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Hello! You've stumbled upon my notepad. You can also consider this as my log where I tend to word vomit (oh no). Please enjoy your stay while you're here and try not to break anything :))


April 30, 2013 20:30 PHT (Philippine Time)[edit]

Mod no this isn't my diary. Just to keep track of dates and so, I'm doing this.

ABC's In Espionage[edit]

Note: Will use this as Rogue Tvarkov's quotes in certain stories...
  • A for Alias, you need an alias to cover your real name.
  • B for Blackmail, blackmailing is essential in some cases.
  • C for Criminology, criminology is one of the courses in tradecraft.
  • D for Devising, devising or planning is essential in every mission.
  • E for Eavesdropping, essential in some cases.
  • F for Firearm, it will save your life in some cases.
  • G for Gear, your gear is one of things that will aid you in your mission.
  • H for Hacking, you need to hack into computers and other things sometimes.
  • I for Interrogation, usually accompanied with torture.
  • J for Justice, justice is usually an agent's first reason of joining an agency.
  • K for Kryptonite, kryptonite or weakness mustn't be shown to the enemy.
  • L for Lying, lie to the enemy.
  • M for Money, it is usually used for bribing, da?

May 3, 2013[edit]

12 more days until my b-day... *sigh* at least Swiss is okay. Now let's see... ah whatever.

EPF Rules[edit]

Note: Must come out at around August or September... I dunno!


  • 1. No random cricket sounds during awkward silences... Rookie.
  • 2. No one should touch the vodka in the cupboard in the snack room, it's Rogue Tvarkov's and she would search for whoever dared to drink it.
  • 3. No more prank wars... we all know how that ended...
  • 4. Under any circumstances, do not feel the urge to poison a general and watch them sleep.
  • 5. No freezing the floor and ice-skating on it.
  • 6. You are not allowed to make a serenade and sing it outside a general's igloo wearing a fancy clothes and playing a lute.
  • 7. If and when the division leaders are at the brink of arguing, let Rookie go back to work in the Comm Division and do not let him fly a kite.
  • 8. Don't say yes when Gary asks you to be his test subject.
  • 9. Never wake up a sleeping Russian.
  • 10. It isn't wise to persuade secrets out of a boozed general.
  • 11. If a general is woozy and starts babbling nonsense in different languages (usually Russian), ignore them if you don't want getting yourself socked.

(more soon)

July 27, 2013[edit]

Chapter 4- Next Day[edit]

Nick, Chub and Buhc were in Training Room 1.

"Come on Buhc! 50 more paces!" Chub yelled to Buhc, who was 50 paces behind.

"I'm TRYING!" Buhc yelled back. Nick at the meantime was just sitting on a bench, refreshing himself when a figure sped by the door. The Adelies saw it and stopped, and they and Nick looked out the door. They saw a yellow penguin wearing all black clothes, who was running faster than they could ever imagine. Nick made a visor with his flippers to see who the mystery agent was. That was when he noticed the seemingly small scorch mark on their neck.

"Rogue!" Nick yelled and dashed to her. The Adelies had to use their remaining energy to catch up with the speeding Weaponry Development and Anti-Terrorism generals.

"There is something wrong happening in Anti-Terrorism Main Office!" Rogue exclaimed as she ran. Nick slowed down.

"What?" He was soon toppled down by the two Adelies.


The three men groaned, and stood up.

"What happened?" Nick moaned.

"We couldn't slow down in time." Buhc moaned. He looked at Rogue, who was still running at her usual wind fast speed round a corner.

"How does she do it?" Chub asked out loud. Nick looked as well.

"I heavily advise you not to ask. This is just some Tvarkov shenanigans that I am glad I do not know." Nick sighed.

"On three! One, two, THREE!"

All agents had pulled on the sword that Rogue got from her dorm downstairs. The ATD Main Office's door was oddly locked, and the agents in the other side can't open it. Pretty soon, the sword broke.

"Oh for crying out loud..." Chub mumbled. Rogue quickly closed her eyes, and held the two pieces tightly. In a few minutes, the two pieces became one. Rogue removed her flippers from the blade, and noticed that her palms were bleeding.

"I... I... You know what..." Rogue said and quickly teleported to the clinic.

"We'll be needing an axe." Buhc announced, then ran to get Rogue's axe downstairs.

"So... how did it work out?"

Rogue massaged her stitched flippers, and glared at the two with steel gray eyes.

"Not only did we find out it was a false alarm, we also discovered that Captain Bridgett Castillo is terrified of Director Benny." Nick snickered.

"Ah. D. Benny. Yup, she is really scared of him." Rogue said and accidently broke a stitch. She looked down. "I'll be getting my sewing materials..." She quickly disappeared to the shadows.

"... Okay." Chub said. "Well, what do we do now?"

"Track Rogue down?" Buhc asked.

"Not bad. Go track her Spy Phone down." Nick said.

"Hey! I'm not the tech expert here! You're the head of Weaponry Development, YOU should do it." Buhc cried.

September 26, 2013[edit]

To-Do List[edit]

  • Finish articles.
  • Write on Project Infinite: The Legacy
  • Come up with a proper list on what the ATD covers.
  • Note that my stupidity is decreasing rapidly.
    • As well as my sanity.

List On What the ATD Covers[edit]

Definition of Terrorism[edit]

Terrorism is anything that brings terror/fear/uneasiness to a large sector of the society.

ATD Objectives[edit]

November 4, 2014[edit]

To-Do List[edit]

  • Work on Project Infinite: The Legacy (You lazy little git...)
  • Resume recruiting tasks in FF. (Failing miserably. Hm...)
    • This is the main reason of wiki inactivity ^...
  • Finish your bloody article on political transparency. (Lazy little...)
  • Prepare for intense exams the next day and the following days.

People You Need to Keep an Eye On at FF[edit]

  • TheAmazingQwerty - Very good writer, wrote I'll Always Be With You. Already befriended, needs some coaxing... Swiss Ninja: Yes
  • Rico1206 - Excellent writer, wrote NOTIO Trilogy. Not so active, is already a member of the CPW, needs some coaxing... Swiss Ninja: Yes
  • oldpbfan21 - Good writer, wrote High School, needs to work on chapter expansion. Needs coaxing... Swiss Ninja: Yes
  • Sorge - Excellent writer, wrote The Alpha Contingency. Not so active, needs coaxing... Swiss Ninja: Yes
  • AgentCatherine - Very good writer, wrote Double Crossed. Interesting fellow, needs some coaxing... Swiss Ninja: Yes
  • ToxicAlpacas - Good writer, wrote Tough Love. Still unable to contact, needs some coaxing... Swiss Ninja: Will need to improve grammar a tad bit, but otherwise pretty good, so Yes.
  • Lake Blue1 - Very good writer, wrote Jinxed!. Unable to contact, needs some coaxing... Swiss Ninja: Yes
  • Icetail of Windclan - Meta-If - Excellent writer, wrote Shattering 1 : Oh Why, Sweet Agony. Needs to be contacted, needs coaxing... Swiss Ninja: Uses simplistic sentence structure but still passable, so Yes.
  • Lilly Aldean - Excellent writer, wrote For the Love of Jetpack. Signed up to wrong wiki, needs to be contacted... Swiss Ninja: Yes
  • Bellykid5 - Excellent writer, wrote Only Gary Would Know. Already signed up, inactive. Swiss Ninja: Yes

Swiss: Overall, Everyone on this list qualifies. You did a good selection of fan fiction writers, Rouge. :) Obviously these people speak from the heart and are passionate writers, so their presence on this wiki is quite appreciated! If you do want to convince them, DO mention that here on the fanon you can collaborate with people and go solo when writing stories.

September 3, 2016[edit]

To Do List:

  • Finish the bleeding trilogy for the love of Benny–
  • Revamp character histories.
  • Fix some broken vids.
  • Put some stubs on random articles.
  • Finish your thesis oh my god Ro

May 22, 2017[edit]

blows dust off of notepad it's been a while bud

  • Do we change Rogue Tvarkov to Rogue Tvarkova???
pros: accuracy because Russian surname
cons: this will be a pain to work with
  • You have never finished the trilogy I will shame you
but will you try to? please?
yeah I'm pretty sure you won't that's a given
  • You need to really put more details on Felipenas and a bunch of other articles you have
  • Also track down anything you forgot for The List
  • Felipenas is so poorly edited it hurts
  • I mean really can you edit it tomorrow?
  • Thanks Ro
  • Edit some stuff idk it's up to you darling

June 1, 2017[edit]

To do:

  • Further edit AAE (Campus, Curriculum, Recruit Life)
    • Should it be Student Life??
  • Edit Maria's background to be more logical
  • Huge renovations for Felipenas
  • Will we ever finish the trilogy idk
  • Can you please just work we have like 12 days of liberty left
  • Write up Matthew Yslenski
  • Create Amor Atienza article

File: Maria and Amor's meeting (should I use this for a fic? no? yes?) [EDIT: June 2, 2017– no longer complacent with current history, but can be fixed.]

"President Atienza? Secretary Santiago is here to see you."

Atienza looked up from her desk to eye Basilio, who only smiled at her. She set down her pen and stood, returning the smile.

"Thank you, Basilio. Please let her in."

Basilio merely nodded and shut the door. Atienza can make out the near quiet voices of the two on the other side, of Basilio giving the younger woman the go sign to enter the office. Atienza watched as the secretary stepped into the office, a carefully neutral expression on her face as she shut the door. She walked towards the president's desk and stood, smiling and holding out her hand.

"President Atienza, a pleasure to meet you."

"Secretary Santiago! I have heard many stories about you." Atienza said and smiled, watching the woman's expression. She kept a constant mask of tranquility, and Atienza wondered if this was a result of being a cabinet secretary. "Come on, let's sit down."

Atienza watches as the secretary cautiously sat down, adjusting her seating on the plush chair. If the files were right, her behavior can simply be explained by the military training she had undergone under the Felipeno-Castillian Royal Military Academy and her years living in the streets. She hummed and tapped her pen on the desk, eyeing the woman across her steadily.

"I apologize for my tardiness, madame." Santiago said, tone cautious as she regarded the penguin. With her orange feathers and brown hair, she would have easily mistaken the President as her mother. She stiffened a bit at the thought, her shoulders raising a bit. "I had to handle something."

"No need, it's all good." Atienza smiled and shook her head, noticing the way the secretary stiffened as she spoke. She remained as riled up as she was, and tried to find a way to diffuse the situation. "Would you like me to send in lunch? I'm sure traveling from Zamorez made you hungry."

"I'm fine, Your Excellency. I do not mean to trouble you." she said, fidgeting a bit in her seat. Why did the president call for her? She wanted to know. The way Atienza was looking at her made her squirm.

"But I insist, Secretary Santiago. A young lady like you should eat." Atienza said and turned to her phone, ready to call in Basilio. "And besides, I am hungry. I can ask Basilio to send up a small snack for you."

Santiago can do nothing but allow the President to have her way, listening dully as she spoke to the man on the other side of the line.

As Atienza and Santiago ate, Atienza couldn't help but eye the woman who was sitting across her. They've moved to a small table to the side, in the part of the office that overlooked Maybila. They remained quiet as the President ate her lunch, and the Secretary munched on the bread and cheese sent up for her.

"If you don't mind me asking," Atienza said as she set her utensils down, patting her beak with a napkin. "But what made you want to join the military?"

She knew it was a rather sensitive question, going by the way the Secretary's grip on the piece of bread tightened. Nevertheless, she watched as she set it down and looked towards her. "I've always wanted to serve this country. I just thought that defending it to my death was the best way."

Atienza raised a brow at the slightly morbid reply of the Secretary, but nodded anyway. She should've expected this, going by what the file said. She just needed to keep watching her to confirm what she wanted to know. She continued eating and kept sneaking glances at the younger woman, eyeing how she looked towards the window steadily. It was as if she had a hidden longing for something in her eyes, a secret desire she cannot say.

"I am here to make you an offer, Secretary Santiago." she said, neatly setting down her napkin on the plate. She set it aside and cleared her throat, watching as Santiago turned to her curiously. "And I hope that you don't refuse me."

"What would it be, ma'am?" She asked, raising both of her eyebrows as she leaned forward.

"I need a new representative in the UAN. De Fuego is not exactly the type of man I want to represent my country." Atienza said, folding her arms under her. She watched as she stiffened once more.

"Are you asking me to suggest people for your shortlist, ma'am?"

"No, Ms. Santiago. I'm asking you to be my person."

June 2, 2017[edit]

Quick timeline of Maria's life[edit]

1985 - birth

1990 - 5 years old, starts training

2001 - 16, sent to military academy

2005 - 20, gets into patrol accident

- recognized by Ynares and taken in as an aide-de-camp
- trained in diplomatics by Ynares

2009 - 24, appointed as UAN Ambassador by Atienza

2013 - 28, gets married to Joseph Yslenski

- "public face of the Yslenski administration"??

2014 - (February) 28, gives birth to Matthew

- (May) goes into hiding with Matthew at Felipenas
- (September) meets Max Santiago

2015 - (May) 29, reunited with Joseph

- (late June) 30, campaigned for liberal arts in Munijoch

2016 - (August) 31, end of Yslenski administration

- taken an interest in various hobbies

2017 - becomes a resource speaker at universities

Additional Maria[edit]

  • Probably fears being a bad parent
  • Does Joseph know about her history? Most likely
  • So since these kids never actually went on a proper date does it mean that post-presidency is just cute dinner dates far away from the public eye??
    • Additionally: Will these kids finally de-stress or what idk
    • Will confirm tomorrow with Weez
  • So since WB = Munijoch does that give Maria Munian ancestry??
    • Will confirm tomorrow with Weez
      • Why am I overthinking this
  • Is Maria Reynolds Yslenski a Burr or a Hamilton
Burr traits: Ridiculously cautious, loving parent, loves an inanimate object, clumsy
Hamilton traits: Will get what she wants Right Now, burning want to prove herself, recoils at the thought of a mother figure
    • Okay so I figured it out she's both
  • Stress bakes like a champ
  • Is Maria and Joseph's relationship vague during his administration??
    • Boi this will be an awkward talk
  • How do penguin marriages work?? How do they ring??
    • Necklace ring?? How to ring size??
  • I am ready to give this poor girl culture shock watch me
  • Probably plays Chubby Bunny with grapes
    • Wait that's dangerous
  • Will defend her family with her life but Joseph would probs beat her to it :(
    • Speaking of what if those two spar how would that end
  • When do I kill her parents

Matthew Details to Pore Over[edit]

  • Matt has Risky Genes like he can either be tol like his dad or smol like his mom
    • Nah he'll most likely wind up tol
  • Is he dark green??
  • [confused Matthew noises]
  • This boy's literally 3 years old what can I even write about him
  • Frequently gives his mom a heart attack
  • Probably will end up as a scary mix between Maria and Joseph
    • ofc between them they're his parents
  • Will he get Maria's people pleasing personality?? idk
    • Maria would probs try to direct him away from it

June 8, 2017[edit]

  • Finish Project: Infinite The Legacy or at least get something in it.
  • Should we write Maria's backstory in story form??
    • Idk let's sleep on it

word vomit that's supposed to be smth[edit]

note if read: not for any wiki article, different project additional note: what is this

legend warned me of a man who had more strength than needed

with an anger that tears down fortresses

immeasurable strength and fury no one would tamper with

and a coldness no mortal would survive

but they didn't warn me that he was lonely

that his anger can be wrangled by a loving touch

but they didn't warn me of his beauty

and oh no, oh no, oh no


legend told me about a woman who was lovely

no tree nor animal would refuse to bow to her elegance

sophistication was her coronet, grace was her gown

and she was everything her goddess was

but they didn't tell me of her tragedy

she who's lost too many to count

but they didn't tell me of her broken scream

and oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

June 9, 2017[edit]

  • Ro you madman
  • I'm actually proud of you for once
  • Anyway can we please figure out what to do now
  • Oh right
  • Maria backstory????
    • Let's sleep on it
    • Again
  • Try fixing some old articles idk you're the one who's writing

Unknown Rogue Tvarkov Story Notes[edit]

  • Zanzi the Bar Owner
    • why does the wiki lack a good African country parody
    • black penguin, probably Magellanic
    • what are the laws of the wiki concerning lgbtiq+ this is important
      • will clarify with someone, probs an admin
    • Rogue's informant when it comes to the black market
    • probably her booze supplier too

  • something to do with hackings
  • boi i love hacking plot
  • Villain is some sort of Him
    • Him
    • Really I love Him?? you know the crab handed villain of Power Puff Girls

  • Joshua appearance!!
    • in college busy studying art
    • at least he got to go to college but not rogue
    • poor rogue
    • Joshua as the confused sidekick
    • Joshua as the voice of moral conscience
"Wait, you were a general at 15 right?"
"Your point being"
"Doesn't that make the EPF into child labor?"
"No one asked for your opinion Joshua"

  • Villain is Munian
    • Magnetic purple feathers
    • Hacker
    • Will confirm with Wonder
    • how on earth will this work??

  • Maria-Rogue interaction please thank you
    • 2 am thought at it again
    • "First Lady, you are in more danger than you think."
    • "That's not new."
    • Villain has Maria's file? impossible
    • Defense appearance my favorite boy

  • 2 am plot: basically villain puts databases under hostage and threatens to leak sensitive information
  • 12 noon plot: "how does this count as terrorism?" "idk beats me"
    • after research: apparently yes

Maria Yslenski Origin Story Notes[edit]

  • hair progress from long > shaved > bob > bun
  • barong baby? barong baby.
  • "I can't believe you're all so easy to convince."
  • how does she meet defense now that i changed her history?? oh well
  • ill figure it out tomo im tired
  • I will finally give Defense a name
    • trust me it will be well-thought out

June 10, 2017[edit]

  • you absolute madman
  • alright ro anytime now you can make the amor atienza article ANYTIME NOW
  • also finalize your plot before school starts gg

Defense Character Exploration[edit]

Why is he called Defense?[edit]

  • really good at basketball defense?
  • used to be the bodyguard of the secretary of defense?
  • doesn't do offense but defense?
    • "nope im not fighting im protecting k bye"

What's His Real Name?[edit]

  • no one can fight me I'm surnaming him "de la Rosa"
    • He is better than Ronald dela Rosa and no one can tell me otherwise
  • but what's his first name?
  • Adler - German, "eagle"
  • Sid - English, "St. Denis"
  • Atlas - Greek, "endures, suffers"
  • Prudencio - Spanish, "cautious"
  • Atlas de la Rosa

Additional Defense Details[edit]

  • used to have hair, a buzz cut at best
  • was married?? but wife died due to cancer
  • has a daughter named Yulia and he Loves Her With All His Heart
  • has absolute faith in maria you can't even imagine
    • "The First Lady is a good woman, whether or not her background is happy or not."
  • looks very good in a barong tagalog
  • can speak five languages and three dialects
    • languages: English, Filipino, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian
    • dialects: Ilocano, Cebuano, Chabacano
  • knows rogue?? or probably to an extent
    • "i've heard of you why are you here"
  • spars a lot with Maria
  • babysits matthew a lot
  • used to be SWAT?? Special Forces??
    • calling it Special Forces
    • rank: Major

June 11, 2017[edit]

  • if you close your eyes and listen hard enough you can hear me getting ready for independence day
  • I don't care if you make an amor atienza article just make sure you finalize the plot

Villain Details for Unknown RT Story[edit]

  • From Munijoch
  • Understands quantum level encryption
  • Worked with atomic clocks
  • Extremely knowledgeable about a multitude of encryptions
  • you have your work cut out for you ro
  • metallic purple feathers
  • former SI:9???
  • not really WhiteBlood, "organization association is so overrated"
  • has the literal Muni Vanguard Force on his back

Sensitive Information Collection[edit]

  • Slender "rigged" 2015 elections
    • influenced media outlets to approve of him
    • "loved public figure" yeah right sure buddy
  • Margatian war crimes
    • torture, EJKs
    • how very familiar
    • distrust of public servants
  • Maria Yslenski's whole file
    • oh my god this is risky
    • could possibly ruin Felipeno-Munian relations, Felipeno reputation in general
    • backlash against Muni's one and only first lady
    • do I get to traumatize Matthew with this (yes)
  • Do I throw in Joseph's file while at it?
    • idk lemme ask Wonder later
  • Various identities of personnel within the EPF and classified case files
    • included: Director
    • so obviously this is why Rogue is thrown into the mix
    • also the Project Infinite case is thrown in
    • also why Joshua is stuck in the mix
  • The Globalist's identity??
    • bye guys this is so risky I love it
    • my god someone's gonna get killed tonight
    • probably me but unlikely
  • Has Spike Hike's nuclear codes?
    • oh my god ro
    • you absolute madman
  • North Joseon nuclear blueprints
    • murder me this gon b gud
  • add more

General Details for Story[edit]

  • A really scary race on who gets to him first
  • It's mainly Munijoch and EPF who is after him so let's do this
  • Does Munijoch get to him first? Maybe idk let me think about it
  • "Right and wrong isn't black and white, Rogue, it's just various shades of gray."
  • I can't believe I'm writing a not-so war story before classes start
  • Elements of filial ties for Rogue
  • Rogue and Maria do not go along together let's agree on that
  • Topics: fake news, cyberterrorism, distrust of public authority, corruption, "what is right and wrong"
  • Major question: Who is the antagonist?

To Do List[edit]

  • Make a list of Rogue's family
  • Write up Katya Tvarkov
    • "I can't believe Katya Tvarkov saved 2017." me neither
    • basically Rogue but Better
  • Figure out the villain
  • Make Zanzi's character arc

June 12, 2017[edit]


List of Tvarkov Family[edit]


  • Delia Spaskaya
    • lieutenant of the air force
    • present for Project Infinite
  • Viktor Volkov
    • NRR agent (Investigation Division)
    • in training to become representative of NRR to the EPF

Surname Bregovsky[edit]

  • Bella Bregovskaya
    • trainer of Katya
    • non-military, took up ballet
  • Terry Bregovskaya
    • NRR Special Forces division agent
    • cousin of Vladimir
  • Vladimir Bregovsky
    • very protective of Rogue
    • bodyguard of President Smirnoff

Surname Romanov[edit]

  • Emil Romanov
    • EPF Ruscan base head
    • present for Project Infinite
  • Ludwig Romanov
    • brigadier general at the army
    • present for Project Infinite

Surname Trotsky[edit]

  • Andrei Trotsky
    • major in the navy
    • handled the Project Infinite case
  • Lucy Trotskaya
    • little blonde girl
    • daughter of Olga Trotsky
  • Olga Trotskaya
    • non-military, gardener at Tvarkov manor
    • mother of Lucy Trotsky
  • Steve Trotsky
    • head of security of the manor
    • Khanzem war veteran

Surname Tvarkov/a[edit]

  • Erik Tvarkov
    • poisons maker
    • deceased
  • Ezra Tvarkova
    • Rogue's older sister
    • NRR officer
  • Irina Tvarkova
    • Rogue's mother
    • NRR director
  • Ivan Tvarkov
    • Irina's husband
    • brigadier general of the Ruscan Green Berets
  • Joshua Helixon-Tvarkov
    • supposed pure Tvarkov
    • art student in Rusca
  • Leo Tvarkov
    • former pure Tvarkov
    • deceased
  • Katya Tvarkova
    • non-military, ice skating athlete
    • probably the pure Tvarkov
  • Rogue Tvarkova
    • supposed pure Tvarkov
    • EPF Anti-Terrorism Division general
  • Tania Tvarkova-von Maple
    • link between von Maple and Tvarkov
    • retired NRR director, former medic

Katya Tvarkova Construct[edit]

  • Ice skating athlete
    • Refer to: Yulia Lipnitskaya
  • Yellow feathers, silvery blonde.
  • Is she the pure Tvarkov? No one knows.
  • Still knows how to fight despite the fact that she's an athlete.
  • Gets along with Rogue so well you might think they're the twins but they're not
  • "I can't believe Katya Tvarkov saved 2017." Me neither buddy.
    • Probably figured out a way around the hacking how does she do that
    • Will figure out later

Maria Character Arc in The Echo Contingency[edit]

yes that's our final title

  • "She [Rogue] reminds me of Isaac, I don't like her."
  • Very suspicious of Rogue, doesn't want her to interfere with Munijoch business.
    • "I know you're here to help but we can take it from here thanks"
  • Doesn't really care if anyone comes to her rescue heh she can handle herself.
  • Thinks EPF interference is unnecessary and overkill.
  • Supposed to represent the distinct difference between government and military.
    • her peace loving diplomatic pattern vs rogue's shoot first questions later manner
  • There is so much conflict between Maria and Rogue that you can't even tell who's right
  • Will I write a small dispute between Joseph and Maria?? idk
    • will confirm with Wonder
    • "Joseph I can take care of myself it's okay pls ty"
  • Maria is very much done with playing nice.

Snippet: Rogue-Maria Interaction (not final)[edit]

As Rogue was escorted deeper into the home of the Munijoch's former First Couple, she couldn't help but eye the frames that decorated the walls and tables of the hallways. Made of carefully varnished wood, the frames held the pictures of the First Couple in various moments of their lives. As Rogue and Defense kept walking, she could see the shining smiles on their faces and their somber features mingle together into a mix of emotions she couldn't easily decipher. There were some pictures that she recognized, UAN conference meetings and charity events, but there were some that she couldn't put a finger on, as if she didn't know where they were when it happened.

It suddenly makes sense why their mystery hacker found their files interesting. The depth of the First Couple's individual backgrounds are far more than meets the public eye.

"She is waiting for you in there." Defense's deep voice snapped her out of her thoughts, presenting her before a large door. She nods and thanks the agent, knocking on the door before stepping in.

With her dark brown curls and black and white attire, it took longer than usual for Rogue to realize that she was looking at Munijoch's beloved First Lady. The thirty-something woman was one who appeared soft and kind to the public eye, but she knew better than to cross her in her own territory. She briefly eyed the purple amulet that dangled upon her neck, its gem glowing under the sunlight that streamed from the windows.

June 13, 2017[edit]

  • my ankle hurts like hell
  • wowie day one was chill

Work Work (angelica)[edit]

  • So this will be my log for the remaining ideas
  • Formulate Joseph-Maria relationship during the story
  • what is the plot really make up your mind
  • antagonist??
  • what on earth is the use of an atomic clock for this fic
  • figure out the UAN, Muni

Plot Points[edit]

  • General
    • rotates on the concept of cyberterrorism
    • character exploration of Maria as a mother, fighter, ambassador
    • makes use of the UAN as a mediator
    • add more
  • First Six Chapters
    • concentrates on EPF side of the story
    • databases all over are hacked (mentioned: Margate, Nexon, USA, Munijoch, Felipenas, Castilla, UAN, EPF)
    • "So basically you want me to offer security to these people just because they're under terrorist threat? Mkay."
    • a literal list of VIPs are checked through
    • last among the list is the Yslenskis
    • add more

Functions and Powers of the UAN Security Council[edit]

[taken from the actual page of the UN]

  • to maintain international peace and security in accordance with the principles and purposes of the United Nations;
  • to investigate any dispute or situation which might lead to international friction;
  • to recommend methods of adjusting such disputes or the terms of settlement;
  • to formulate plans for the establishment of a system to regulate armaments;
  • to determine the existence of a threat to the peace or act of aggression and to recommend what action should be taken;
  • to call on Members to apply economic sanctions and other measures not involving the use of force to prevent or stop aggression;
  • to take military action against an aggressor;
  • to recommend the admission of new Members;
  • to exercise the trusteeship functions of the United Nations in "strategic areas";
  • to recommend to the General Assembly the appointment of the Secretary-General and, together with the Assembly, to elect the Judges of the International Court of Justice.

June 19, 2017[edit]

  • why are you sacrificing your lunch break for this you idiot
  • oh right because you planned this in advance nvm
  • where is your 1x1 picture for later you're gonna get killed
  • figure out how to merge Fenipines and Felipenas without doing extreme damage to Maria

Maria Alternative[edit]

  • What on earth is Dew's Point
  • I've made a mistake how do I even work on her without knowing the basics
    • Have a lengthy discussion with EDFan okay
    • I mean lengthy
  • So like I have to retain her somehow
  • economics geek?? ew that's so un-Maria
  • "congratulations you just won an ambassador position"
  • "what"
  • ew ew ew ro figure it out get your head in the game

June 20, 2017[edit]

  • when will I stop waging floods
  • my skirt was so cold ugh
  • anyway stronger immune system against bad weather so

Finipino Stuff[edit]

  • [rubs hands] Finally let's use all three years of that entrepreneur class
  • They highly encourage entrepreneurship
    • Small businesses are usually registered into the database??
    • Any business with 30k+ income has to give some of the profit to corp
    • Will figure out the percentages for that but still
  • Orion Initiative
    • private team of military trained personnel
    • ro what are you doing
    • is probably in charge of the CEO's security
    • high profile situations too
  • They probably implement a no high power firearms law
    • neuro-stim darts are their main type of bullets??
    • deletion guns and keysabers are a no-no
    • only military can use deletion rifles
  • Who needs fines when you can be threatened out of your office position
  • A good majority work for the corporation
    • If not they're probably entrepreneurs
  • Departments?? Divisions??
  • Finipinas is very extra when it comes to performance arts
    • Think: zarzuela
    • I really love zarzuela
  • Curriculum is some balance between arts and sciences
    • Particular attention to math
  • Economics and Bookkeeping for HS
    • Entrepreneur class
    • like me
    • sad
    • Special Programs that I'll figure out next time
  • Very extra when it comes to arts
    • Visual or performing they Love It
  • why did waging a flood and walking wear me out so easily
  • okay so like study some more okay? okay
  • Very particular about workers' rights
  • Customer care?? Very important too
  • Let's not forget demand for high quality
  • Ro your entrepreneur is showing

June 21, 2017[edit]

  • I can't believe I'll have to suffer through hazing again
  • wow
  • okay so
  • figure out Maria Alternate to do serious edits to her profile
  • also more finipino details let's hit it

Maria Alternate 2.0[edit]

  • Involved in Orion Initiative
  • do we keep the helicopter crash??
    • yes we do keep the helicopter crash
    • No more homeschooling but she does do training in the weekends
  • Mom is in the Orion Initiative?
    • Yes please Selena as an Orion operative gives me life
  • Dad runs family business of tailored suits
    • What do you call that
    • I forget idk
    • Arthur fam
  • Max is being trained to become a tailor
  • The siblings actually know each other
  • For once

More Details for Fenipines[edit]

  • Mabila is a mix of nature and city
    • because you know healthy
    • who needs air purifiers when you have plants
  • It actually snows in the northern parts
    • Pilar is the snowy north mountain
  • Functional healthcare you hear me give me that
    • "We're rich enough for this"
  • CEO is probably a philanthropist??
    • Correction: CEO HAS to be a philanthropist

June 24, 2017[edit]

  • I have underestimated
  • The Fenipines is a mess
  • How do I work around this
  • what do I do oh my god

To-do List[edit]

  • Cry
  • Figure out how to fix Finipines, as well as everything related to it.
    • I mean it everything

June 25, 2017[edit]

  • I have never felt so much confusion in my life
  • I'm ditching the corporate republic scheme gg
  • Ynares what to do with you

Timeline of Events[edit]

  • pre-1521
    • so how much 1:1 parody will you be working on
    • oh just a bit
    • likely
    • okay so kingdoms here and there
    • bartering is the main thing
    • really nice civilization
  • 1521
    • "you're a country in the first place because we wrangled you into one so be thankful"
    • Castilla
    • that's all
  • 1521 - 1769 (248 years)
    • Castillian occupation
    • s l a v e r y
    • buildings were made on the backs of slavery
    • huge effects on culture?
    • social hierarchy
  • 1729 - 1769 (40 years)
    • R E V O L U T I O N
    • Fenipeno - Castillian war
    • formation of Himagsikan
  • 1769
  • 1769 - 1866
    • HPC occupation
    • gently repairs economy, infrastructure
    • accidentally sprays culture all over the country while at it (whoops)
    • gives them independence by 1866
  • 1866 - 1913
    • what a chill time
    • trying to make friends with neighboring countries
    • steady rate of economy
    • slightly self-sustaining?
  • 1913 - 1918
    • what a jump
    • got stuck in the mess of Khanzem War
    • refugee crisis because scared penguins flee
    • adapted a neutral stance (President Quizon)
  • 1916 - 1918
    • economic threat via Japaland
    • "give us supplies or we will bomb you"
    • kinda set off a draught + crisis
    • some crazy revolution against Japaland
  • 1918 - 1950
    • rebuilding
    • trying to figure out how to revive agricultural sector
    • kinda reluctant to do foreign trade but tries to anyways
  • September 1950
    • Marcos
    • oh no
  • 1950 - 1964
    • crazy dictatorship
    • killed a great deal of penguins
    • almost bankrupts the government
  • February 1964
    • Explorer XII
  • 1964 - 1974
    • Dew's Point
    • huge economic boost, infrastructure repairs
    • a good majority worked for the company
  • 1971 - 1974
    • Dew's Point renamed to Maharlika
    • beginning of suspicious corruption activity
    • formation of Orion Initiative to handle high risk situations (1970)
  • May 1974
    • military coup d'etat
    • headed by Oliver Ballesteros
    • lasted nearly a month
  • June 1974
    • public execution of Oliver Ballesteros, other mutineers
    • tighter hold on country
    • slowly trying to industrialize everything
    • almost killed the agricultural sector
  • 1974 - 1980
    • First Civil War
    • Orion Initiative as a secret police
    • kinda broke the economy
    • Maharlika vs Anak ng Himagsikan
  • 1980 - 2000
    • slowly trying to rebuild
    • national isolation to focus on self-rebuilding
  • 2000 - 2005
    • Second Civil War
    • Maharlika is back to Mess Things Up
    • Orion is back from the dead too and with new tech
    • government vs Maharlika sympathizers/Orion
  • March 2005
    • surrender of forces
    • end of Civil War 2.0
    • Orion is absorbed into the government
    • Maharlika sympathizers exiled
  • 2005 - 2007
    • Ynares administration
    • rapid increase in economics
    • a new written constitution
  • 2007 - present
    • Atienza administration
    • country opens itself to foreign trade
    • steady buildup of economy to former glory

To Do List[edit]

  • Rewrite Maria's backstory
  • Finish the timeline of events
  • Figure this out

June 26, 2017[edit]

  • Eidu'l Fit'r is great fam
  • Gotta respect that

Maria History Important People/Details[edit]

  • Selena Santiago
    • Orion operative
    • Arthur knows her as an accountant
    • wants Maria to be her successor
  • Arthur Santiago
    • runs family cafe
    • passionate about baking
    • has questions about Selena's parenting skills
  • Elena Santiago
    • seamstress turned medic during Khanzem War
    • likes making dresses for Maria
    • doesn't like her daughter in law
  • Max Santiago
    • older brother
    • will be father's successor in the cafe
    • really loves his little sister
  • Cafe Santiago
    • family run cafe since 1920
    • in a relatively busy street near schools, offices
    • employees are family friends, relatives

Maria History Redo[edit]

1985 - birth

1990 - 5 years old, starts going to school

- begins undergoing ballet and foreign languages

2000 - 15, Second Civil War begins

- disappearance of Selena Santiago
- death of Elena Santiago

2001 - 16, brought to Orion for training

2004 - 19, gets in a helicopter crash

- captured and brought in by government
- Ynares takes her under his wing for reformation

2005 - 20, Second Civil War ends

- undergoes training for diplomatics
- reunited with father, brother

2007 - 22, Atienza administration

- appointed as UAN ambassador by Atienza

2013 - (February) 28, involvement in Zamorez Crisis

- (October) gets married to Joseph Yslenski
- "public face of the Yslenski administration"??

2014 - (February) 28, gives birth to Matthew

- (May) goes into hiding with Matthew at Felipenas

2015 - (May) 29, reunited with Joseph

- (late June) 30, campaigned for liberal arts in Munijoch

2016 - (August) 31, end of Yslenski administration

- taken an interest in various hobbies

2017 - becomes a professor at Progressional Law School

Maria Snippet[edit]

what chapter is this supposed to be?

Maria stepped out of her room, rubbing out the water in her hair with a towel. She quietly padded down the staircase, turning down the corners smoothly before making it to the landing. She started making her way towards the kitchen, guided mainly by the strong smell of coffee. She can make out the taller man as she walked faster.

Joseph: "Good morning, Ms. Santiago."

Maria: "Good morning, Mr–"

She instantly freezes from what she was doing when she eyes what he was on the table. It was a standard tablet, black and sleek and innocent looking. Except, from where she was standing, she can clearly see her picture on its screen. From the little she can read from her position, she was almost sure that he was reading her file.

Maria: "Look, I can explain–"

He only raises a flipper, indicating for her to be quiet as he continued reading through her file. She gulps down a lump in her throat nervously as she patted down her attire, cursing herself for not bringing a weapon. She's gotten too used to the sense of security Joseph was giving her. She stood idly as she waited for him to speak to her, tapping her foot against the marble floor as she did.

Joseph: "You know, snack room talk was very wrong about you."

Maria: "I'm sorry?"

He looks up, and his expression is unreadable as he stared at her. She almost shrinks back in fear, but was ready to defend herself if necessary. She knew that she was better than the woman on that file.

Joseph: "Former Orion Initiative operative? Suddenly it makes sense why Atienza chose you as her ambassador."

Maria paused from her worrying as he offered her a small smile, letting the screen hibernate as he stood to walk towards her. She was almost sure he was going to stand in front of her before he stopped across her, just at the edge of the table and a good two feet away from her.

Joseph: "Ms. Santiago, believe me when I tell you that you're not the only one who has a regrettable past."

He only smiles as she looks away, turning to go back to her room. She needed time to process this.

Orion Initiative Details[edit]

  • Think: Philippine Constabulary during Martial Law
    • oh my goodness Ro you know this so well
  • Currently a hub of military intelligence
  • Teams up with EPF a lot
  • Not that well known
  • Uses high caliber weapons
    • Deletion rifles? Ice bullet rifles?
  • Recruitment only to get in
  • Rigid training exercises?

July 1, 2017[edit]

  • I should really get down to writing my letters
  • Should I make my will?
    • I dunno fam

To Do[edit]

  • Edit my sandbox
  • Compile that paperwork
  • Paperwork?
  • What paperwork do I have to go through again
    • Oh nevermind I got it

Details on Finipino Culture[edit]

  • Tribal > Castillian
    • fight me I want those tattoos everywhere
    • Colorful fabrics? Give me
  • Colorful tapestries? Me too bud
  • High regard for tribal history
  • Equal love for sciences and arts
    • If you look closely I am Projecting Into This Country

July 13, 2017[edit]

For Your Investigatory Report[edit]

[12:35] <iWeez> now you're going to have more than just polycarbonate to work with

[12:35] <iWeez> you may have high density polyethylene

[12:35] <iWeez> maybe polypropylene

[12:35] <iWeez> aluminum

[12:35] <iWeez> steel

[12:36] <iWeez> the latter materials do have an effect because water is a universal solvent

[12:36] <iWeez> what you should do is acquire these materials in the name of science

[12:36] <iWeez> take em to the lab

[12:36] <iWeez> and run tests like microwaving (or blowtorch for the metal)

[12:37] <iWeez> and taste tests

[12:37] <Rogue_Tvarkov> taste test

[12:37] <iWeez> preferably using distilled water

[12:37] <iWeez> yes they matter!!!

[12:37] <iWeez> aluminum ions are a thing

To Do List[edit]

  • Finipines
  • Oslovene
  • Amor Atienza?
  • Redo Maria (again wew)

July 15, 2017[edit]

what is it with you and bullying me can you please just do it at another day i dont have time for this thanks

  • how to culture

July 24, 2017[edit]

  • Am I going to crawl to Batasang Pambansa just to tell Duterte to shut up
  • My body's on fire not now

The Theta Contingency Plan[edit]


  • Rogue ain't winning in this story
    • Sorry babe you're not winning this time
    • Munijoch would win tbh
  • His name's Theta
    • No other known name, just Theta
    • wow ro you lack creativity
  • We keep the main plot except we don't make the UAN tribunal a main thing
    • but we will put emphasis on how she's matured over the years

July 30, 2017[edit]

good god im being a romantic

figure out where to use this

how did i make this poem[edit]

Would it be wrong of me
To admire you from a distance
In fear of burning up
The moment we touch?

For you see, you are a star
Bright and luminous but
Gentle to those who gravitate
To your brilliance

They think you are made
Of silk and starlight
Milk and honey
Mixed by the gods above

They’ve forgotten of your capacity
To destroy revolutions
With blood and bone
As your singular weapon

They forgot too easily
That you were born from fire
Forged in lava and
Made of solid rock

So please, forgive me
For fear that when I come nearer
I would lose breath
In your audience

July 31, 2017[edit]

  • wau ro you mess
  • are you done with your paperwork already
  • jk ofc you are

List of Presidents[edit]

1. Andrew del Fuego [Era of Silence, 12 years]

  • time for some running jokes
  • sustained Fini's economy via trade with neighboring countries
  • maritime economy best economy
  • created basic foundation of the Ecological Collective
  • created a crude form of current executive branch

2. Miguel Ignacio [Era of Silence, 10 years]

  • engineer by profession, what a good guy
  • introduced laws concerning transportation
  • designed a bunch of roads that were never built
  • also introduced jeeps
  • died in office

3. Isaac Moriones [Era of Silence, 18 years]

  • made the Department of Foreign Affairs
  • he kinda focused on agriculture but that's okay
  • also he made the Honor Guards + Presidential Security
  • tried to make the roads Ignacio left for him
  • never really finished because he got tired of work

4. Oswald Quizon [Era of Silence - Khanzem War, 10 years]

  • actually got down to making those roads
  • but then Khanzem happened and took a neutral stance
  • he kinda allowed refugee smuggling
  • fixed education to be a bit more specific?
  • was killed by Japaland oh no

5. Antonio Makisig [Japaland Occupation - Period of Isolation, 8 years]

  • did not appreciate Japaland's occupation
  • funded guerilla with taxes because he can (is this corrupt?)
  • attempted to revive the agricultural sector
  • but failed so he made plans to make the country industrialized
  • tried to give attention to the military but failed

6. Gregorio Ordoñez [Period of Isolation, 14 years]

  • war hero who wanted to help
  • focus is military advancement, created Finipino Military Academy
  • transportation reform because all the records were ruined
  • opened up foreign trade a bit and didn't really like it
  • can't diplomatic to save his life

7. Leonardo Martinez [Period of Isolation, 12 years]

  • really loves art
  • introduced a balance of art and academics in education
  • enforced need to have a national identity, culture
  • funded archeologists and historians a lot
  • but was executed by Marcos oh no

8. Marcos Stolleya [The Marcos Dictatorship, 14 years]

  • do we even consider him as one worthy of this list
  • started the desaparecidos issue by killing people for disagreeing with him
  • destroyed the economy with Castilla's monopolizing
  • introduced neoclassical architecture in government buildings
  • kicked out by public

9. Dew's Point, Inc. [Dew's Point, Inc, 10 years]

  • businessman friendly economic policy
  • business-oriented curriculum
  • tried to make those roads happen
  • introduced medicine as a potential money bringer
  • gracious left office because they're really nice

10. Maharlika, Inc. [Prelude to the Fall - First Finipino Civil War, 9 years]

  • 10-point economic plan (Dutertenomics you mean right)
  • revamped old highways and roads for the people
  • was into foreign investors because GDP is love, GDP is life
  • but then it started becoming corrupt
  • it had a crazy Orion Initiative backing it up that was wild

11. Robert Hilario [Rebuilding, 5 years]

  • wow you have such a short time in office
  • concentrated on infrastructure and economy
  • tried his best to give a solution to agriculture and fishery, the madman actually did
  • public private partnerships were his thing
  • stepped down because he was tired

12. Julius de Santos [Rebuilding, 15 years]

  • focused on military and education
  • was so up for military modernization
  • created "general to specific" curriculum, values integration
  • his curriculum is still being used
  • was killed in first attacks of SFCW, oh no

13. Benjamin Ynares [Second Finipino Civil War - Reconstruction, 7 years]

  • assumed presidency for de Santos in war, eventually became president
  • added Reserved Corps Training in secondary and tertiary education requirements
  • fixed the judicial system, made rules against red tape
  • absorbed Orion Initiative concept into military intelligence
  • stepped down because he was tired

14. Amor Atienza [Contemporary, incumbent]

  • focuses on foreign policy and national identity
  • diplomacy is her strong suit
  • has seen so many almost wars that she can hardly flinch at the face of it
  • transportation was what she worked on too
  • single parent, has a daughter

October 17, 2017[edit]

  • hey skanks
  • im back
  • would you believe i already have a new story in my head thanks CK

Rogue - Penquino Birthday Adventures[edit]

  • 2012
    • gala of some charity or something
    • Pen's probably wearing an old PSA uniform
    • Pen-centric? Pen-centric.
    • They bump into each other whoops
  • 2013
    • Pen thought she died it's iconic
    • yeah well she ain't so y'all can celebrate together
    • well its a late birthday anyways so
    • "Pen isn't there a war there" "oh yeah huh"
  • 2014
    • "hey don't die in the frosian war"
    • "aren't you the one fighting in it"
    • "touche"
  • 2015
    • "what is it with terrorist attacks happening before or during our birthday"
    • correlates to EPF Agents 3
  • 2016
    • im going to bawl how did 3 terrorist attacks happen one after the other on May 2016
    • "See this is why we can't have nice things"
  • 2017
    • the proper birthday
  • 2018
    • idk lemme think on it tightrope happened

June 16, 2018[edit]

  • don't you miss this
(don't lie to yourself you miss this)

Tiny Details of Tightrope Personnel (Main Respondents): To be Applied[edit]

  • Lydia Brandt
    • hydrophobic (she's okay with pools but the moment you put her in the ocean she's gonna panic and scramble to the nearest boat) (you didn't explicitly mention this in Five, you coward)
    • mother is from United Provinces, most likely from Sitmo
    • addicted to iced coffee, give her one and she will chug that down faster than you can say "tonsilitis"
  • Mia Carter
    • revoked driver's license because last time she had it she ended up wrecking her car during parallel parking
    • every month takes a day off to get her braids done over again
    • former war journalist, probably saw all the GSWs all the way to Frosian
  • James Cueva
    • small rose quartz pendant on his neck bc that boi's married
    • sets aside at least an hour per day to talk to any of the following people: Atienza, his wife, or other two members of the Orion Belt (Mintaka and Alnitak)
    • ancestry leads back to Magbanua tribe, has tattoo sleeves to prove it (but his favorite is the Orion constellation tattoo just between his shoulder blades)
  • Jian Liang Heng
    • can be bribed into anything with good Japalandese food
    • single and can't be bothered to mingle even if Mrs. Yao tries playing matchmaker with her Li-Juan
    • great father if given the chance, unintentionally adopted like five of his best men in MSB
  • I04
    • sleeps a maximum of 2 hours, has no life whatsoever
    • eye color mostly a warm color (contrast to a6 who has gray eyes but is cheerful), either hazel or bright blue
    • has anyone ever seen him laugh? idk me neither
  • Mason Kowalski
    • Marine?? remember her?? yeah I barely remember her but hey she's probably his go-to informant about the whole mess
    • constantly fights with Lynx, the poor puppy is just trying to do what's asked of them
    • light sleeper, yells at someone if they're snoring too loud
  • Rogue Tvarkov
    • freezes up at the sight or mention of Jason Laurenson like a big dork
    • sometimes gets lost in her head from thinking, analyzes every single detail possible to the point that she loses sight of the whole picture
    • really, really loves cheese pizza, attributed towards her liking towards cheese
  • Robert Wolfe
    • his favorite challenge coin is his 9001st Legion coin because he won it from Broseph during a drunken darts game
    • still has prevailing PTSD from Frosian, dreams about Frosian during bad days
    • coffee intake is significantly less than the rest of the Taskforce
  • Lyudmila Zarkova
    • formerly a sniper during GSW, repurposed to NRR after
    • sometimes braids ribbons into her braids, or loops them around each other (usually to amuse her children)
    • sets aside time every day to talk to her family

June 19, 2018[edit]

I'm literally gonna start crying Maria needs so much work to do

Maria History Redo[edit]

1985 - birth

1990 - 5 years old, starts going to school

- begins undergoing ballet and foreign languages

2000 - 15, Second Civil War begins

- the disappearance of Selena Santiago
- the death of Elena Santiago

2001 - 16, brought to Orion for training

- presumably underwent drug enhancements

2004 - 19, gets apprehended during a scuffle

- captured and brought in by government
- Ynares takes her under his wing for reformation

2005 - 20, Second Civil War ends

- goes to college for once
- reunited with father, brother

2007 - 22, Atienza administration

- appointed as chief ambassador by Atienza

2010 - 24, Zamorez crisis (officially speaking wasn't there)

- sent to Munijoch for a foreign aid mission

2012 - 26, married to Joseph Yslenski

2013 - 27, becomes First Lady of Munijoch

- "public face of the Yslenski administration"??

2014 - 28, goes into hiding with Matthew in Finipines

2015 - (May) 29, reunited with Joseph

- (late June) 30, campaigned for liberal arts in Munijoch

2016 - (August) 31, end of Yslenski administration

- taken an interest in various hobbies

2018 - becomes a professor at Progressional Law School

Orionids Notes[edit]

  • Activation per Zamorez Crisis, Maria is pulled out from Azukri by Holiday.
  • Maria, sniffling: You are all so ugly.
  • I just want a blatant excuse to get Maria and Holiday to butt heads again.

June 23, 2018[edit]

Meissa Squadron Lineup[edit]

  • James Cueva - squadron captain (Alnilam, Belt star)
  • Holiday Pietra - squadron co-captain (Mintaka, Belt star)
  • Nadia Suarez - please just give her explosives, philanthropist (Senshi, warrior)
  • Maria Santiago - the poor reluctant fighter, chief ambassador (Proelia, warrior)
  • Argon Diaz - medic and tech king, secretary of science and technology (Vim, energy)
  • Ramona Lagos - Rigel squadron captain, non-Orbit (Impavid, fearless)
  • Ezekiel Gomez - the link between Orion and military, Special Forces general (Sidereus, full of stars)
  • Zachariah Cuartero - Rigel squadron captain, non-Orbit (Krayr, to do something right)

July 23, 2018[edit]

  • Nice it's a one-month difference between each other.
  • Rework Meissa Squadron to something more fleshed out otherwise you'll never be able to work on Orionids.

Meissa Squadron Personnel[edit]

  • James Cueva
    • Alnilam (Belt star), captain of the squadron
    • late thirties (39) at the time of the Orionids, getting a few grey hairs already
    • does what is necessary to get the job done, sort of life coach in approach
  • Holiday Pietra
    • Mintaka (Belt star), co-captain of the squadron
    • approximately in her mid-twenties (27) at the time of the Orionids, soon to be married to Leonora Alcazar
    • deadly good with strategy, specialization in maximum casualties
  • Nadia Suarez
    • Senshi (warrior), former Bellatrix squadron member (formerly: Lima) and explosives expert
    • approximately in her early thirties (30) at the time of the Orionids, famous philanthropist
    • bloodline backtracks to Magbanua tribe, inclined towards light manipulation
  • Maria Santiago
    • Proelia (warrior), former Bellatrix squadron member (formerly: Echo) and sniper of the team
    • in her mid-twenties (25) at the time of Orionids, undergoing masters
    • reluctantly does her job as she's torn between past and current
  • Argon Diaz
    • Vim (energy), former Rigel squadron member (formerly: Golf) and medic of the team
    • in his late twenties (28) at the time of Orionids, secretary of Dept. of Science and Technology
    • constantly tinkers with the tech he's given to work with, much to everyone's frustrations
  • Ramona Lagos
    • Impavid (fearless), Rigel squadron captain and foot soldier of the team
    • in her early twenties (23) at the time of Orionids, plucked out for her advanced perceptions
    • does not question orders made by the two Belts, family woman who worries over her wife and son back home
  • Ezekiel Gomez
    • Sidereus (full of stars), former Rigel squadron captain (formerly: Romeo) and military link of the team
    • in his late thirties (36) at the time of the Orionids, last to be activated since he was already at Zamorez
    • lighthearted and unafraid to stir up old memories, sometimes makes inside jokes only the Orbit understands
  • Zachariah Cuartero
    • Krayr (to do something right), Rigel squadron captain and foot soldier of the team
    • in his early twenties (23) at the time of Orionids, chosen for his attitude
    • only one to question what is all these non-Orion people doing there, first to learn about the Orbits

Major Points in Orionids Plot[edit]

  • Spanning the last weeks of combat in Zamorez, closes with an air strike
  • Meissa Squadron is advised to hide out in buildings during the night since they're going in without any backup
  • Main job: Break into Zamorez and allow military the chance to come in
  • Pinnacle of their inside job is to liberate the city center
  • Additional mission only for a few of them: field test experimental Dew's Point tech
  • You're asking for a bunch of veterans and two rookies to bond together?? there's going to be some form of power imbalance one way or the other

December 12, 2018[edit]

To do list:

  • Propose Sec II revisions
    • Look at other policies to revise.
  • Do some ratings
  • Learn how to Delet

April 1, 2019[edit]

good morning children what notes do we have here

  • If all PSA missions are considered VR simulations then how can we explain Veggie Villain?
    • Unless the actual cause of the explosion is omitted and any agents present at the time were sworn from discussing it in public.
    • It's vaguely called the Popcorn Explosion?
    • Alternative solution: Veggie Villain happens but does not coincide with canon. The simulation and the actual occurrence is different?
  • Medals would rely on how many missions an agent is a part of?
    • Special awards for years in service? No that doesn't make sense.
    • Agent Awards? It's noted somewhere in canon JPG page. (Best Dressed Agent Award apparently exists, probably a Christmas party thing?)
    • Force Star is the highest known award?
  • Clearances - numerically 1 to 8 with 1 being lowest and 8 being the highest?
    • 1 is cleared to recruits automatically and 8 is only granted to the commanders in chief and Director?
    • Null Clearance (0) could exist as the big gray zone - no publically known personnel who possesses it, but may serve as an equal to Level 8 during special occasions? It's taken and given at any given chance??
  • Maybe we should ask Wiki to do some EPF art?
  • Ugh rankings uh let's go
    • Should there be a distinction between fieldwork agents and administrative agents? Maybe??
      • Potential administrative positions: Analysts, Design Technicians, Inventors, etc.
    • Elitist Agents and Specialists are the staples of the agency, think the main foot soldiers. Technically they all use the "Agent" title to clear up any confusions?
      • Most likely can only be distinguished by the color strip on their IDs
      • Are specialists given higher regard then?? Most likely?
      • Higher concentration of Specialists could be found in the Specialist Divisions obviously, probably a quick way to get into the SD's quickly
      • Specialists could possibly be distinguished by class type (tactical, communications, tech, stealth)?
    • Captain and Officer the same thing except Captain manages a 4-personnel team and Officer can handle 8 to 12 people teams.
      • Additionally, we can explore the prospects of Officer as the leader of the Big Bad Squad
    • Master Officer could lead large clusters of teams at a time, probably the head honcho during a major operation in the region
      • Shortened to MO (em-oh or mow) because of slang
    • Commander is most likely the position of the head of the division in a certain station or the head of the station themselves
    • Commander in Chief as the heads of the divisions, toe to toe with the Director most often??
      • "in Chief" is dropped to avoid confusion
    • Director is literally AA need I say more