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Here's yet another useless subpage of mine. This page is for me, and anyone else, to place Fanonball story ideas. I'm lazy, so I'll probably never make any of them, but by putting your ideas here you're giving me approval to illustrate them unless you state otherwise. If I do, I'll give you credit for the story idea.

Make sure to put your sig or something so I know who actually submitted ideas, and keep the page neat. Don't change anyone else's ideas, if you have suggestions for somebody you can talk about them on the talk page.

P.S. Bro if you see this you could make these for funzies

CK's ideas[edit]


Just kidding, couldn't fit in a comic.

UP expansion[edit]

Plot: Dreaming of expanding himself, UP starts putting the new little WU scrubs on himself before transforming into the WU flag. Perhaps the end shows his dream of the WU becoming one nation (becoming part of him idk).

First Panel: UP dream bubble of getting bigger. Maybe an arrow going from smaller UP to visibly larger UP. Could compare the larger one to shops or something in the bubble to show his (obvious) desire.

Sometime in the middle Panel: UP convinces new WU dudes to join him, maybe saying he has cookies or using Trump-like rhetoric about being the best.

Sometime in the middle Panel: UP seen sticking new WU members onto himself in the spot of WU stars on the flag. Idk how the size would work since it's not accurate. Maybe WU putting on the new members as stars instead, but would have to represent that it's UP behind it and benefiting from it.

End-ish Panels: Depending on the previous panel, maybe Snowiny transforms into the WU. If so, perhaps another dream bubble with "Soon", and WU with an arrow to an equally sized UP in the bubble. UP's eyes could be dots or something to indicate that he's actually as large as WU in the bubble.

Acadian Dream[edit]

Intentionally imitate FanonBall #22, Replacing Snowiny with Acadia, Shops and Snowzerland with UP. Maybe put a lemon tree on UP in the last panel.

Acadian Envy[edit]

Plot: Dreaming to get bigger, Acadia tries and fails many ways. Perhaps include Bow Tie War, unprovoked aggression towards and USA standing between Acadia and East Pengolia, trying to grow out of nowhere by injecting something from a syringe but Benny (or UAN?) not allowing that, maybe some attempted failed journey to space.

Acadian Expansion[edit]

Plot: After failing in the Bow Tie War, Acadia hates the USA for pretty much no reason. So, thinking of the Western Union, he decides to form his own alliance. Doesn't go well. Perhaps at the end he thinks Pact stronk and goes to show off but then USA comes along and overshadows all of them. Or USA possibly has the rest of the small Free Republics on leashes in similar vein to Mylou.