Ultra Leon

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Ultra Leon
Ultra Leon's lion mode.
Title LionBot-10,000
Gender Male
Race Robot
Faction Hero Mechas
Health Good Condition
Status Assisting Richperson
Location Expanded EPF HQ
Birth date 2008
Occupation Hero Mechas
Friends These guys
Enemies Evil villains, especially Protobot
Archetype Heroes

We're havin' raptor tonight! How does everyone like theirs? Thinly sliced? Well done? Deep fried, slightly burnt? Kebab? If anyone wants casserole, I can totally have that arranged.
— Ultra Leon

LionBot-10,000, normally referred to as Ultra Leon, is the fifth of the Hero Mechas overall and one of the more agile robots. He was created by G and Richperson, and currently works as Person's partner.


Ultra Leon was initially planned out by Richperson. While he was able to build the basic structure, Person found it difficult to program a new AI from scratch, so he went to G for help. G worked with Person in developing Ultra Leon, and gave him access to most of his files in case he found something he could use. Person flipped through the blueprints, until he came across a strange-looking prototype robot. Person began to work on improving the AI planned in the prototype, and integrated it into Ultra Leon. Unfortunately, G was unable to help him finish as he vanished under mysterious circumstances a few weeks before Ultra Leon's completion.

Ultra Leon's major recorded combat operations are as follows:

  • Great Darktonian Pie War: Ultra Leon helped eliminate a good chunk of Darktan's Army, thanks to Person's Atomic Apples.
  • An Explosive New Year/Really Random Story: Ultra Leon was mostly a side character that did a little bit of combat, helping others fight off the Cyclops, Nexchine, and Box Dragon.
  • January 31st, 2015: Ultra Leon's Tategami Mode is used for the first time against a large array of Avatar Warmech V2s.
  • Fanon Characters Special 2015!: Not far after that date, Tategami Leon was put to the test once again versus the Mirror World's robotic army. Unfortunately, he ended up using most of his energy and was taken down by VrilBouken.
  • Nightmare Epic: Due to Richperson being captured, Ultra Leon worked solo for most of the story, and did not participate in the massive war of REM Sleep-induced X-Antibodies. After the battle, the rest of the Hero Mechas were all put out of commission by the King of Sorrow, so a recently-freed Richperson activated Armored Tategami Leon, who was able to destroy the King of Sorrow's powers from Epic Nightmare and helped Kwiksilver, Tails6000, and Speeddasher take out Super Nightmare.



Ultra Leon's design is based on the MMBN universe's "Gregar", but Ultra Leon himself does not share any abilities with the cybernetic menace. He doesn't even really fight in his lion form that often, though he does have the option of claw combat.

When transforming, Ultra Leon simply rises up on his hind legs. Various limb readjustments are made to create a humanoid appearance, the tail folds back as a fourth back spike, and the large lion head plugs into the chest, revealing Ultra Leon's robot head. A fully transformed Ultra Leon is 50 meters tall, slightly taller than the standard DaiBouken.

Ultra Leon's main weapons are his front claws, which he can use for physical combat and energy slashes. He also has a large shoulder cannon stored in his back, used for firing Person's special Atomic Apples.


Ultra Leon is considered the most carefree of the older Hero Mechas, cracking jokes to lighten up the mood and break the ice - even in the middle of a battle. The exception to this is when fighting with Protobot (see below); in that scenario, Ultra Leon mostly fires vitriolic insults at him.

Tategami Mode[edit]

Tategami Mode
Armored Tategami Leon

Through slight modifications, Ultra Leon can enter Tategami Mode, which turns him into a bulky, motorcycle-lion robot. He is armed with a shield and a lance, but is slowed down significantly. Due to the complete change in battle style, Ultra Leon requires a new attachment to control in Tategami Mode, which is stored inside the cockpit. The Lion Shield can fire a fire blast, and his finisher is the Lion Burst, a cross-slash with his lance.

Tategami Leon can absorb various metal structures surrounding him, turning him into Armored Tategami Leon. Debuting near the end of the Nightmare Epic, he is now armed with a huge spear and gun, and destroys his opponents with the Emission Break, a powerful slash attack. Armored Tategami Leon is one of the easier "Super Super" forms to activate, as it doesn't require ultra-rare, all-powerful gems or extremely large amounts of energy, but absorbing metal structures has the potential to cause collateral damage, so it's still used pretty sparingly.

Wild DaiBouken[edit]

Ultra Leon is the only Hero Mecha that acts as the base of his combination with DaiBouken. Ultra Leon's back spikes fold to make room for GoGo Dump and Gyro, Formula connects to his chest, and Dump and Marine attach to his heels to act as extra leg support. DaiBouken's legs then separate as guns, and Ultra Leon's lion head is placed on the top of the combination, revealing a new DaiBouken face.

Unlike both members of the combination, Wild DaiBouken is primarily a projectile fighter, using his two guns to blast everything to pieces. Alternatively, the guns can be used as melee claw weapons. Wild DaiBouken's finisher is Loose Trigger, which fires a large flurry of bullets at the target.

Relationship with Protobot[edit]

I dunno how you keep comin' back, but one of these days you're going down for good, ya outdated rust bucket!
— Ultra Leon
Your trash talk means nothing. An inferior knock-off such as yourself cannot defeat me.
— Protobot

Being on opposite sides with what is essentially the same AI design (hence the "LionBot-10,000"), Ultra Leon and Protobot are considered arch-enemies. Ever since Protobot resurfaced in 2012, the two have been constantly butting heads; though Ultra Leon initially overpowered the prototype robot, Protobot gained an edge when his upgrades from the future were transferred to his present self due to some insane time paradoxes that just kind of inexplicably happened. At the moment, the two are generally on equal grounds thanks to Ultra Leon's Tategami upgrade. This rivalry has grown to such a point that Ultra Leon will sometimes actively leave his EPF base without alerting anyone if he notices anything that might have anything to do with Protobot, regardless of the disadvantage that working without Richperson could cause.

A point of interest is that Protobot breaks his monotone robotic speech and goes immediately into trash talking exclusively when facing Ultra Leon and at no other point in time.


Nightmare Epic

  • Armored Tategami Leon: "It's X-ylophOVER, psycho-mom!"
  • Richperson: "Oh come on, really?"
  • Armored Tategami Leon: "Look, barely anything works with 'X', okay?"