United States of Shops Island

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The United States of Shops Island
The Freedom Rebel Forces (Rebels) (by Shops Islanders)


Flag of the USSI

Long live freedom!
Capital Vonkouver
Government Democratic Republic
 -  2025-2026 Penquino
Vice President
 -  2025-2026 Chill57181
Historical era 21st Century
Currency WB$
Today part of The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops

The United States of Shops Island was a heavily Jerdi-backed, and short lived nation in the Asiapelago. It comprised of states that seceded from The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops shortly before the Shops Civil War in 2026. The capital city is Vonkouver. They fought against Shops during the civil war.


The USSI was formed in December 2025 after Shops, under the new tyrannical regime of Djf, killed Bro, who was just an innocent protester. Many penguins, especially in Southern Shops and Western Shops, were furious. Southern Shops was the first state to secede from Shops, and were shortly known as The Freedom Rebel Forces (politically known as the Shops Island Rebel Nation). The name was changed to The United States of Shops Island after Western Shops, Chill Island and Freezestonia seceded too. In early 2026, the USSI declared war on Shops, and so started the Shops Civil War, which lasted almost a year and ended in the destruction of both the USSI and Shops.

Civil War Campaign[edit]

Engagement in Western Shops[edit]

After a preemptive strike from Shopper forces in the northern part of Western Shops, the USSI fought back in a fierce, yet futile attempt. The skirmish in the area continued throughout the majority of the war, with both sides gaining and losing territory time and time again. The conflict was generally played down throughout the duration of the civil war.

Malesia Conflict[edit]

The USSI was absent for a majority of the time during the Shopper conquest of Malesia, due to Penquino's poor navigation skills on the Asiapelagoan seas. While Penquino and his friends wound up in Zhou, the rag-tag band of rebels made their was and stationed themselves in Kuala LOLpour, Malesia's capital. The USSI forces were severely defeated by the overpowering Shopper forces, and all USSI soldiers were tortured and executed.

Attack on the Frosian Islands[edit]

When Shopper forces arrived at the Frosian Islands on an assault and recapturing mission, small USSI forces were already waiting for them. Their commander, Brook Edward LasVegas, ran off, leaving his troops behind. Rebel reinforcements soon came, and destroyed the Shopper assault team, before pushing on into the island further. After Jedi Fisch Hochstadt captured Brook, the latter was thrown in a jail cell. But, managing to escape, he locked himself in a nasty duel with the good Brook, which didn't end well. After another small confrontation, the USSI completely took the Frosian Islands in their first victory in the war.

Northern Shops assault[edit]

Defending New Delphis[edit]


The USSI was a democratic government, unlike Shops, which had become a totalitarian dictatorship. The government was worked in a democratic manner, despite the fact that there were never any elections. Penquino, their first and only president, had made the position and was also the "founder" of the rebel state. Chill57181, former Shops Island president became Penquino's vice president, and LMGT, former director of the SIA, became the country's secretary of war. These positions were only used officially when the "officials" were in political talks with other nation's leaders.

Involvement with Jedi[edit]

Penquino never wanted to reveal himself as a Jedi, due to the Jedi still remaining in secret since the Khanzem War. However, he knew he had to be strong as president of the USSI, as well as a tough rival to shops. He knew he had to be strong after Djf and Brook Edward LasVegas revealed themselves as Sith and turned Shops into an unofficial Sith Empire.

Even though Penquino was the main Jedi in the war (according to this recollection), many other Jedi also participated as soldiers of the USSI, fighting alongside the regular troops. In addition, Penquino gave Chill, LMGT, and (the real) Brook Keysaber training, to be more efficient on the battlefield. In a political standpoint, most of the Shops Island Jedi Council members watched over the USSI and it's relations with other countries by serving as ambassadors, even though they usually did not reveal themselves as Jedi.

Over the entire standpoint of the war, the Jedi once again started the path to becoming a symbol of freedom and peace throughout Antarctica. In the USSI, they became a symbol to represent democracy, integrity and a true symbol of the former Shops Island (how they "never never never give up!").


  • Italics indicate that the state seceded, and then gained independence from both the USSI and Shops.


The USSI had a remarkable military, and was the crown jewel of the rag-tag country. Former commander of the SIA, LMGT, was responsible, alongside Penquino, with designing the USSI's military to stand up against Shops' unmistakable power. The army was designed specifically for battle, occupation of colonies, and defensive strategies.

USSI troops were far less decorated than those on the Shopper side, as the USSI designed their soldiers' apparel with efficiency in mind, not power nor esthetics. Military recruitment rates were high, as many of those living in the rebel state wished to fight the twisted Shopper monster.


The USSI's flagship tank.


The USSI's ground forces were dominated by their flagship tank designed by Mito, which has one main track in the middle of the machine, and two smaller outrigger tracks on the sides. The tank is designed to fire small deletion missiles, which destroy anything within 100 feet of the impact zone. They also have long-range firing capabilities, which means that not as many tanks are needed to engage the enemy, as regular tanks would. Some stolen and re-purposed Shopper tanks were also used regularly in close combat.

The Umbara, the USSI's flagship fighter and bomber.


See main article: Umbara

The USSI's air force was dominated by the unique Umbara star-fighter, renowned for its agility and lack of guns. Stolen and redecorated Shopper fighter jets also commonly serve alongside the rebels, and both of these aircraft managed to stand a fighting chance against the frightening Shopper forces. The rebels, however, tended to opt for the ground army instead of combat in the skies.



  • Penquino and Chill knew there wasn't time for a presidential election, so they flipped a coin to decide who would be president between them. Needless to say, Penquino won.
  • The population was about 35,600,000 penguins.