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Underground Club Penguin Weekee
"Club Chicken" Weekee
MottoThe Off-Color Humor Weekee where you can make fun of Club Penguin
AnthemThe Chicken Dance
Location of Un-CP, UNCPW
The Weekee.
Official languages WikiSyntax
Recognised regional languages Emalfs
Species  Penguins
Demonym Users
Government Absolute Democracy
 -  Upper House SASSmasters
 -  Lower House SARSmasters
 -  Founded by Mrperson777 October 26, 2008 
 -  Abandoned and closed; possibly destroyed 2012 
Currency N/A
No daylight
Drives on the N/A
Calling code Club Chicken Crusaders

The Underground Club Penguin Weekee (often shortened to Un-Club Penguin Weekee) was a giant blackboard in a basement under the Club Penguin Weekee, hence the name. Creatures used to go there and edit it, and make fun of the real Club Penguin. It is full of lies, emalfs, mockery and Lulz and as such is a target of the Inquisitor. The wall was created by Mrperson777 in late 2008, who later abandoned it because he was too lazy to write on it himself and because he had very little contributions compared to others. In 2012, a large raid organized through unknown measures was conducted by many who claimed to be from some of Club Penguin's largest private military organizations, closing it permanently, to the delight of former CPW Webmaster TurtleShroom. It is unknown what remains of the wall and structures.

Being under the main wall, the Un-CP had many similarities to the CPW. Many technical areas were similar but under different names, such as Cattegoreez/Cattuhgoariiz, and the layout and architectural design were mostly the same. One big difference between the two was that the Un-CP wall was black with white text, instead of white with black text. Also, since the Un-CP was completely underground, it received no sunlight and few lights, making it a very dim and disagreeably damp, musty, and cold place.

UNews, a tabloid newspaper, was created by users of the Un-CP Weekee, and it still exists to this day.


Other things like the Un-CP had existed previously, but were successfully criminalized by TurtleShroom in recent years, who at the time was Webmaster of the CPW.

Mrperson777, an editor of the Club Penguin Weekee, decided one day that he wanted to make a "tabloid" style weekee about Club Penguin, an anti-CPW, that focused on making fun of the island and making up things that could make it seem worse. Since any edits like that on the main Weekee would get him banned for vandalism, he started digging underneath the CPW, with the first Un-CP entrance being a trap door hidden near the CPW's Lobby. The Un-CP was officially founded on October 26, 2008. Even though it was illegal, Mrperson didn't care, and came up with the alias "Club Chicken" to keep US officials from arresting him. He would later leave the Un-CP because he was lazy, and he wanted to spend more time with his girlfriend.

TurtleShroom, who was still Webmaster of the CPW, was extremely against the Un-CP, reviving the inactive Inquisition and trying to stop the new wall from growing every chance he got. Every time a trap door entrance was found and filled up, another one would pop up somewhere else. Un-CP editors were routinely caught by the Inquisition but were released after lying and saying the wouldn't go back, only to return again to the blackboard. In it's early years the Un-CP grew rapidly, at one point having more articles than the CPW. However, this changed in 2010 once CPW began allowing articles for items, and after that the CPW was always significantly larger, having almost five times as many articles in 2012.

Although TurtleShroom was dethroned in 2009, he still held a strong stance against the Un-CP and continuously tried to use his moral code to stop the Un-CP from growing, through the Inquisition, as well as his influence on the CPW. Although his post-webmaster successors were more open to the Un-CP, allowing a trap door in the CPW lobby, the Stripedcatsnout Hall was still weary of the Un-CP. The Un-CP moved under the new CPW in late 2010 just to annoy TS.

In 2011, while TS worked for the BoF, he increased funding to The Inquisition in an attempt to finally stop the Un-CP from growing, but that continued to fail. However, in 2012, a Nacho friend of TS' convinced him to take a new approach, to hire the Nachos to shut down the Un-CPW, no questions asked. So, the Nachos were contracted by the Inquisition for a hefty sum of money and given uniforms. The leaders of the Nachos began organizing a strike force, and surprisingly teamed up with the ACP since they both disliked the Un-CP, and so that the Nachos would have night-vision goggles for the dark environment. The CPW Stripedcatsnout Hall even helped TS by giving him access to all of the entrances they knew of.

In late June 2012, CP's two best private military organizations banded together, suited up and started their attack on the unsuspecting Un-CPW. Their main mission was to make the weekee "uninhabitable", so they split into many groups. While one large group stormed the main entrance to cause commotion and attract the Un-CPW's army, the Club Chicken Crusaders, smaller groups went into many hidden entrances the Inquisition knew about that led to different parts of the Weekee. That way, the smaller groups could start vandalizing the wall with nacho cheese guns and snowballs while the main army defeated the Clubb Chicken Crusaders. Their plan worked well, with the main army knocking out the lights in the lobbay, and eventually spreading through the weekee once the Crusaders were defeated or retreated. By the time the combined armies were done, every user had abandoned the weekee, many corridors were collapsed, and many sections of the chalkboard were erased or covered in nacho cheese. The mysterious armies disappeared as sneakily as they appeared and accepted their payments, and the Stripedcatsnout Hall declared the Un-CPW closed the next day, filled the main entrance and began filling or guarding all other known entrances.

As for what happened to the Un-CP, many rumors still circulate to this day, as only those that took part and a few others know the truth. All that is known for sure is that the Underground Club Penguin Weekee was closed for good by the CPW after it was abandoned. Not even TurtleShroom knows the full truth, just that the armies did what they were supposed to, making the users abandon the weekee and getting it shut down. Former Un-CPW users have no idea what happened either or who attacked the weekee, as the assailants were all in seemingly random clothes, including night vision goggles, sombreros, scuba tanks, red capes, weird red hats, roman helmets, etc, along with a variety of colors. Surprisingly, the weekee has never been revived in another location, such as the original chalkboard under the old CPW, perhaps out of fear that they would meet the same fate.

Weekee Rooms[edit]

The Un-CP had very similar rooms to the CPW, except with slightly different names. It also had similar layout and architecture. Descriptions of similar rooms of the CPW can be seen here.

  • Lobbay- The Lobbay was the first room anyone saw when entering the Weekee. In the very center was an immense fountain of disgusting dirty water, which is where major (fake) news about CP was written. Nearby were various pillars, the largest of which had a stone replica of a very Lulzy article on the Weekee. To the far left of the fountain was a section where users could write their announcements, and where funny quotes from the Weekee were written.
  • Cattuhgoariiz (Same as the CPW's Cattegoreez)
  • Anclosures (Same as the CPW's Enclosures)
  • Wreadierecks (Same as the CPW's Reedirecktz)
  • Blawgz- Blawgz were a place where many penguins could reply to one message. It was a great way of sharing ideas and allowing others to voice their opinions.
  • Cyte Noatis- The Cyte Noatis was a heading on the wall telling everyone about news that wasn't in the Lobbay.
  • Fuhn Fik- Fuhn Fik was an area where users could tell (fake) stories about Club Penguin.
  • UnnSawngs- The UnnSawngs was an area where users got to sing their hearts out and write poems.
  • UnnCahmecks- UnnCahmecks was a room similar to Fuhn Fik, but the users drew pictures instead of writing. The pictures were given from TEH UPLOAD R00M, and put onto UnnCahmecks.
  • UnNooze- The UnNooze was a special room where penguins wrote about fake events, like the spot in the lobbay, but much more elaborate and impersonating another person, like Rsnail or Billybob.

Inquisition and other hostile groups[edit]

This black helicopter, and many like it, could be found routinely hovering around clearings rumored to be Un-CPW entrances.
Inquisitorial persecution of the Un-CP.

A group called The Inquisition, led by The Inquisitor, had the creepy duty of tracking down and nabbing writers of the Un-CP Weekee for "questioning" until they stop going to that "cesspool", similar to how the Fashion Police try to get penguins more fashionable. Of course, few listened, and most returned after fudging a few lies to their kidnappers, claiming they would stop.

Soldiers in the Happyface State were rumored to be bribed by Holyberden to pilot black helicopters around entrances and near prevalent editors. Black vans quickly followed, in which the Un-CP supporters were rounded up and grabbed. The vans were driven by The Inquisition.

Many were concerned with how gullible the Inquisition really was. If an Un-CP crony said "I promise not to go back" and then recanted the Weekee, the Inquisition let them go. The Inquisition believed them every time, and every time they got released, they would go back. Some attributed the sheer amount of gullibility to one of the Inquisition's biggest sponsors, TurtleShroom (penguin). TSP is one of the most gullible creatures on the continent, and is easily tricked, much like the Inquisition. Anyone who has come across the dictator knows that he can be buttered up and used as a tool with great ease, and that it will take ages for him to ever suspect being used. It is amazing that the Inquisition was dumb enough to endlessly trust the words of the editors of the Un-CP, as lies and Lulz were the blackboard's specialty.

It is thought that TSP and the Inquisition were somehow behind the fall of the Un-CPW. After it's demise, the Inquisition shifted it's focus to Club Penguin island.


Good editors

Villain editors

Wiki haters

Wall of Balls[edit]

The "Wall of Balls" was a portion of the chalkboard dedicated to recognizing some penguins that were good editors of the Underground Club Penguin Weekee.

See, when a penguin made a good edit on the Weekee, they got a spherical object known as a "ball". If they did more, they would get more balls. Eventually if they get enough balls, and did something vaguely special, they could trade them in for a place on the Wall and access to the Ball Room. The balls were then recycled.

A penguin would also get a "Wall of Balls" ID card, which had a picture of them in front of a wall with wallpaper that had pictures of balls on it.

Penguins on the Wall[edit]

  • Mrperson777 - For creating the Weekee.
  • Karazachi - For having many cool edits and starting the SASSmaster system.
  • Dancing Penguin - For having countless contributions and being one of the first editors.
  • Mectrixctic - For making many articles and creating the Ball Room.
  • Alex12345a - Rediscovered the weekee.
  • PogoPunk - Designed the first logo.
  • Yorkay Porkay - Another good editor.
  • Leekduck - Creative editor who made the weekee's army.
  • Wompus78 - For making the weekee's last logo.
  • Zone - For being a funny, cool editor, and pointing out some problems on the weekee.
  • Iamred777 - For having over 1000 edits, and being on every day.


  • Un-CP Users seemed to be obsessed with chickens. In fact, the wall adopted the name Club Chicken Weekee, although Mrperson777 claims this was so that the USA wouldn't shut them down.
  • Many (including Ben) tried to vandalize the Weekee, but that was EPIC FAIL!
  • Along with one main trapdoor entrance, there were many smaller entrances further away for those who lived far from the CPW. They led into "Wreadierecks" to teleport penguins to the Un-CP.
  • No matter how many users were rounded up by the Inquisition, the blackboard never died. Most users just lied their feathers off to the Inquisition and went back to the Lulz via a different, often undiscovered entrance. There were dozens of entrances, only a handful had black helicopters over them. It is thought that some undiscovered entrances may exist.
  • A uniform wasn't required, but the colors that represented the Weekee were blue, orangery-yellow and red.
  • The Inquisition never demanded that an oath or affirmation be taken when in the Hun Empire or Happyface State, where it is actually against the law to write on the chalkboard. When a writer lied, they couldn't be punished for it because the Inquisition didn't make them swear an oath to tell the truth. Legend says that friends in high places (or those with great power) barred this to protect the Un-CP.
  • They had their own army; the Club Chicken Crusaders.
  • This weekee was not as popular as others, due to its unnecessary use of Emalfs and Mabel-like language. Most of the weekee's patrons were criminals, nuisances or evildoers.

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