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Vital statistics
User Brant
Gender Male
Location CA, USA
Wikis This Wiki

Hi, I'm Brant. I joined this wiki in December, 2014 and have been editing ever since. I used to be a huge noob in my early days here, starting fights and breaking rules, but after a short absence, I came back and became a more mature user. If you would like to talk to me, leave a message on my talk page and I will get to you as soon as possible.



Summer which goes from mid June to late August, is my most active months of the year. I will log on a edit almost every day, with the exception of vacations. This will also be the best time to contact me.

Fall, Winter, Spring[edit]

This goes for all the other days that were not mentioned above. I will usually go home from school at 4:30, and I need to do my homework. I will maybe have half an hour to spare if I have less homework. If I don't, I will possibly check on my phone, but not edit. This is my most inactive time of the year.

Friends on CPFW[edit]

My friends. Bold is for best friends.

My Articles[edit]

Adopted Articles[edit]

Current and Future Projects[edit]


Here are some images I have made, or like.

Contact Me[edit]

These are areas where you can contact me.

  • IRC - I visit this page mostly on weekends only, but sometimes on the weekdays I will still visit.
  • My talk page - If you leave a message here, I will respond as soon as possible.