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Akbaboy has quit the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. While they may return, it is unlikely.

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I'm Akbaboy, a former editor and sysop. Here's my old page
Akbaboy 1.PNG


Akbaboy - All the characters and myself
Akbaboy X - All the antibodies
Finestade Land - All the countries
Fatum-coloratus flos - Other misc items


I only take requests for Pokémon sprites and hand-drawn penguins. Just tell me how their clothes if it is a penguin. You can pick from below for Pokémon sprites.

  • Fusions
  • Re-colors
  • Re-elements
  • Chaos
  • Balls
  • Eggs
  • Devamps

EDIT: I don't do requests anymore.


People I dislike

IMPORTANT: Please read this

As quoted on the shoutbox by me:

"So I get the point. The community is the core of the wiki. If the core is ruined or there is no core, the thing will go wrong. So if the community leaves or can't get along with each other for compromises, the wiki will soon die and will become abandoned and unpopulated."

This was during the huge Delete the BOSS "mini-crisis" [I just call it that], with Joeyaa.