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The Contributions of Bugzy
Bugzy has quit the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. While they may return, it is unlikely.

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To-Do List

Tuesday 26th May, 2009:

Rank: Rollback

Gotta keep my code here as a reminder;

  • Bugzy shalt treat his girlfriend with respect, and avoid looking at other women.
  • Bugzy shalt not disrespect others, but shalt retaliate in times of need.
  • Bugzy shalt stand up for his friends.
  • Bugzy shalt assume good faith and pay respect to people he doesn't know.
  • Bugzy shalt forgive and forget once he has dealt pwnage.
  • Bugzy shalt respect other people's beliefs and values.
  • Bugzy shalt keep out of bars and clubs.
  • Bugzy shalt follow gangster / mafia code.
  • Bugzy shalt not be seen with Police.
  • Bugzy shalt respect appointments and be punctual.
  • Bugzy shalt tell the truth.
  • Bugzy shalt treat U2 (his real life gang) as a duty.
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We all would agree that this logo pwns;


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