United Front for the Liberation of Snowzerland

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The United Front for the Liberation of Snowzerland; UFLS
Anti SN group symbol.png
The award winning logo! Translation:"End this joke! Destroy the Kaiser!"
Name The United Front for the Liberation of Snowzerland; UFLS
Type paramilitary/freedom fighter organization
Location Snowzerland, Osterreach, and Alemania
Head Unknown (Jock Hochstadt is confirmed to have a high level of influence)
Job To overthrow Swiss Ninja, of course!
Members Unknown Amount. Classified.
Headquarters Classified. Unknown.

The United Front for the Liberation of Snowzerland is (depending on one's view) a paramilitary/freedom fighter organisation of Snoss rebels. This paramilitary also acts as an unofficial political party.

The makeup of the group is immense and covers creatures from all spectrums. Everyone from democracy supporters to anarchists to monarchists to libertarians and Governance supporters, plus general Swiss Ninja haters are there. These scores of factions that can not decide what to do with Snowzerland after they succeed in the revolution.

Their ultimate aim is to remove Swiss Ninja from power and install a new government.


While they are all united in wanting to overthrow Swiss Ninja, there is immense infighting amongst the factions, because while all hate the Kaiser, no one agrees with what to do next.

  • The biggest faction is the Democrats. They want the new government to be either a direct or representative democracy: a republic. Factions within the Democrat faction are the Democratic Democrats and the Republican Democrats. The former want to be direct and the latter want a republic. Moderates want a mixture of the two.
  • In second are the Monarchists. They are very conservative and do not advocate the overthrowal of the government, but rather, a simple deposition of Swiss Ninja. They want the current government of Snowzerland to remain exactly as it is, but simply with a new Kasiser. The Monarchists are split into two sub-factions: the Exact Monarchists want everything as it is but with a new king, and the Constitutional Monarchists want to safegaurd against the next king by establishing what he can and can not do.
  • There are also the Libertarians. They want the new government to "deliver the mail, defend the borders, and stay the heck out of their lives". Nothing more, nothing less. They advocate the smallest government possible, a night watchman state. Its sole responsibility, they claim, is to "protect the citizenry from aggression, theft, breach of contract, and fraud". They are rising fast in number.
  • Among the Armies of Snowzerland, there are the Militarists. Since Swiss Ninja used the military to do everytthing from kick butt to martial law to being the government of their colonies. Since Swiss Ninja used the military for everything, they think that they should just eliminate the military and BE the government. The classic result of a coup is the rule by a committee of soldiers. Go ahead and bring the junta, they advocate. Despite being small, they actually have a LOT of power, since most soldiers in the Front are Militarists. Some fear that the power vacuum that follows after the coup will be filled with Militarists. Why? THEY HAVE GUNS AND YOU DON'T. Swiss Ninja's policy of gun control has kept the populace rather unarmed, so that's a big bet.
  • Lastly, and the smallest, are the Anarchists. Noting the strange world of Chi Con and the immense success of the Rock Union's panarchy, these penguins, ranging from spiky haired, leather-clad penguins to penguins wearing suits advocate an Anarchy. It is divided into many schools of though ranging from Libertarian socialism to Anarcho-capitalism.
  • Those who are not aligned with a faction are the Swiss Ninja Haters. Their idea is simply to overthrow Swiss Ninja and accept whatever government comes along, because anything is better than Swiss Ninja. However some see political views that dislike and some they see as more favourable, and these align themselves with a faction.


The UFLS is governed by a council, with one representative from each Province, along with a President elected among them, who has the tiebreaker vote. The council decides on policy and the next course of action. The President must approve it. President's are re-elected every four years. From 2011 - 2030, Jock Hochstadt has been President, due to the fact he is the only member of the Council not to have an political ideology.

Each Province is divided into a number of Units, consisting of large, wide areas or small highly populated ones, before being further divided into Plots, where the small, basic UFLS members operate. A Unit has it's own Council, with one representative from each Plot and every single Plot member meets together in a designated area, hidden from the public. Creatures with various political ideologies.