Uranium Island

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Uranium Island
The flag.
National name Uranium Island
Country The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops
Capital city None.
Largest city None.
Formation April 2013
Inhabitants Penguins
Other info
Population 500
Leader Shops Island government
Location Eastern Shops Sea
Alliances All other states of Shops Island.
Neighbours Plutonium Bay, Seashells

Uranium Island is a giant island-mine in the eastern Shops Sea. It was developed to mine uranium which would later be shipped to Plutonium Bay for transformation into plutonium for the construction of the SIA drones. It houses the largest uranium deposit in Antarctica that is actively mined.


Uranium Island was developed in April 2013. It was built the same way as Seashells (more information there), and Plutonium Bay. However, this one was built differently. It had been designed so it could expand outward when needed to. It was designed with a giant open pit mine in the middle, and 3 ports on the outside edge of the island. They also came with barracks for housing of around 500 miners.




The flag of Uranium Island has been clouded in question. To clarify, the figure in the left blue circle is a hammer. The figure in the center is a nuclear/radioactive symbol. And, the one to the right is a pickaxe.

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