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United Antarctic Nations
UAN flag.PNG
Headquarters South Pole Council
Languages Official working languages:
Membership Politicians from around the world
- members 46
Establishment Modern age
- early times 1959—2002
- official start 2006—present
Website http://unitedantarctic.com/

The United Antarctic Organization (UAO) or simply United Antarctic Nations (UAN) is an international organization who interfere (with permission) in the penguin law, government, security, rights & many more. They also keep the countries organized and have a right to handle them in the right they have. The UAN was founded in 1959, after the collapse of the failed League of Antarctic Nations, but started out unrecognized. The founder, Corai's father, started the UAN to keep everything in check, and to promote creature's rights. Many countries have joined the organization, a testament to its authority.

There are currently dozens of countries, states & cities that follow in the steps of the United Antarctic Nations, almost every one. The government-run organization help in improving the countries as much as they can. They accept worldwide languages, but English is primarily spoken during assemblies. There are "Representatives" for almost every country, city & state that has a membership in the United Antarctic Nations.


League of Antarctic Nations (1918 - 1956)[edit]

The League of Antarctic Nations was the predecessor to the UAN, and it was founded in 1918 after the Khanzem War by Sir Willman Tabernaclemountain. It consisted of a few member states, including Puffle'and, Frankterre, Poleland, and a few others. In the 1950's, the League's influence started dropping during the height of Olde Antarctica, and many nations began withdrawing as the League lost its main branch in what used to be Poleland. Soon, the League lost total influence and all the nations withdrew.

List of Nations in the League of Antarctic Nations[edit]

No. Flag Country Join Date Date withdrawn Note
1 UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and 1918 1956 One of the three founding countries
2 FrancterreFlag.png Francterre 1918 1951 One of the three founding countries
3 Poleland flag.PNG Republic of Poleland 1918 1943 One of the three founding countries
4 Pengvaria Flag.png Batavia 1919 1954
5 Snowviet Union Flag.png Snowviet Union 1919 1950
6 Liguria Flag.png Liguria 1922 1955 Joined for economic and diplomatic support after the Khanzem War
7 Alemania Flag.png South Alemania 1922 1955 Joined for economic and diplomatic support after the Khanzem War
8 FlagOfJapaland.png Japaland 1923 1949 Joined for economic support after the Khanzem War
9 Asaina flag.png Zhou 1923 1954 Joined for protection against Japaland
10 Republic of Castilla flag.png Republic of Castilla (in exile) 1918 1939 Was observer state and seen as legitimate government until League Agreement in 1939, legitimizing recognition of the Castillan Facist Regime as the island's legitimate government.

Founding of the UAN (1959)[edit]

In 1959, Corai's father decided to start another League of Nations, and opted for more to join this time. So, he founded the United Antarctic Nations. Unlike the League of Antarctic Nations, the UAN would have many branches, and would have headquarters all over Antarctica. Unlike the League, which only had one main HQ in Poleland, which collapsed, and led to the downfall of the League. Corai's father made a trip all over Antarctica, gaining support for the Union, and eventually got enough countries to join. However, it was never officiated as an actual Antarctic organization, and therefore held no real sway on Antarctic politics; it was nothing more than a platform for dialogue.

Early UAN (1959 - 2006)[edit]

During the times of the early UAN, it wasn't an official international organization, but no more than what was often referred to as an all-inclusive "club" of nations. So, during the times of the early UAN, the organization was nicknamed "The Club". More countries were part of the early UAN than there were in the collapsed League. The UAN also sold an image of something much more open, and united other than a "league", which felt closed off and exclusive. The UAN also had something the League didn't: Representatives. Representatives for each country could provide closer dialogue, and easier ways of making decisions peacefully.

The early UAN was founded on the basis of keeping "all the nations in check", and trying to prevent wars, along with keeping all of them together. At this time, there was no evidence that the UAN had any goals to stand up for penguin and puffle rights, or equality among countries.

List of Nations in the early UAN[edit]

No. Flag Country Join Date Representative Notes
1 UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and 1959 Charles Williamsen
2 FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre 1959 Jean Franques
3 FlagOfJapaland.png Japaland 1959 Ling Quing
4 Bandera de Lisboagal.png Lisboagal 1959 Osvaldo Bragança Withdrew in 1990 after being invaded and conquered by Castilla
5 Flag of Facist Castilla.png Castilla 1960 Felipe de Afonso
6 Pengvaria Flag.png Batavia 1960 Joost Hendrik
7 Asaina flag.png Zhou 1961 Hong Hai
8 Snowviet Union Flag.png Snowviet Union 1961 Sergei Vesveldov
9 Alemania Flag.png South Alemania 1961 Burchard Himmel
10 North Alemania Flag.png North Alemania 1961 Eckehard Carsten Joined to compete with the South
11 Liguria Flag.png Liguria 1963 Lugino Remigo
12 Snowprus Flag 2.png Snowprus 1967 Yiorgos Pansos
13 MAI.png Margate 1967 Tirta Kamusa
14 Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island 1967 Otto Baumgartner
15 Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles 1967 Donald Duncan
16 Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalis 1969 Alexander H. Penguinez
17 MaLOLaysiaFlag.png Malesia 1971 Cahya Gentour
18 FelipenasFlag.png Finipines 1972 July 4, 1972
18 NationalistSnowinyFlag.png Snowiny 1977 David Ivanović After Snowiny joined, applications for joining the UAN were closed until around the time that the USA was founded.
19 USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica 2000 Jeff Mackenzie
20 Flag of the Seal Islands.svg Seal Islands 2002 Marinus van Cornelius

Modern UAN (2006 - present)[edit]

In 2006, the USA decided that, with its prowess and undisputed power over all of Antarctica, that it'd draft the UAN as an international organization. With this drafting, the UAN wrote up its own constitution stating about penguin and puffle rights, and their mission statement. With this, all UAN members were swept from the council, and all nations were encouraged to join again. Not many did, and some took many years to rejoin, sometimes by choice, sometimes by pressure from their allies and/or enemies.


Security Council[edit]

The Security Council has the power to make major decisions involving Antarctic politics.

Main Powers[edit]

The Main Powers have a reasonably strong foothold in Antarctic politics, with the ability to veto any proposals raised to the Security Council.

No. Country Representative
1 USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica Athena Winston
2 Flag of Castilla.png Castilla Emilio Vargas
3 UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra Lofty Crepsley
4 Asaina flag.png Zhou Bo Huanyan
5 ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island Philip Johnson Ricci

Influence Powers[edit]

The Influence Powers may not have as strong a grip on Antarctican politics as the Main Powers, but their opinion in international issues on security still matter. Unlike the Main Powers, they do not have the power to veto proposals.

No. Country Representative
1 NewUnitedProvincesFlag.png United Provinces Janko Kosančić
2 Munijoch.jpg Munijoch Bolli Handhafi
3 Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland Java Ghent
4 MAI.png Margate Alex12345a
5 UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and Garret Livingstone

General Assembly[edit]

No. Country Representative Join Date Note
1 USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica Athena Winston October 22, 2000 First to join but not the founder
2 UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra Ninjinian November 9, 2001
3 FlagOfJapaland.png Japaland May 2009 Joined after being attacked in the Etana Conflict.
4 MAI.png Margate Alex12345a December 3, 2009
5 Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalis Steve Lagois II December 5, 2009 Joined to strengthen relationships with other nations.
6 Freezelandflag.jpg Freezeland Will Whitefoot December 6, 2009
7 Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island Chips Dubbo April 6, 2010
8 EmpNewFlag.png Emperorlands KingH10 May 17, 2010
9 MaverickII.png New Maverick New Maverick Guy May 18, 2010
10 GeekEmpireFlag.png Geek Empire Odysseus Ulixzes (de-jure)
A supercomputer (de-facto)
June 8, 2010 Under Free Republic of USA
11 East Pengolia image flag.png East Pengolia Bambadoo June 10, 2010
12 Pengonia Flag.png Pengonia June 12, 2010 Joined to counter East Pengolia.
13 FelipenasFlag.png Finipines Maurice Muñoz June 12, 2010 Joined to become involved with the international community.
14 AcadiaFlag.png Acadia Bertrand Mathieu November 20, 2010 Joined to increase its involvement on the Antarctic stage.
15 Dorkugal Flag.png Dorkugal Fred 676 December 29, 2010 Also represents its territories.
16 Flag of Castilla.png Castilla Emilio Vargas December 30, 2010 First AU member to join; they only joined because Dorkugal joined. The CMC is represented by Castilla.
17 Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland Java Ghent December 30, 2010 Joined because Castilla joined. The Snoss wanted their opinions to be heard. The Alemanians, Lichenstienians, and Osterreans are represented by the Snoss.
18 Bandera de Lisboagal.png Lisboagal Fernão Alvares December 30, 2010 Joined in response to the joining of both Dorkugal and Castilla. They wanted their sovereignty to be seen.
19 FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre Jean-Pierre de Nimes December 31, 2010 Joined to compete with the other nations.
20 UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and Garret Livingstone December 31, 2010 Joined to compete with Frankterre.
21 Liguria Flag.png Liguria Giovanni Di Virenze December 31, 2010 Joined to be with the crowd of Ninja Archipelago nations. It was the last nation to join in 2010.
22 Poshia$flag$animation.png Poshia January 1, 2011 Joined to counter Dorkugal and its territories.
23 SouthJoseonFlag.png Republic of Joseon Kim Hyung-Jin January 2, 2011 Joined for protection against North Joseon.
24 Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Ruscan Federation Dmitri Shemonov January 5, 2011 Joined as a Free Republic.
25 Asaina flag.png Zhou Bo Huanyan January 7, 2011 Joined to compete with Rusca.
26 Pengvaria Flag.png Batavia Adriaan Ruiters February 12, 2011 Joined as a Free Republic. Also represents Hindonesie.
27 Flag of the Seal Islands.svg Seal Islands Christina van Guilera May 22, 2011 Joined as a Free Republic.
28 PolarisFlag.png Federal Republic of Polaris Lancaster C. Rialto June 11, 2011 Membership to UAN mandated under Congressional resolution.
29 Cheeese.png Caseusopolis TBA June 16, 2012 Joined because country is small and needs protection. Also enjoys trade and wanted to get involved.
30 Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles Guardian Lunarslash July 16, 2011 Joined to increase political and economical ties with other nations
31 HunFlag.png Hun Empire Jen Hun September 1, 2011 Joined to participate with the international community.
32 ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island Philip Johnson Ricci August 2012
33 Flag of North Joseon.png Democratic Penguins' Republic of Joseon Ri Bak Myun September 2012 Joined as a Free Republic to show off their sovereignty.
34 NewUnitedProvincesFlag.png United Provinces Janko Kosančić September 27, 2012 Joined in 2012 as Snowiny; today known as United Provinces.
35 Snowprus Flag 2.png Snowprus George Alexopolous October 2012 Joined as a Free Republic to be in the community.
36 Magonia flag.PNG Magonia Slender December 2012 Joined to be less isolated
37 Newestpenguio.png United Penguin Islands Tom Saworton January 2013 Joined to have good relations with many nations of the world. Joined as Penguio.
38 Magyaria Flag.png Magyaria Margit Apponyi April 1, 2013 Joined to be with the rest of the AU.
39 Bar Crabin flag.png Bar Crab City Ish2 September 18, 2013 Joined with the support of the Allies from the Great Yowien War, with the exception of Snowzerland.
40 CandviaFlag.png Candvia Bacchis Merula October 28, 2013 Joined to become a less isolated nation
41 Munijoch.jpg Munijoch Bolli Handhafi November 7, 2013 Joined to get involved in the Antarctic community.
42 Turtlyflag.png Turtly King Tortoise 2014 Joined to get involved in the international community.
43 FlystarFlag.png Land of Flystar55555 Flystar55555 August 2015 Joined to form stronger relations with the international community.
44 AnderaNewFlag.png Andèra Zane von Ninja February 19, 2018
45 AzukriFlag.PNG Azukri Nurul Ismail July 2018
46 DuckNewFlag.png Duck Island Kermit von Penguin January 27, 2019
47 Willow Island flag.png Willow Island Jonathan Outaplaice February 10, 2019 Joined due to the monarchy feeling (rather sulkily) that they were "left out of the show"


Membership into the UAN is open to sovereign countries only. As long as the country has its own government and is recognized by the majority of the Antarctic world, the nation is able to be part of the council. All nations are welcome to be part of the organization, since they do not judge countries based on their political/economic systems. Bad behavior or waging war does not disqualify a nation; in order to quit, the nation must be willing to.

Resolutions and Decisions[edit]

Main Article: List of UAN Resolutions




Coat of Arms[edit]


The UAN is involved in keeping peace within the Antarctic, even though it doesn't always work out. Its purpose was to prevent arms races, and wars that involve the entire Antarctic continent from erupting, though it often has shortcomings.


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