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Acadia Pact
Largest city Acadia
Member States AcadiaFlag.png Acadia
DragonstoneFlag.png Dragonstone
Bandera de Lisboagal.png Lisboagal
 -  President of Acadia Brant Esser
 -  Lord of Dragonstone Brandon Stark
 -  Upper house Senate
 -  Lower house Assembly
 -  Treaty of Acadia 2016 
 -  2017 estimate 21,000,000

The Acadia Pact is a economic, military, and political organization founded in early 2017 by Acadia and Dragonstone in response to threats made by Vice President Happyface141 of the United States of Antarctica. Since then, the organization has expanded to include Lisboagal, and is considering a possibly entry of Snowprus into the Pact.


Though Acadia had maintained good relations with the United States of Antarctica in the past, the Bow Tie War soured relations between the two countries, though both were still mostly friendly to each other. However, that changed with the election of Megg and Happyface141 in 2016. Happyface141, a communist sympathizer, opposed Acadia's anti-communist stance, plus both were notably anti-Acadian.

Because of this, relations quickly got worse. Attempts of peace talks between the two countries usually resulted in Happyface141, representing the United States of Antarctica, making unreasonable terms. Knowing that Acadia was now in more danger than ever, the President, Brant Esser, contacted the Lord of Dragonstone, Brandon Stark, as Dragonstone was Acadia's closest ally. The two agreed to meet in Acadia to discuss a treaty.

In late January 2017, after weeks of negotiations, the two parties reached terms. They agreed that both countries would defend each other in times of war. However, besides that, multiple other terms were included, that made the alliance not only a military one, but also an economic and political one. Eventually, both sides signed the Treaty of Acadia, and the Acadia Pact was born.

After the Acadia Pact was founded, both countries discussed a new capital. They agreed it was to be on neutral territory. Because Acadia had discovered a string of islands at the time, called Alinor, the delegates picked an uninhabited island from the group, Formenos, and begun plans for a new city. Construction started and progressed quickly, due to the help of magic from Dragonstone.

In April 2017, Lisboagal requested to join the Pact, and after negotiations, joined the Pact after signing the Treaty of Acadia in late April. The entrance with Lisboagal, while not affecting the Pact greatly, was met with much fanfare, as it showed Acadia and Dragonstone that they were not alone, and also showed the possibility of having more powerful Ninja Archipelago countries join them.

This was proven true when Snowprus requested to join the Pact. Throughout the month of April, both sides held negotiations to determine the terms of Snowprus joining the Union. By May, negotiations were still going on, though it was expected that Snowprus would be allowed to join the Pact, partly due to their majority High Penguin population but also due to the fact it would benefit both countries.