United Penguin Islands

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United Penguin Islands
Konungariket Pinguin Islas
Flag of UPI
Motto"Help our King"
AnthemHelp our King
Official languages Penguioan
Recognised regional languages Viking, English
Species  Penguins, Puffles
Demonym Islander
Membership UAN flag.PNG UAN
Sato.png SATO
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  King Tom Saworton
 -  President Alexei Pengin
 -  Formation 22nd July 2013 
 -  2013 estimate 15,480,000 
Currency UPI Dollar (ØØ)
Does not observe
Drives on the Right
Calling code +42, +45, +46, +47

United Penguin Islands, is a large nation located in the Antarctic. The UPI is a Constitutional Monarchy, however is also an Imperialist state. Currently under the rule of former King of Penguio, Tom Saworton, it was created as a merger of several Viking countries with falling economies, in hope of a stronger economic nation. In a recent census, the newly founded nation has approximately 16,000,000 citizens, excluding colonies. The current national anthem and unofficial motto of the UPI is "Help our King".

Created in 2013 as a final option to save the falling Viking countries, UPI was founded by the Emperor of Penguio, Tom Saworton and his Ruscan Vice Emperor and Political partner, Alexei Pengin. On the 22nd July, many political leaders met up at the main SATO building including Penguio and Sleetden's representatives. They discussed wether a creation of a new sovereign Viking state would help Viking countries' economies, and a majority of nations attending were For a new nation. The proposed countries to be involved also signed their consent on it's creation, and later that day the UPI was formed.

Living in the United Penguin Islands comes at a great cost, as it is one of the most expensive countries to live in on the Earth. The economy is stable, and many therefore consider the UPI to be a success. It trades many natural resources with nearby Trade partners, including many from the Ninja Archipelago. The national symbol is the Red Rose, and this represents that the country is Socially democratic. The current national coalition is the Social Democratic Party and the Communist Party, the latter led by President Alexei Pengin.


The United Penguin Islands was formed from a merge of 5 different islands. 3 of those islands were Penguio's land, and 2 of the islands were TBD's land. All of the islands of both countries except mainland were however colonies, and these colonies wanted more freedom, and economic rises as their motherlands wouldn't give them money, resulting in the making of the United Penguin Islands. The UPI became one of the most financed countries in Antarctica, with two highly economic countries merging to make the nation. The leaders of both countries eventually came to the agreement that Penguio's leader, Tom Saworton and Penguio's military leader, Alexei Pengin would be emperor and vice-emperor, on the terms that people from TBD would be in charge of a dominating 3 islands from the UPI, however with Saworton's power being mainly in charge. Saworton has already progressed incredibly running the UPI, including signing the Moon Colonization Treaty, making even more allies than the two countries before the merge already had, and advancing citizen freedom, and economic sectors. Explorer, in a recent press conference, has noted that the United Penguin Islands have been progressing amazingly, better than he could do himself.

The country improved heavily, and became one of the most economically stable in the whole of Antarctica.

In recent years, the United Penguin Islands have strengthened political, economic, and military ties with Ed Island and the rest of the Bridgestadt Pact. While Saworton has pledged that the UPI was not actively seeking membership in the organization, the possibility was not ruled out with UPI inclusion within the 2018 Red Flag Excercises in Snowjave.


The United Penguin Islands' largest island, Penguio was first discovered by the USA explorer Adventurer 878 in 2004, who was a friend of the largely famous Explorer 767. A settlement was started by Adventurer who claimed the island for the United States of Antarctica. The island had never been found by Puffish Antarctica, maainly because of how far North of Mainland it was. When Explorer heard how the large the island was, a couple of days later, Penguio was released as a free nation under the claimant control of Tom Saworton due to how much land the USA would have to cover. Adventurer didn't mind as he was a viking himself and from what he heard it would be a viking country. Viking Penguio was then officialy set up and several cities were scattered across the lands. These cities were known as the Capitol 4 consisting of 4 cities all over 1 million population of penguins, Pengslo, Icebergen, Pengver and Puffheim. Many immigrants from the large Viking Empire heard about the new nation and immigrated to the newly founded viking country. The industry began to boom in Pengslo and Icebergen, and Pengslo was then announced the official capital of Penguio. The language was made by a linguistic expert from the Viking Empire who was highly rewarded with the status of a Lord and he also immigrated to the nation. The basic setup of the nation was setup, but a basic nation wasn't enough for Tom Saworton. Saworton demanded a higher construction of the cities and also started an invasion of 2 nearby non-protected countries, Sleetden and Pengmark. The two colonies were invaded and a new era was about to start for the averagely populated nation. The nation began to thrive with it's imperialism and it's colonies (which were already developed) started a large economy for the island. Immigration rates were high and Penguio had improved it's army to the likes of around ranked 17th in the world. Penguio had turned from a what most countries called it a "non-state" to a thriving country in just 8 years. Saworton was pleased about his accomplishment, but decided it was time to merge into the UPI instead.


Sleetden has had a very old history, and has had ancient settlement from many viking penguins. It was originally founded by Viking Penguins in 1678 AD and being geographically close to Penguio, it is unknown why Penguio wasn't discovered near the same era. Sleetden, is the only of the islands in the United Penguin Islands that has never had any independence or freedom in it's past, and has always been a colony. The large island, which is the second most populated island of the United Penguin Islands had a special citizen in 2013 for it to have equal rights with lot's of other nations, and the island came up with the idea of the United Penguin Islands being formed. The Sleetden is still now not fully independent, but does have equal rights with the other islands of the United Penguin Islands.


The United Penguin Islands have a very intresting culture, although being a very new country, however most of the culture was brought from the islands before they were part of the merger into the UPI. Sport and Music are by far the most popular intrests of penguins throughout the United Penguin Islands, however there is much more to the culture in the UPI.


The United Penguin Islands have a very developed sport system, with the most popular sports in the country being Soccer (known as Football in the UPI) and Ice Hockey, which is however commonly known as just Hockey in the United Penguin Islands. The UPI are currently ranked 5th in the world at Soccer, and are also ranked an even higher 4th in the world at Ice Hockey. Both sports have a 4 division system, which you can get promoted and relegated out of. These sports are both heavily watched, however Soccer is known to be the dominating sport with an average of 50,000 supporters at every match. Other sports known to be popular within the Islands are Cricket, Tennis and Snowboarding, however they are nowhere near as popular as Football or Hockey.


The UPI's citizens also have a strong intrest in Music, and many famous performers are from the United Penguin Islands and it's colonies. Three music acts from the United Penguin Islands including it's colonies, are known to be in the Top Ten Global music acts ever. These acts are the world famous music band from Sleetden, which have 8 number one singles, Sleetish House Mafia, the very young singer from Tel Ah Phon, Meaghan, and the popular duo Singing act, Tim and Tom. Most citizens of the UPI however prefer music produced in the United States of Antarctica.


Gaming is incredibly popular with penguins under 25 in the United Penguin Islands. The UPI's gaming is very similar to the United States of Antarctica's gaming culture, with the Snowtendo gaming console, and it's games being the most popular gaming in the United Penguin Islands. The most popular type of gaming for young penguins under 5 however is known to be Arcades, which are spread into many different locations around the islands. The UPI's gaming culture is fully based on video gaming.


The official currency of the United Penguin Islands is the UPI Dollar (ØØ). The plural is dollars. The current fixed exchange rate between the Club Penguin Gold Coin is 20 CP Gold Coins is one UPI Dollar. The currency is well known for having a conversion rate with every other currency in Antarctica. The UPI's government has set the minimum salary to be 35 UPI Dollars, making working in the UPI a great opportunity. The lower worth currency in the UPI is the cent, which is worth a 100th of a dollar. Most shops will have prices at 99 cents rather than a UPI Dollar, due to the UPI's law on taxes where you only get taxed when a sale is a Dollar. The official exchange rates of UPI Dollars to CP Gold Coins are below.

  • 1 UPI Dollar is 20 coins
  • 2 UPI Dollars are 40 coins
  • 3 UPI Dollars are 60 coins
  • 4 UPI Dollar are 80 coins
  • 5 UPI Dollars are 105 coins (5 coins exchange taxation)
  • 6 UPI Dollars are 125 coins (5 coins exchange taxation)
  • 7 UPI Dollars are 145 coins (5 coins exchange taxation)
  • 8 UPI Dollars are 165 coins (5 coins exchange taxation)

Islands and Colonies[edit]


No. Flag Country Join Date Population Note
1 Newestpenguio.png Penguio 2013 5,096,300 One of the three founding islands
2 Sleetden.png Sleetden 2013 9,633,490 One of the three founding islands
3 PengmarkFlag.png UPI Pengmark 2013 3,780,000 One of the three founding islands


  • TelAhPhonFlag.png Tel Ah Phon - An Islander colony known for how its citizens love Music.
  • Fairusecp3.png Port Blue - An island divided into two, the west used for trade and military, whilst the east is residential.
  • UPI Moon Colony


The United Penguin Islands is a Constitutional Monarchy, the King being Tom Saworton, and the President being Ruscan Alexei Pengin of the Communist Party. The leading political parties in the UPI are the Social Democratic Party, and the Communist Party who are currently in a National Coalition. Since the SDP-CP leadership took over, the national symbols of the United Penguin Islands has been the Red Rose, which is a popular figure in Social democracy, and the Hammer and Sickle representing the Communism.

It is politically similar to Rusca, Frankterre, and Castilla.

Social Democratic Party[edit]

The Social Democratic Party is the most popular and largest political party in the United Penguin Islands. It currently houses over 350 of the 800 seats in the national Congress, however because of an agreement with the Communist Party, the current Prime Minister of the United Penguin Islands is not a member of the SDP, and rather the Communist Party. It is heavily supported, and is known for its influence on the great living standards in the UPI (more particularly Penguio). They were created in 2013, along with the majority of other political parties, as that was when the United Penguin Islands was founded.

Communist Party[edit]

The Communist Party is the second most popular of the United Penguin Islands. It currently houses over 200 of the 800 seats in the national Congress, and is also led by the current Prime Minister of the UPI, Alexei Pengin. It has an agreement with the Social Democratic Party, where every general election the SDP-CP coalition is in Government, they switch between which party the Prime Minister candidate is from. They were created in 2013, along with the majority of other political parties, as that was when the United Penguin Islands was founded.


The United Penguin Islands is well known for it's large university, Pensglo University which is the second best rated university in the whole of Antarctica. It also has a large college company that currently operate 6 colleges spread around the country, bringing in lots of immigrants for education. There is yet another minor university in the UPI's colony, Tel Ah Phon, however surprisingly it is one of the worst universities in the Antarctic. The UPI has the second best education scheme in the Antarctic.

Foreign Relations[edit]

The following relations are the UPI's relations before the war, the UPI is currently neutral with every country.

  • Rusca - Excellent. They have close political views and military relations. They also often trade.
  • USA- Good. The UPI and the USA are large trade partners.
  • Snowzerland- Good. The UPI does not have anything in particular with Snowzerland, but they have good army relations.
  • Castilla- Excellent. The United Penguin Islands depends on Castilla's colonies for their coffee, bananas, and sugar. Castilla and the UPI politically get along, but Castilla is not quite happy with Penguio's support of Snowzerland.
  • Batavia- Decent. Batavia and the UPI trade and have occational meetings with each other. Batavia sees the UPI as a potential mediator between Castilla and Snowzerland.
  • Puffle'and- Fair. Both countries trade, and the main country that merged into them, Penguio was their former colony from 1913 to 2000. An influx of Puffish, Caladian, and mainland Antarctican immigrants made English the UPI main merger, Penguio's dominating language.
  • Frankterre- Decent. Frankterre does not converse with the UPI much. They trade occationally.
  • Zhou- Good. Zhou and the UPI trade frequently. They politically differ, but they respect each other.
  • Federal Republic of Polaris- Excellent. Bilateral economic and political relations are solid. Trade between the countries are dominated by the energy, electronics, transportation and manufacturing industries.
  • Lisboagal- Excellent. Lisboagal trades frequently and was one of the first countries to recognize the main merger, Penguio's independence.
  • Dorkugal- Poor. Dorkugal doesn't like the UPI because it is friends with its enemies, Castilla and Lisboagal. They do not have official relations or consulates in UPI at all. Dorkuguese diplomatic interest is conducted through the USA's embassy.
  • Shops Island- Good. The two nations' leaders are good friends. Shops Island often ships them industrial materials like steel, and they help each other in military invasions.
  • Snowiny- Good. They're allies and trade partners.


United Penguin Islands performs lots of trading, with key trade partners being the Castillan Empire and the Federal Republic of Polaris. The UPI often imports coffee, bananas and sugar from Castilla and it's colonies, and the UPI often exports in the technology related industries. UPI and Polaris also often trade in the technology industries, trading their latest technology and weapons with each other. The UPI is very profitable from it's trading, and it's economy is becoming one of the best in the Antarctic because of it. The UPI also trades lots of the time with Lisboagal and Zhou and sometimes trades with almost every other nation in the Ninja Archipelago and Asiapelago.

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