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Vital statistics
User Brant
Gender Male
Location CA, USA
Leader of Acadian Empire
Best Known for Various things
Wikis This Wiki

I'm Brant, a user from the US, specifically California. I joined in the last hours of 2014, but didn't really start editing until early 2015. My earliest days in Fanon were a mess, and probably most of my days here as well, but I learn a little bit more each time. Anyways two of my hobbies are reading and writing, along with a few other irrelevant hobbies, and I (try to) write stories here every once in a while. Also I can never keep my mind on one thing for long. A simple visit to all my userspace articles is a testament to that.

About Me[edit]

  • I used to actually hate writing, and I was really bad at it too. Needless to say, this site got me into writing, and I eventually got better at it. I even ended up liking it.
    • A few months ago my English teacher assigned us an assignment where we had to write a story based on a short story we read, like a fanfiction. I finished it in five minutes.
  • I'm a fan of pop music, mostly the sad songs for some reason, but I like old sounding music too.
  • I'm a major Harry Potter fan and my house is Ravenclaw.
    • Fun fact: I started reading Harry Potter to try to impress a crush, who liked Harry Potter. It didn't work out with her but I was stuck with my Harry Potter fandom.
  • I tend to be very ambitious at times, but as mentioned above, I can't really keep my mind on any ambition for long. I've created and scrapped tons of projects here.
  • Sometimes I take Fanon a little too seriously. I've actually spent math class thinking about my latest projects and ideas.
  • I also can't seem to keep a crush on someone for a long time.


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