaina is also Jade and John's alterbiological and biological mother whose lineage is linked to that of the Contemption who becomes the ruler of Earth in the Alpha session.

Post-Abrasion Trollguins

  • Karkat Satnav: A crabby Proxian trollguin who is the patron for Cancer, Karkat is the leader amongst his friends whose sharp tongue leads him to be stabbed by the original Dracul in his session, revealing his red blood. After Dracul reveals his own blood color, the two become friends and work together as a team to overcome the black queen in Amarantine and release the Amarantians from under her tyranny. He led his team to victory and created Earth but at the same time as they were about to claim their new universe, Jonathan and his friends entered the game and their version of Dracul became Dracul Noir, a combination of Dracul and Bequerel together. Dracul Noir attacked Karkat and his friends and Aradia opened up a teleportalizer which sent them to a meteor in the Distant Ring. Karkat was the first to realize there was something wrong with him when he woke up on their session version of Mintage and saw him just as he destroyed it and later went on to destroy Amarantine. While they were on the meteor, he watched Jonathan and his friends grow up in Antarctica and harassed them through the trollguin version of Nettlepal, Troller. His animosity for the penguins were great until they became friends later on in the game and even informed Jonathan on how to perform The Abrasion.

  • Terezi Eporyp: The blind cheerful trollguin who is the patron for Libra, Terezi worked alongside Karkat in their session and was even his matchsprit in the beginning in the game, but it quickly deteriorated the moment Terezi began harassing David on Troller. She and Vriska used to be friends and even deigned to call each other the Scourge Siblings until Vriska decided to cheat in the game. They ended up becoming arch rivals and no longer got along on the best of terms, however Terezi forgave her highblooded friend for blinding her by using her born psychic abilities as an act of revenge for a certain incident in them game. Once David and Rosy meet the trollguins in the Distant Ring, she and David become matchsprits until she and Gamzee engaged in the black quadrant of Kislacksissitude. She slowly started falling apart after they went through the Dream Enclosures while on the meteor heading towards the new session when she somehow regained her eyesight. Since her keeper had been born around the same time as when she was first blinded, she was able to help Terezi with her loss and taught her ways to get along without having to rely on her sense of sight. Now that she has regained something whose loss had been significant to her, she couldn't help but slowly begin to recede into a shell. Karkat and David tried their best to help her, but it was only after Grimgoth!Jade had attacked their meteor that she seemed to come out from under the darkness which threatened to submerge her.

  • Sollux Rotpac: The reclusive master hacker and thiionic controlling trollguin, Sollux is the patron for Gemini who first finds the code for USGRUB and sends it by accident to his friend Karkat, who then proceeded to somehow run the file and bring about the end of their world. He and Aradia used to be matchsprits after they met during the game but their relationship dissolved after her death and he fell for Feferi. He and Eridan don't get along at all and he was nearly killed by him when they got into a serious strife over his jealousy for the fuschia blooded troll. He dies after using his thiioniics to move the meteor towards the gate that the newly Elevated Tier Jade had managed to open up as a way for them all to reach the new session. He is later reunited with Aradia in the Dream Enclosures but they simply remain as friends.

  • Gamzee Arakam: The mostly crazy clown obsessed trollguin of the group, Gamzee is the patron for Capricorn and Karkat's former Timrail. Back on Proxy, he and Karkat used to be very close to each other, despite their significant difference in blood color. Their Timraillegiance proved to be successful once he was able to shush pap him and keep Gamzee from killing off the rest of their friends soon after he and Eridan snapped. Their relationship soon ended once Karkat learned that he was black for Terezi, his former matchsprit and flush crush. His whereabouts are currently unknown, but his presence on the meteor had died down after Terezi's breakdown.

  • Aradia Odigem: The patron for Aries, Aradia was Equius's former matchsprit until her first death in the game in which she was brought back by him in the form of a robot. Their relationship crumbled away since she became quite the narcissist, turning her heart stone cold. Sollux was with her despite this however until he later started feeling flushed for Feferi.

  • Nepeta Nojiel
  • Equius Kahaz
  • Eridan Aropma
  • Feferi Secsip
  • Vriska Tekres
  • Tavros Martin

Pre-Abrasion Trollguins

  • Kankri Satnav: The patron for Cancer, Kankri was the reincarnation of the Ensignless/Martyr who was the leader of the group in the first session of the game. He is well known for his monologues and essay reciting. He can be spotted from miles away by the glaring redness of his turtleneck sweater that Porrim had made for him before the game. Kankri is Karkat's Predecessor and though the two are alike in looks and blood hue, their personalities are the very opposite. He has had a flushcrush on Latula since the game and still does in death.

  • Latula Eporyp: The "rad" and fun loving hipster trollguin, Latula is the patron for Libra and the reincarnation of the
  • Mituna Rotpac
  • Kurloz Arakam
  • Damara Odigem
  • Meulin Nojiel
  • Horrus Kahaz
  • Cronus Aropma
  • Meenah Secsip
  • Aranea Tekres
  • Rufioh Martin

The Presidor Trollguins

  • The Ensignless/Martyr (Signless)
  • The Thiioniic (Psiioniic)
  • The Follower (Disciple)
  • The Transgressant (Dolorosa)
  • The Contemption (Condescension)
  • Twinlesion (Dualscar)
  • Redshield (Redglare)
  • Mindspinneret (Mindfang)
  • The Great Highblood (GHB)
  • The Servant (Handmaid)
  • The Conjurer (Summoner)

Nettlepal and Troller Handles[edit]

Beta Players

  • Jonathan: pogoSlime
  • David: turntableDJ
  • Rosy: octopiCounselor
  • Jade: ecstaticGardener

Alpha Players

  • Jacob: horrorAdventurer
  • Dirk: classifiedContinuum
  • Roxanne: topsyCream
  • Jaina: magicBatter

Post-Abrasion Trollguins

  • Karkat: incarceratedScourge
  • Sollux: doubleThiioniics
  • Terezi: brightGlare
  • Gamzee: wickedMiraculous
  • Eridan: elevatedSeacolor
  • Feferi: cullerFluffyfish
  • Aradia: distastrousTimescript
  • Nepeta: inimitablePuffle
  • Equius: swervingSeahorse
  • Vriska: webSlinker
  • Kanaya: ephemeralLight
  • Tavros: ochreJouster


Lands from Beta session

  • Land of Breeze and Shadow
  • Land of Flame and Gears
  • Land of Stars and Storms
  • Land of Sleet and Hail

Lands from Alpha session

  • Land of Graves and Hydrogen
  • Land of Mastabas and Radon
  • Land of Tombs and Neon
  • Land of Catacombs and Xenon



Unknown as of yet.


The game hasn't been sold out to the public yet, but it is predicted that it would be a success amongst teens and young adults.


There are mentions of controversial topics in the game, such as the supposed end of the world and how people may perceive it to come about or believe.

Many references to movies and other comics which Adam Hesse created can be found within the game.

See Also[edit]

Warning: Profanity, inappropriate references and satirical humor is used abundantly in this webcomic. For the purpose of parodying it, many parts of the story and the character personalities and descriptions will be omitted. All the references and story plot from USBURB and Satarbound can be found here as well as the owner of the webcomic, Andrew Hussie.