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Parliament of the UnitedTerra Territories
2nd UTR Parliament
UnitedTerra flag.PNG
Type Bicameral
Houses Upper Tower
Lower Tower
Since September 1, 2016
Judge Konquer
Since August 1, 2001
Senator of the
Upper Tower
Administrator Kai
Since August 1, 2001
Seats 316
(excl. 39 peers on leave of absence or otherwise disqualified from sitting)
Legislature placeholder.PNG
Upper Tower
political groups

Party in Power

  •      Cookie Baker's Party (351)


  •      Social Democratic Party (257)
Upper Tower
last election
September 6, 2016
Meeting place
Tops Tower Down View.PNG
Tops Tower, New Club Penguin, UnitedTerra

The UnitedTerra Parliament of Democratic Houses, or just the UnitedTerra Parliament is the federal government and supreme legislative body of UnitedTerra and associated neighbouring territories. It alone possesses legislative supremacy and thereby ultimate power over all other political bodies in the UTR and its territories. All decisions and policies that matter to the country are passed through and decided by the Parliament collectively during assemblies. Its head is President Lofty, current leader of the country, and are seated in Tops Tower of the capital city New Club Penguin.

The government of UnitedTerra is a constitutional democracy, therefore the government's power and laws are decided through a constitution, typically through the parliament itself. The parliament is bicameral, holding two very important legislative houses and assemblies. The upper tower are a fixed body that only change when a key figure of a state changes. These members therefore consist of those in highest command of all the states and republics of UnitedTerra. Those of the lower tower consist of elected parties whom hold seats in the government. Through this tower is the president of the country elected. Members hold various positions in the government itself and the legislative body, some of which hold positions in both. These are again usually the respective figures of the states and republics, such as Mayor Crepsley of Carcery and Baby N. of Scoodlepeep.

While the Upper Tower is not democratically elected, the Lower Tower is and elections are oddly held every fifteen years, triple the length of your usual election (some say this is the unintentional fault of President Ninjinian who may have wrote a one ahead of the five). Due to this there has only been one president since its formation as a country and government since 2001. However now that 2016 has arrived the day has come for a new president to be elected, resulting into the most highly-publicised elections in Antarctican history, coinciding with the USA Presidential Elections 2016.


The federal government are those within the Upper Tower. These are the penguins responsible for leading the country and does not drastically change. They are also known as the Penguins of Parliament. The legislative body consists of the Lower Tower and selected individuals from the Upper Tower that are chosen by the president. Instead of consisting of penguins representing their respective states, the body consists of seats and political parties that are elected by the general public and aid the president in deciding on policies. The elected party do not actually lead the country to a certain extent, as that is what the Upper Tower are supposed to do. Instead, the party in power have the control to create bills and policies based on their own philosophies. They then have to go through the Upper Tower in order to be passed. The Upper Tower cannot modify the bills and eventually have to select one.


Penguins of Parliament[edit]

Parliament of the UnitedTerra Territories[edit]


The parliament are supposed to come into a group some days a week (which are planned) and talk about the cities & states. What is perfect, what needs to be improved & everything else to keep UnitedTerra clean & safe so penguins can live hygienically & perfectly in the continent.


These are the major positions within the Upper Tower of parliament.

  • President

Obviously the most important. Has very little power in terms of parliament but is highly influential. Ninjinian holds the position.

  • Principle

One of the Heads of the Government. Voted by the parliament. Judge Konquer holds this office. Also called Premier or President of Government.

  • Vice Principle

The Principles vice. Fills in when the Principle can't and attends minor meetings. Appointed by the Principle. Mayor Crepsley holds the position.

  • Senator

Same as the Principle but elected by the people (Principles are voted by the parliament and the Vice Principle is appointed by the Principle). Surprisingly Administrator Kai was elected. The Senator always announces the final decision. Other major roles the Senator has is defending the people's rights and try and defend wrong acts (Kai managed to stop the Bill of Blah from banning the word blah).

Penguins of Parliament[edit]

Capitol District[edit]


  • Scoodlepeep -- Baby N.. This little chick represents Scoodlepeep. You may think he grows older when outside the state, but he does not for some reason.
  • Slumalia -- Private First Class Str00del. When Slumalia was granted statehood, PFCS received this seat after he was kicked out of office by Ben. The hobos love him, as do the TaliBEANs. He is firm but fair and highly spastic.
  • Carcery -- Mayor Crepsley. The psychotic penguin gets his axe and chops open the door when entering. That's what Carcerians do. He never replaces them.
    • Carcery Vale -- Mayor Crepsley. The same psychotic penguin represents the Vale in Carcery. Many think he should be replaced.
  • Razorbeak Island -- Pablodepablo. Founder of Razorbeak Island and is the newest in here.
  • BattleTerra -- Neogniscidae. A Demon Penguin who uses dark magic and technology to create Battle Penguins. He was elected to reprresent them soon after BattleTerra was annexed.


  • Wellhedge, Flipscone -- Snowy Mayfield. She was elected to the position after a by-election in 2015 when the legislator at the time resigned due to ill health.

Free Republics[edit]


  • Kalin -- It is unknown how this puffle received a seat. He used to represent The Slums until he was voted out by the hobos. He didn't leave the parliament (darn!). Say no more.
  • Administrator Kai -- This ungrateful puffle is Senator, and always leaves his yellow hair pieces all over the table & his skateboard marks. He's got no respect. Next time he'll be tied up and thrown into the cupboard.



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