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Dan has quit the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. While they may return, it is unlikely.

The Contributions of Dan Beronews

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Dan Beronews
Dan image.png
Do you HONESTLY want a caption? Fine....
Vital statistics
User Dan, AM, Annie the Moose, Dan the Man. I have many names...
Gender Male
Location America
Leader of Nothing, I was never hired.
Best Known for Dan, CNIC, etc.
Wikis I edit here and here only. I DO pop up and browse the Club Penguin Wiki.

My Character is Dan... My ALT for me on the road is User:MobileDan. I love editing this wiki and am a BOSS here. I am a HUGE fan of TS and Explorer 767.



In the summer, I have a crazy and very variable schedule.

I basically just come on when I can. For the Fourth of July weekend ‘’should’’ be the only time I have no access.

School Year[edit]

Classes start at 8:00 AM. I must leave no later than 7:30 AM.

Classes end at about 2:45 PM. I will probably be back at home by 3:00 PM or earlier.

Homework will take at least 2 hours to finish. Dinner is anywhere from 5 to 6:30 PM So please, if contacting me, don’t expect a reply until 6:30 or 7-ish.

This schedule will go through regular updating whenever possible.

Saturday and Sunday[edit]

I will get on when I can. You can contact me ANY time.


  • I have trumpet lessons every week.
  • Occasionally, I may go out with my family to shop or go on some trip. I will attempt to inform you of this, but I can't guarantee it. I can guarantee, however, that you will be informed of vacations and such.
  • Severe weather may interfere with my Internet Connection, and though I may be able to offset the schedule, there will be times where offsetting is out of the question. (Any time it rains, our power will go out.)


If I vanish from the Chat without warning, you are to assume one of the following causes:

  • Bad weather
  • Blackout
  • Chores
  • Punishment
  • Shopping trip
  • Outing
  • Unexpected visitor


  • How many edits do you have?
I really dunno. Tell you what, I'll let you see this:
This user has made edits on this Wiki.


This user has made edits on this Wiki.

  • When did you start your account on CP?
Sometime in 2006.
  • When did you start editing here?
I began editing here in the early summer of 2009, I had been viewing the wiki for a long while before this. I can remember all the way back past the infamous court house, and Trisk, and Pogopunk, and the famous RV Clan.
  • When will you quit?
When I get bored of this wiki, pretty much. So, not in a ‘’long’’ time.
  • What's your favorite article?
I have lots of them.

Feel free to ask me more Qs!


My templates.

Dan is a Christian.
^My most important one!
TurtleShroom (penguin) image.PNG Dan is a TurtleShroom Fanatic! If you're a TurtleShroom Fanatic as well, put {{Tsfanatic}} on your user page! SIG HEIL TEH SHROOM!
^I'm a Turtlenator!
AntiMoose.PNG The user hates Mooses and any thing named Annie.
^An inside joke.
Explorerphreak.GIF Dan is an Explorer 767 fan! If you are, put this on your user page too using {{ExplorerFan}}!
Hat Pop image.png Dan is a Hat Pop Fanatic! If you are, put this on your user page too using {{Hatpopfanatic}} NOW SCREAM HAT POP RULES! !
Ninjinian Monarch.png Dan is a Ninjinian Fanatic! If you're a Ninjinian Fanatic as well, put {{Ninjinfanatic}} on your user page! BOW DOWN TO THE COOKIE MASTER!!!
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Sysop Symbol.png Dan is a sysop.

BOSSSSS.png Dan was a BOSS!

Janitor.svg Dan is a janitor.
^If you need help, ask me!
Secret.PNG Shame! Dan has discovered Explorer's Secret Page (not telling where), but he/she cheated!!! Drat you!

^I'm good! I even found the super secret page!

100px Wowee! Dan has discovered a Secret Page (not telling)!!! Amazing!

Bugzy Supporter[edit]

SovietBugzy.jpg Dan supports Bugzy in his quest for PWNAGE!

Stand in for Bugzy, for in East Pengolia, Bugzy stands in for YOU!


Random Media and Text I Enjoy[edit]

<videogallery> Video:Second Term - CPW Satire|TurtleShroom's best video. Slap TS, Slap! Video:-Yakety Sax- Music|How could I ‘’not’’ put this one! Video:The Internet is Tubes!|Got this one from Exxy! Video:Epic Pokemon Music| Video:King Dedede's Theme -- Trance| Video:Zero Two's Theme (Brawl)| </videogallery>

Life’s unfair, its my job to keep it that way.
— Director Benny
I’m not helping Benny steal money!
Dan Beronews helping Director Benny

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