United Provinces referendum, 2018

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Which would you prefer to have as the national flag of the country?
Date 31 January 2018
Location United Provinces
Current flag

Which would you prefer to be the official name of the country?
Date 31 January 2018
Location United Provinces
United Provinces
United Provinces of Snowiny
Federal Republic of Snowiny

A referendum took place in the United Provinces on 31 January 2018. Voters faced two questions - the first is picking the national flag and second picking the name, among them United Provinces (Ujedinjene Provincije), United Provinces of Snowiny (Ujedinjene Snovinske Provincije) and Federal Republic of Snowiny (Federativna Republika Snovinska).


The referendum campaign has been filled with tensions and has divided the nation more than anybody imagined it would. McClark says he wishes for the United Provinces to remain the name and fought vigorously to keep it such, while Patrick Smith and Monica Le Ben fought for the country to become the Federal Republic of Snowiny.

This campaign has been marked by especially high tensions in Winsburg, Delphinas and Doriath, the three largest cities of the country, and in Puffepelago and Penland. In the cities, there were large protests by the population that descends from abroad. There were banners such as "Yowians Against Bigotry". Several people were wounded in massive riots unlike ever before in the neighborhoods of Newgate and Soma, which have a majority immigrant population.

The leader of the Penland National Party threatened to have the party 'support seceding from the country' if it becomes renamed, something that did not surprise a lot of people especially considering they were already for secession.


The result was ultimately a landslide for the blue-white-green flag option and for the name United Provinces of Snowiny. Turnout was 51%, which beat expectations as some predicted to be as low as 35%. The flag result was considered a clear victory for the Snowinn revivalist movement, while the name result was considered a "great compromise as the nation will be both United Provinces and Snowiny, as well as the United Provinces of Snowiny".

However, this referendum was rejected by the Pennese and the Puffepelagans, who refused to refer to the country as Snowiny, and instead passed a law in their national legislatures that would refer to the country as the United Provinces or, alternatively, Provincia in all their documents. This name quickly caught on among the Pennese and Puffepelegan populations, and among those that opposed the addition of "of Snowiny" to the name. In Serbian, they use the plural to address the country, calling it Provincije (The Provinces).


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