Underworld's Sequel

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Underworld's Sequel
Underworld's Sequel cover.PNG
EP by DJ Crow
Released Shelved
Recorded January 2012
Genre Terrain grime, hip hop
Length 34:32
Label Colossal Records
Producer DJ Crow, TrillBron, Nebulent, Nyninyne, DJ Crab
DJ Crow chronology

Underworld's Sequel
Today's Declaration
Singles from Underworld's Sequel
  1. "Fortified Fury"
    Released: N/A
  2. "Pressure"
    Released: N/A

Underworld's Sequel is an unreleased extended-play by Terrain rapper and producer DJ Crow. The EP was expected to be released in preparation and promotion for Crow's fourth studio album Today's Declaration (2013) in October 2013. The EP was expected to be released before Renegade Riots (2012) but the release was scrapped. The EP was recorded in January 2012. Nyninyne, Nebulent and Beetle were rumoured to be featured on the 8-track EP on a tracklist that was leaked onto the internet.

The EP was shelved for unknown reasons. The songs "Fortified Fury" and "Pressure" were rumoured to be the singles released for the EP. "Pressure" was included on Disc 2 of Crow's fourth album Today's Declaration, the album that this EP was supposed to be promoting. The song was also released as the sixth single of the album in January 2014.

It is unknown whether the EP will see the day of light. Rumour has it it will be released in 2017 during Crow's comeback.


The extended play was announced in September 2013 via Crow's Chitter, stating: "In preparation of TD [Today's Declaration] I'll be releasing an EP in October." Later Crow revealed that all the tracks on the EP were recorded in January 2012 and was originally planning on releasing the EP before Renegade Riots (2012) but decided otherwise. On October 1, 2013, Crow released the EP cover, name and tracklist on his blog. In an interview, Crow explained the EP's name: "is like saying that this is the follow up to the Underworld. That's it's basically the Underworld but ten times worse. At that's bad, so this name says that it is more evil and bad than the Underworld." Crow confirmed in October that the lyrics were written from September to December 2011, and that he wouldn't be recording anything until February 2012 as he had other tracks to record.

Crow worked with Nyninyne again (who had featured on the song "Rapstar" off Disc-Jockey's Nyt) for the song "Pressure". Nebulent featured on two songs, and Beetle on one. On track 3 "Insult or Diss", Crow attacks his long-time feud opponent, Dancing Penguin. No official promotion for the EP was carried out whatsoever. The track "It's Time" vs. Bananaphone, which was released in June 2012, was supposed to be on Underworld's Sequel and re-released as a single again but Crow left it especially for Bananaphone's album.


Recording took place during February 2012. By then, all the writing and production had been complete - with Crow making the decision to leave the recording till last as he thought it would be best to save the easy task till last. Crow's igloo was where 80% of the recording was completed. Nyninyne's and Nebulent's igloos were the secondary locations to record, with TrillBron's igloo being the primary location to produce.


When the tracklist leaked it also included the details that "Fortified Fury" featuring Nebulent and "Pressure" featuring Nyninyne and Nebulent would be the only two singles released from Underworld's Sequel. None of these singles were released as the EP was scrapped.

Track listing[edit]

No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "Underworld's Sequel"  Crow Smith, Lebron FosterTrillBron 3:51
2. "Pressure" (featuring Nyninyne & Nebulent)Crow Smith, Harrison Harolds, Marlon AndersonDJ Crow, ID Kard 5:37
3. "Understand"  Crow SmithTrillBron 4:51
4. "Fortified Fury" (featuring Nebulent)Crow Smith, Marlon Anderson, Lebron FosterTrillBron 4:26
5. "Truly Bad" (featuring Beetle)Maxwell Austin, Lebron Foster, Crow SmithDJ Crow 4:08
6. "Gone"  Crow SmithDJ Crow 4:16
7. "Enemy Down"  Crow Smith, Lebron FosterTrillBron 3:34
8. "Rack and Ruin"  Crow SmithDJ Crab 3:49
Total length:

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