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The United Rebel's Republic of Club Penguin, more commonly referred to as the Rebel's Republic, the Rebels and under it's last few days, the United Penguin's Republic, was a secessionist country located on an island 20 miles northeast of Club Penguin Island known as Point Blank. It was regarded as an insurgent faction against EBUL and Club Penguin Island led by Dark Penguins. The URRCP aimed to claim Club Penguin from EBUL and, by extension, the United States of Antarctica. Recognised by only a few nations, although it's existence was acknowledged by many, the URRCP was formed from a splinter of The Club which remained loyal to Colonial Antarctica. The former Secretary of The Club, The Leader, was expelled by the Ninjas and The Club from Club Penguin after trying to declare the independence of (what was known at the time as) Penguin Island. The Leader fled to King George's Island and established a state there with the long-term aim of recapturing Club Penguin and annexing Sub-Antarctica to form an independent state. This led to URRCP receiving a bad reputation in foreign politics and it was an isolated country. The URRCP attempted a policy of aggressive expansion from 2009 onwards, where the URRCP attempted an invasion of Club Penguin Island in order to overthow the EBUL apartheid system. Thoughout the existence of it, it was ruled by The Leader, a Dark Penguin native of Club Penguin.

It was a democratic state claiming legitimacy as the successor of The Club throughout its existence, with the head of state titled the 'Secretary of The Club', though said legitimacy was heavily disputed and generally not recognised. The first Secretary was The Leader, who served for 10 years in total as part of two non-consecutive terms. In between, Black Rider served as the second Secretary until his resignation to serve Darktan in order to oppose the Bureau of Fiction. The Leader's second term was when the URRCP attempted to annex Club Penguin and would eventually lead to the Freezelandian intervention that resulted in the URRCP's subjugation as a Free Republic. In time it would abandon its claim to Club Penguin Island and peacefully co-exist with it. The Leader reconciled himself with the United States of Antarctica and declared a referendum for the URRCP to dissolve and join the United States of Antarctica, thus ending it.


8th March onwards[edit]

On the 8th of March, 2008, the creatures of King George's Island elected The Leader to serve his second term. The Leader had mobilised the state against the EBUL system that existed within Club Penguin Island. On the 15th March 2008, a Rebel frigate drove out EBUL-owned fishing boats from their territory and asserted that their fishing claims effectively extended throughout the waters surrounding Club Penguin Island. Sub-Antarctica's state government ignored them and the PSA deemed the rebel threat to be nonexistant. What followed was a three month insurgency by USA irredentists which was crushed. This rebellion was instigated by the PSA and EBUL, which united the citizens of the URRCP behind The Leader in his increasingly more bellicose rhetoric against Club Penguin Island. The Loyalists were small in number but Club Penguin City supplied with enough weapons, food and munitions to hold off the rebels for at least three months.

In response to the events that had occurred, The Leader ordered a raid upon Club Penguin Island, with an URRCP paramilitary known as the 'Blizzard Rangers', who received support from Dark Penguin tribes and rogue bands of Ninjas, attacking a number of EBUL-owned industrial buildings on their Industrial servers before occupying New Forest and beginning a campaign of guerrilla warfare. EBUL did not wish to involve the USA and privately met with URRCP, agreeing to end the raids in return for a financial payment. A URRCP would remain in New Forest, which would be decoupled from the Server system and remain under the administration of The Leader. The URRCP however did not intend to honour the agreement, instead taking the opportunity to implement the final stages of the militarisation program initiated by the previous Secretary. The draft was imposed on and conscript battalions began being raised in preparation for an invasion of Club Penguin Island. It was timed for the December period with the aim being to secure Club Penguin Island by the end of Christmas. The attack began on the 28th November when Rebel forces occupied the Three Little Islands. Realizing how this could ruin the Christmas Party, the PSA and the Ninjas were dispatched to prevent any invasion on Club Penguin Island, who met heavy resistance from the Rebels upon the Three Little Islands. Additionally, the Blizzard Rangers resumed their campaign in Club Penguin Island. The PSA discovered that EBUL had covered up their continued presence which resulted in a federal investigation against them. Meanwhile the Director of the PSA called upon the EPF and the Military to repel the invaders.

Time contraints however meant that it would be only until Februrary that sufficient enough reinforcements would arrive, thus ruining the Christmas Party. This brought The Director, the EBUL Board of Governors and the Moderators were brought to the negotiation table. In exchange for a ceasefire, the URRCP to have the Three Little Islands and the uninhabited mountains and northern parts of the island, which as decoupled from the server , and a guarantee that no force would reinforce Club Penguin. A monetary payment was allocated to the Rebels. New Forest, the home of The Leader, would exist under URRCP influence. The Ninjas vigorously imposed this peace deal as much of the land transferred was Ninja territory were unhappy about this and they continued to fight. The federal government, satisfied that the Rebels had been quarantined, decided to ignore their pleas for the Rebels to be driven out. The Ninjas continued the war and sent penguins across Antarctica to intercede for help. Freezeland, who had been insulted by a Rebel diplomat intoxicated with Doom Weed that had demanded Mabel von Injoface transfer the whole of Sub-Antarctica to the URRCP in an overly dramatic joke, heeded their call. On the 22nd February 2009, the Freezelandians drove the Rebels back to King George's Island. As Freezeland blockaded the Rebels in their home island, The Leader declared a state of emergency and capitulated to the Freezelandians, agreeing on a conditional surrender. The Rebels were made to sign the Treaty of Dorkugal, binding them to the USA as a Free Republic, in spite of opposition from The Leader's former enemy Judge Xavier.

The Free Republic agreement was broadly beneficial for the URRCP, in spite of the fact The Leader's personal honour had been violated. King George Island initiated an agreement with East Pengolia to manufacture planes and weapons, which were in high demand and a migration agreement led to many East Pengolians settling in the Rebel's Republic. There were rumours that the URRCP had planned to integrate itself into East Pengolia and bring the URRCP under communism, however this was a rumour circulated by political opponents. To the surprise of many, in the end of 2010 the URRCP, in order to demonstrate their sincerity and commitment to the new relationship with the USA as a Free Republic, formally repudiated their claims on Club Penguin Island in return for having their sovereignty in King George Island respected and renamed itself the United Penguin's Republic. The discovery of natural gas reservoirs resulted in the construction of new a pipeline towards Club Penguin Island. These were brought under the authority of the state under a nationalised company named UPR Gas, later renamed Club Penguin Gas when the UPR dissolved and it became a private company. It came into conflict with Snowzerland during the Great Snowzerland War I due to diplomatic obligations, though the nation made itself strictly neutral, like MAI, and Snowzerland saw no interest in the country. The prospect of merging with MAI, another neutral country, was brought up, but this was rejected.

In 2011, a referendum was called concerning the sovereignty of the UPR. Having become so closely integrated with the USA, particularly Club Penguin Island, the old anti-USA sentiment had disappeared. The Leader supported a 'Yes' vote for the URRCP to dissolve and be annexed by the USA. The UPR, in negotiations mediated by UnitedTerra, agreed to be integrated into Sub-Antarctica. A transitional government was agree upon and in 2015 the UPR was formally dissolved, with King George Island becoming a jurisdiction within Sub-Antarctica.


King George's Island is an island north of Club Penguin. The two islands are connected by an underground tunnel. The island used to be the site of Antarctica's monarchy. As such, it was an important part of the history of Colonial Antarctica.

The capital of the URRCP was Landsdowne, located on King George's Island, established on the south part of the island.

In 1991, the city was officially incorporated by a government official, and the island was re-named the island King George's Island after King George, the current monarch of Colonial Antarctica. A palace was built for the king, and Landsdowne became the capital of Antarctica.

  • Landsowne (pop. 3,200,000) The capital city and the last holdout of the Loyalists during Colonial Antarctica.
  • Crawford (Pop. 500,000) Crawford is a medium-sized community located north of Kingston and Amherty.
  • Amherty (Pop. 90,000) is a medium-sized port community on the southwest coast of the island. It is part of the SABER's northern branch.
  • Kingville (Pop. 11,000) Kingville is a small fishing village on the southeast coast of the island.