United Terrain Office for Outer Space Activities

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United Terrain Office for Outer Space Activities
Space agency overview
Formed 2009
Preceding Space agency None
Jurisdiction UnitedTerra government
Headquarters New Club Penguin, UnitedTerra
Employees 25,625+
Annual budget DAU:31.01 billion (FY 2015)
Space agency executive Rex Goodwin, Executive Director

The United Terrain Office for Outer Space Activities (UTOOSA), is the government space agency responsible for space programs of UnitedTerra and for aeronautics and aerospace research. Rex Goodwin established UTOOSA in January 2009 and began conducting several experiments and a main space program and has been operational ever since.

Since its formation, all UTR space exploration efforts have been led by UTOOSA, which including the Mission to the Moon and other planets. The agency remained inactive for a few years and was nearly shut down until it was revived in 2015 by President Ninjinian to compete with the Hyperspace countries.

UTOOSA's space program has spawned a number of space shuttles, robotic spacecrafts (e.g. probes) and satellites, as well as Antarctica's first permanently-manned space station. UTOOSA make crucial extraterrestrial discoveries and theories on an annual basis, such as discovering new planets and a distant solar system named the Ovo System.

In 2015, UTOOSA began investing in terraforming planets of the Ovo System and engaged in space warfare with the Xet creatures of the XYZ System. The Space Colonisation Program was also launched for newly-found habitable planets. It is all scheduled to be made into practice in 2024.

In 2016, UnitedTerra joined the selective number of nations that have access to hyperspace.


On January, 9, 2009, Rex Goodwin remembered of his long-lost dreams. About that he liked space. Rex decided that he wanted to set up a space program like PASA. He requested funding from the government. The subject was debatable in UnitedTerra Parliament. The Parliament was split in two. One wanted to provide the funding while the other didn't. Eventually after two months the funding faction won. 600,000,000,000 DAU was provided to set up the company and to build the first ship. Using a top secret crashed UFO they made the first spacecraft. They named it President Ninjinian of Outer Space after Ninjinian himself. A satellite called Sphere Cookie was also created. In June a crew of five astronauts (Commander Yuri Yaluch, Pilot Galactic Empire12, Doctor Ross Lee, Engineer Reggie Peterson and Staff Astronaut Millie Robinson) were launched on board the President Ninjinian of Outer Space to carry Sphere Cookie into space. It was a success. Three other spacecraft of the design were being made and a new class of spacecraft designed to land a crew on the moon called a Cheese Cookie is in developement and will be ready in January 2010.


Astronauts & staff[edit]

President- Rex Goodwin

Managing Director- Incumbent

Director of Outer Space Activities- Incumbent

Director of Station Control- Incumbent

Director of Media Cover Up Stories- Journalist Mikhailvich

Director of Shuttle Control- Incumbent

Commanders- Commander Yuri Yaluch

Pilots- Galactic Empire12

Engineers- Reggie Peterson

Doctors- Ross Lee

Staff Astronauts- Millie Robinson

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Space Shuttles/Rockets[edit]

Space Shuttle[edit]

  • President Ninjinian of Outer Space'
  • Outer Terrain
  • Club Space


Cheese Cookie[edit]

  • Cheese Cookie
  • Moon Ranger I
  • Moon Ranger II
  • Moon Ranger III
  • Cream Cookie

Saint Ninjinian[edit]

  • Saint Ninjinian I
  • Saint Ninjinian II
  • Saint Ninjinian III


Large Space Millitary Rocket (LSMR)[edit]

  • Avenger of Nightmare



  • Sphere Cookie-- Orbiting the moon.
  • Sphere Cookie II-- Enroute to the astroid belt.


Space Stations[edit]

Projects & Missions[edit]


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