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The Underworld
Flag of
Largest The Seventh Circle
Species  Demon Penguins
Demonym Demonic
Government Caste system, anarchy
Discovery It was found and, to a large extent, created by Demon Penguins
Currency Diss Bit
The Underworld?
Key details
Type Hideout for Demon Penguins
Location The caverns extend beneath large portions of Antarctica with no known limits.
Inhabitants Demon Penguins, Gozu and Mezu

The Underworld is the home of the artificial penguin subspecies Demon Penguins, and is found in a series of massive caverns, extending beneath much of UnitedTerra. Open lava flows are common in some areas, and there is little life beyond the heat-resistant Demon Penguins. There are nine "Circles" (levels) of the Underworld, and each level is different.


The Underworld is little explored by normal penguins, as deliberate entry is rare. The most common ways for a penguin to enter are either by accidentally mining through the ceiling of the First Circle or exploring a natural cave system which joins onto the Circle One . Those that do enter usually perish, either by falling from the high ceiling or simply being overcome by the heat.

The Underworld consists of 9 Circles. Each Circle is a separate level with a different environment. Even the inhabitants rarely stray beyond the Seventh Circle and their place of work.


There is only one easily-accessed, "proper" entrance. Sometimes known as the Demon Penguin's "Stomping Ground", this concrete bunker is directly connected to a massive staircase, leading down to the floor of the First Circle.

Nine Circles of the Underworld[edit]

There are 9 Circles of the Underworld. They are all different environments and are the different levels in the Underworld.

The First Circle is near the surface, and is primarily undeveloped. This is usually where most penguins fall from above to, if they're lucky enough not to fall into the lava. Very little lava is in this area, and a rickety staircase is actually available for surface-world access through the shack at the Demon Penguins' Stomping Ground. Demon Penguins can sometimes be found swimming in the lava.

  • Then the Second Circle is a massive underground lake, complete with sea monsters, including the Kraken and Leviathan, and Demon Jellyfish. It's used to train Naval Demons. Some Demons are scared of going here.
  • Now the Third Circle is just a huge garbage dump where the Demon Penguins put all their trash. It is very filthy. The third level also is where the Diss Prison is located.
  • The Fourth Circle is treasury, where the Demons keep their riches. Not much information on that because penguins haven't actually been there.
  • Again, Demons don't care how they live, so in the Fifth Circle is a huge, smelly swamp which doubles as a sewer and agricultural farmland. The next four circles are the least-known circles that the penguin race know about. Non-demon Penguins just know 1 sentence of information for each of these four circles. No penguin has actually been there, so brace yourself.
  • Sixth Circle

Science facility where Demon Penguins are bred in vats. Tridents and Avatars are also manufactured here. Demon Penguins have technology that is extremely advanced.

  • Seventh Circle

Massive city, where almost all Demon Penguins live.

  • Eighth Circle

Training Ground for Military Demon Penguins. Also contains various military centres for research etc.

  • Ninth Circle

Howling Wasteland, frozen. Far worse than anything on the surface. In the middle is the Demon Headquarters, where no penguin has ever made it to. Even Demon Penguins fear this place, as they like fire and the weaker ones can freeze if they come here.


The Currency for the Demon Penguins are the Diss Bit, made from Gold Demon penguins bought to the Underworld, although they accept trading all sort of currency in the Underworld. Their tridents have the ability to scan coins and see how much they are worth in respect to each other, so they know exactly what they are getting. Diss Bits have very little use outside of the Underworld except for Black Markets, which is why most Demon Penguins carry different currency.


Demon Penguins can use their trident to teleport to various locations in the Underworld, making transportation almost pointless. However many Demon Penguins like the aesthetic of trains cars and other forms of transportation. There is a train that can take Demon Penguins to all levels of the Underworld.

The 2nd level has the most forms of transportation, because it is full of water. Demon Penguins usually get around using boats, ships, submarines, and underwater trains.


Most Demon Penguins do not go to primary schools as they are often created in the cloning machine and incubated in vats. Demon Penguins tend to these vats and start to psychicly implanting knowledge into the Demon Penguin's brain, and molding the Demon Penguin to their desire. When the Demon Penguin 'hatches' they have memories of the world.

Demon Penguins and Half-Demon Penguins that are born, and not created do not go through this process, so they do go to primary education. None of it is publicly funded so Demon Penguin Parents have to pay for it. They usually have enough money to pay for it.

There are two major types colleges that Demon Penguins go to, which are military and STEM fields.


  • Demon Penguins
  • PLVP Vampenguins
  • Poor penguins that have fallen into this horrible place and are now stuck, if they haven't slipped into the lava
  • Evil Penguins in the Diss Prison
  • The Kraken (2nd circle)
  • The Leviathan (2nd Circle)
  • The Behemoth (5th circle)
  • The Ziz (8th circle)
  • Mectrixctic
  • Familiar
  • (Sometimes) 3-D Demon
  • Flying Dutchopper

Caste System[edit]

After the temporary death of her father, Mectrixctic realized that not all Demon Penguins were capable of certain tasks. She organized a caste system, where Demon Penguins would have different jobs depending on their skills and physique. She, along with a few other Demon Penguins, have given a name for each caste.


Some Demon Penguins are raised to fight. The Armies try to attack normal penguins outside the Underworld. They have to be very careful, as their weaknesses can lead to their end (and it has many times)

Other members of the army guard the treasure and prisoners in the Underworld.


  • Sirens: Sirens are Demon Penguins that are in boats. They have special instruments that can hypnotize sailors to crash into rocks.
  • Kappas: Kappas work underwater. They wear a strange diving suit that has a large turtle-like shell on the back. (Not to be confused with Gensou Kappas!!)
  • Nixies: Nixies are like Kappas, but have a less-extravagant suit, and are specialized in freshwater


  • Gremlins: Gremlins are skinny Demon Penguins. They are in charge of making planes, as well as most of the gadgets that Demon Penguins use, and are in charge of taking apart the technology of normal Penguins.
  • Garudas: Garudas have large, feathery mechanical wings on their back, and can fly very high. Packs of Garudas can twirl around and create cyclones.


  • Orks: Orks are large brutes that serve in the Army of the Demon Penguins.
  • Trolls: Trolls are medium sized brutes that hide and ambush penguins
  • Imps: Imps are small brutes, and they go around stealing from penguins, occasionally picking up a fight.


  • Boogies: Boogies are Demon Penguins that have the technology to enter a penguin's dream and scare them. While in dreamscape, they are immune to any weakness, as the item is just in their head (excluding speeches by the P.O.P.E.)
  • Incubuses: Incubuses, like boogies can enter a penguin's dream, but have a much more sinister reason then for scaring. They will try to get the victim to break mentally, by tempting them to do things they want to, but can't (like eating gallons of candy). Female incubuses are called Succubi.
  • Computer Worms: also know as "De-mails" these demons go into a computer, and travel to others through the web, causing crashing, lag, deletion, and other forms of chaos on the internet. They can travel through wire cables and fiber optics. They will die if they see an internet video of the P.O.P.E. talking, or if they accidentally go into a cell phone with no possible hope of being revived.


  • Banshees: Banshees are wraith-like Demon Penguins that wash the clothes of the recently deceased. They have an special items in their brain that allows them to predict if a Demon Penguin, or any other penguin, is going to kick the bucket.
    • They are not to be confused with real banshees, like the Mail Banshee.
  • Mammons: These Demon Penguins are the treasurers of the Underworld.
  • Wendigos: These are the cooks for the Demon Penguins. They think that food is good, and make lots of it.


  • Necromancer: Necromancers bring back dead Demon Penguins. Any Demon Penguin can be a necromancer.
  • Entertainer: Along with their love of torture and mayhem, Demon Penguins appreciate preforming arts. Demon Penguins have their own stage, where they act out plays, and have magic shows, and other things. Servant vampenguins can also be entertainers.
  • Garbage disposers: These guys take trash to the 3rd level. Most of them are Vampenguins, since Demon Penguins don't like dirty work that much.
  • Vampenguin Herders: These guys capture and tame vampenguins to become their servants.
  • Shepherds: These Demon Penguins go through the lands, looking for the cruelest, vilest, criminals (and ghosts of criminals) to send to the Diss Prison
  • Dealers: Dealers are Demon Penguins who try to make deals with evil penguins, in exchange for services. Often times this does not end for the penguin who made the deal, although some like Captain Jack Penguin are clever enough to come out of a deal alright.


  • Mister Icarius is a very famous and rich Demon Penguin who makes a lot of money for the Underworld through shady business.


  • Many penguins have accidentally stumbled upon the dangerous, Underworld, and never came back...
  • Some even try, or tried to purposely stumble upon the place right under you. Crazy, right?
  • There are only a few that have ever came out of the Underworld alive. None are good guys.
  • Terrain rapper DJ Crow named his EP Underworld's Sequel after the place.
  • Mayor Crepsley calls the Underworld "The Underworld... innit!"

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