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Asemhar is so cool and better than you. Jealous?
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This isn't me, I just found this in the unused files category.
Nicknames Asemhar is my nickname
Health Swagger-good
Status Throwing eggs at people
Parody of Umm... Me?
Salary $5,250
Country of residence Canada
Hobbies Editing, challenging people to fake fights
Favourite color Orange
Fears Spiders,
Times arrested 0
Member of PenguinTrain Staff, Swag penguin
Archetype Good
Weapon of choice Many things....

What I Created[edit]

What I Adopted[edit]

Things you should know about me[edit]

  • I am a guy.
  • I have an interest in music and cars.
  • I also edit on the Shops wiki.


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History.png Asemhar passed Patrick Tea's amazing quiz. Patrick Tea has never seen someone so amazing in the history of Antarctica. This award shows Asemhar is a very clever penguin. A very smart one.. Very full of knowledge. But most important of all, very full of imagination. You imaginate this universe. You remembered it. This award means you remembered it, Asemhar. The times of Khanzem, the time of PreTerra. You remembered it. You know it. You rock at history. And good job, the sixth time again...

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Typical Mwa Mwa Penguin.png Asemhar is ANTI Mwa Mwa Penguin. and seeks the down fall of this horrible subspecies of penguin.
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