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Book.png ARB currently has school/education on.
They may not be as active as usual.
Write drunk, edit sober. -Ernest Hemingway

Mabuhay! The name's Agent Rogue, but you could call me ARB!

On the Person[edit]

Yes, hello. Rogue here. I'm from the PH, specifically in Manila, and I usually step in only when needed. Otherwise, I just observe the Wiki. I'm the girl behind the Rogue Tvarkov series, Project Infinite, etcetera. I was formerly a rollback who doesn't really do much because there isn't much to rollback on. I study in an academy as a junior, and currently am drafted to be a member of the journalism team. I play percussion instruments every now and then for academy occasions, but besides that I prefer being in the sidelines or behind the scenes to take care of anything involving tech. That's all you need to know.


Updated as of 08.29.16:


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