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Conservation Status
;" | Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Dragons are scattered around Antarctica.
Dragons are scattered around Antarctica.

Dragons are a critically endangered species of reptile, known for breathing fire. They have been around the same time as penguins, if not before. The species reached its height around the medieval period, being especially abundant in Penguin Island. Some dragons are good, while others are bad. They can also be tamed and rode.


Dragons were first discovered by the Quendi in the Stepstones when they arrived there thousands of years ago. Originally, dragons had few contact with the Quendi. However, as they Quendi began to migrate across the islands, they began to discover dragon eggs, and eventually, dragons. After the while, the art of taming and riding dragons was finally mastered, and soon, dragons were used as both a mode of transportation as well as a weapon of war.


Dragons were once scattered across Antarctica, though hunting over the years has critically endangered the species. Dragons are known to exist in the mountains of Trans-Antarctica and Freezeland, Dragonstone, and possibly some parts of the Asiapelago and Ninja Archipelago. They are known to dwell near hot spaces such as volcanoes, and high altitudes.


Fire Breathing[edit]


Interactions with Penguins[edit]