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Ultimate Protobot 10,000
Ultimate Protobot 10,000
Protobot, circa 2008
Alias UP10K
Created December 2008
BandeiraClubPenguin.png Club Penguin Island
Type Test Bot
Programming Male
Height Approximately 11'

Ultimate Protobot 10,000, often referred to simply as Protobot or UP10K, is a rogue prototype robot designed by Gary the Gadget Guy. In late 2008, Protobot was built by the Test Bots with stolen parts from around Club Penguin Island using the sketches of Protobot in Gary's notebook. Despite being deactivated by Elite Penguin Force agents, he has managed to return and wreak havoc on Club Penguin many times.



Protobot in the year 4014

Over time, Protobot would make many upgrades to himself, becoming a massive and heavily weaponized machine of destruction. He also began mass-producing an army of upgraded versions of the Test Bots. In the year 4014, Protobot returned to attack Club Penguin once more with his new upgrades, desiring the Extra Planetary Force's secret space travel technology to conquer the galaxy. Luckily, he was defeated by a combination of Club Penguin's current citizens and time travelers from the year 2014 in an intense space battle that ended with Protobot short-circuiting and spiraling into the depths of space.