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Template:Infobox Military[edit]

Shops Civil War work[edit]

I couldn't think of good filler.

Princessius: "Master, from what we can tell the rebels have all left Northern Shops, but the Snoss and Castillans are pounding us from the North. But don't worry, we should be able to hold them off until they send reinforcements."


Djf knocks off everything on his desk, before he sees an open file on the floor and picks it up.

Djf: "Wait... I know how we're going to win this war!"

Princessius: "How?"

Djf: "You are to leave Northern Shops immediately, and go to Moon Base 3. Once you're there, start preparing our arsenal of Squarium missiles. We're going to hit the rebels right where it hurts, and make them regret standing in our way!"

Princessius: "Ok, but what if the rebels try to attack us? If they open fire on the domes, we're toast."

Djf: "They're too innocent to do what must be done. They won't doom the entire Lunar colony just to stop us. However, I'll send a few squadrons of our best fighter pilots to the Moon as well."

Princessius: "I will leave at once."

List of Counties in Shops[edit]

Liberation of Turtly[edit]

Here are my ideas thusfar. I'm placing them in a sandbox until I get approval from TS.

If anyone has ideas, or any requests for something they'd like to see in the story, i'm all for it! Please leave your ideas/requests here, and if I can find a way to implement them, I will :)

Test Bots/Protobot origin[edit]

Super Smash Mates 4[edit]

Family Trees[edit]

Gadget family tree[edit]

Ølly Gadgeten
Carter Gadget
Carly Gadget
Benny Franklin Gadget
(b. 1937)
Holly Gadget
"Puffle Pete" Gadget
(b. 1944)
Gariwald VIII
Foldy Gadget
Caballine Gadget
Gamer Gadget I
(b. 1970)
Gariwald IX
(b. 1989)
Gary Gadget
and 7 siblings
Gamer Gadget Jr
(b. 1986)
Perry Gadget
Edward Gadget
Alexandera Gadget
  • Ølly Gadgeten- Father of Carter, descendant of Gariwald I
  • Carter (-2006)- Father of Benny, Son of Olly
  • Gamer Gadget

Gary's direct family[edit]

Benny Franklin Gadget
(b. 1937)
Holly Gadget
Foldy Gadget
(b. 1955)
Caballine Gadget
(b. 1963)
Tommy Gadget
(b. 1964)
Tracy Gadget
Zany Gadget
(b. 1972)
Kaitlynn Gadget
Blary Gadget
(b. 1973)
Wary Von Gadget
(b. 1973)
Mary Gadget
(b. 1976)
Gary Gadget
(b. 1976)
Xary Gadget
Fredsworth Gadget
(b. 1996)
Dooley Gadget
(b. 2000)
Ned and Natalie Gadget
(b. 1995)
Perry Gadget
(b. 2003)
Edward Gadget
(b. 2009)
Alexandera Gadget
(b. 2009)
Benny Franklin Gadget
Holly Gadget
"Puffle Pete" Gadget
(b. 1944)
Foldy Gadget
Caballine Gadget
Zany Gadget
Kaitlynn Gadget
Blary Gadget
Wary Von Gadget
Mary Gadget
Gary Gadget
Xary Gadget
Fredsworth Gadget
Dooley Gadget
Perry Gadget
Edward Gadget
Alexandera Gadget

Hochstadt Family Trees[edit]

  • Baron Hochstadt- July 6, 1947; Clara Hochstadt -1980?
  • Gerald Hochstadt; Julia Hochstadt
  • Falco Hochstadt- April 8, 1991

Ancestors & Distant Relatives
Pengo Pollo
(c. 1790-Unknown)
Sensei Chin Yang
Sensei Tsoi
(c. 1845-?)
Sensei Li
Sensei Ho
Sensei Fut
(c. 1869-1913)
Johannes Hochstadt (c. 1871-pre-1990)
Sensei Hung
(b. 1894)
Friedrich Hochstadt
( -2004)
Jeanette Chambord
(b. 1953)
Baron Versachi
Dr. Frank Hochstadt
(c. 1922-Unknown)
Sir Gottfried Hochstadt
(b. 1989)
Bernard Hochstadt
(b. 1994)
Hertz Hochstadt
Ala Hochstadt
Trottel Hochstadt
(b. 1945)
Alicia Chambord
(b. 1945)
Dave Hochstadt
Rhonda di Viacchi
Yilk's Descendants
Ray WishΣ
Justine Hochstadt
(b. 1966)
Kenny "Crunch" WishΣ
(b. 1975)
Papa FlywishΣ
(b. 1976)
Rose44 Kanter
Kyle WishΣ
Stoss WishΣ
Wish Family

Yilk's Descendants[edit]

Yilk's Ancestors
(b. 1945)
Alicia Chambord
(b. 1945)
Red River 2
(b. 1973)
Tammyfeih Melo
Eorai Unki
Bonjie Hochstadt
(b. 1973)
Warning von Brown
(b. 1973)
Penquino von Alexaπ
Fuut-Ga Hochstadt
(b. 1975)
Jaqueline D'Acadia
( -2011)
Jock Hochstadt
(b. 1988)
President Alistair Corai
(b. 1994)
Forai Unki
Geysazan Unki
Norai Unki
Alexander von Brown
(b. 2010)
Serilda von Brown
(b. 2011)
Fidelio Hochstadt
Regalia Hochstadt
Gáston Hochstadt
(b. 1987)
Kaiser Swiss Ninja Hochstadt
(b. 1988)
Empress Maddieworld I
(b. 1977)
Papa FlywishΣ
(b. 1976)
Fisch Hochstadt
(b. 1988)
King Clovis Hochstadt
(b. 1988)
Cheddar Ninja
Penquino II
(b. 2031)
Felicia Hochstadt
12 chicks
Prince Zürich Ninja of Snowzerland
(b. 2009)
Crowned Prince Griante Hochstadt
(b. 2009)
Jessica Hochstadt
Bellina Hochstadt
Queen Litz Hochstadt

Hochstadt Ancestors[edit]

(c. 740-990)
(c. 740-990)
(c. 740-990)
Jong Ming
Sensei's Family
Sensei Gung Hao
Dako Unki
(c. 1020-1098)
Sensei Jacques Hochstadt
Frieda Altz
Unki Descendants
Baron Chavet Hochstadt
(c. 1080-1180)
Helga Von Dürmph
Ruti Hochstadt
Baroness Aïda Hochstadt
King Rudolph I Hochstadt
Gertrüde von Wald
King Albert I Hochstadt
Elizabeth Von Ingerstoll
Eight Unnamed Siblings
King Rudolph II Hochstadt
Anges Prög

Hopper Family Tree[edit]

For organization:

  • Other

Cell templates on wikipedia[edit]

The Secret War[edit]

A story idea inspired by the Spider Man animated series, or more specifically a story arc from that series of the same name.

Update (8/19/2014): All character slots have been decided. Hopefully the story will start soon.

Spoilers ahead. Do not read if you want to be surprised. Thanks to Swiss Ninja for helping me decide some of the characters.

Prologue: Mysterious Events

Penquino's Log: September 5th, 2015

"All of these warnings are starting to worry me...

The strange being known as "Miss Terry" has shown herself to me again. She's shown herself to me numerous times since the beginning of summer, but there are so many questions left unanswered!

Firstly, I don't know who or what she is, but I know she's not a normal penguin. My only guess is that she's a ghost, since I can slice right through her with a Keysaber... I thought she could be a force ghost, but Master Yed'ah said if she was a force ghost I would be able to feel the connection through the force. I've looked for her in every database that I have access to, but she appears in none of them- EPF, SIA, CSIA, the Jedi Archives, and even the NRR!

Secondly, I don't understand why she keeps showing herself to me. Every time that she has appeared she's told me to prepare for "my greatest challenge yet", but I just don't understand what she means. What kind of "challenge" is coming my way? And why in the name of Benzin would this random penguin keep telling me about it?!

Although, I suppose I should stop talking about this issue of mine. Nobody else at the temple has ever seen this strange penguin, and I'm pretty sure they think I'm going crazy...

Hopefully, the answers will reveal themselves soon enough."

September 8th, 2015

Penquino was getting back to his home, after a long day of work in Vonkouver. He hopped off of his Hoverboard and put it in his inventory, before walking into his igloo to watch some re-runs of Who Wants to Be a Coin Codaire? A few minutes into the show, strange things started happening in Penquino's igloo. First, the TV shut off. Then, all of the lights in the igloo started going haywire, causing Penquino's puffles to run to their beds in fear. After a few more seconds, the lights all turned dim, leaving the igloo in utter silence.

Then, Miss Terry appeared in a flash of purple smoke, almost like it was Magic. That smoke soon surrounded the two, leaving nothing outside visible.

Miss Terry: "Are you afraid yet?"

Penquino: "No"

Miss Terry: "Well, you will be, Penquino. You will be. You're about to face your biggest challenge in life. Now, look into me eyes."

Penquino (thought): "No... my limbs... I can't move them. I'm paralyzed! It was a trap..."

The two floated through the smoke what felt like an eternity, and the mysterious cloud seemed to be never-ending. However, the two exited onto the surface of and unknown asteroid in the middle of space, before appearing in front of a giant pair of glowing white eyes. Penquino was now completely immobilized, unconscious and completely at the will of Miss Terry. Now, the being to whom the eyes belonged to started to speak in his deep, celestial tone.

???: "This is the one? This fragile being? I have doubts that he will succeed."

Miss Terry: "Nevertheless, he is the one. He alone is the difference between existence, and destruction. I'll bet that he may surprise you. Put him to the test."

???: "I shall. Now let us begin."

With that, Penquino regained consciousness and was no longer paralyzed.

???: "Greetings, Erik Carlos von Penquino, Jedi Master."

Penquino: "Who... and what are you?!"

???: "No doubt, I startle you. Let me assume a more familiar form."

The unknown being then transformed into a yellow puffle, with pointed hair and a brown director's hat.

???: "Think of me as one from... beyond. You can call me The Beyonder."

Beyonder: "My assistant, known to you as Miss Terry, and I, are beings who can take many forms. We have traveled a long way, and have seen many intriguing things, but none as interesting as a place we stumbled upon called Antarctica. Our research has revealed much about Antarctica that we don't understand, the most intriguing being your concepts of "good" and "evil". I felt they warranted further study and observation. You are obviously an agent of "good". Therefore, you have been chosen."

Penquino: "Chosen? For what?"

Miss Terry: "For the ultimate test of good against evil."

Beyonder: "Yes, I wish to know which one is stronger."

Penquino: "You're insane! There's no way you can do that."

Beyonder: "But you are wrong. I intend to devise an "experiment"."

A small dust cloud appears and clears to show a planet.

Beyonder: "Behold! A planet somewhere in your galaxy, this place has found peace for centuries. Technology has eliminated hunger, pain, and unhappiness. This place knows no concept of "evil". It is somewhere that penguins would call... paradise. For my test, I will introduce "evil" to this unsuspecting planet."

Penquino: "No! Why would you interfere with these innocent lives? I won't let you do it!"

Penquino drew his keysaber and swung at the being, but the blade did nothing. The Beyonder used his powers to lift Penquino off of the ground and smash him back down.

Beyonder: "You cannot stop this, it has already been decided. In the same way we found you, we scoured Antarctica for the "evil" that we require."

More dust clouds appear and clear to show numerous scenes in real-time. After The Beyonder explains each scene, the character being focused on turns pitch black and disappears in a flash of light.

"Here we have one Herbert Percival Bear, Esquire, known to you as Herbert. He uses inventing to justify his evil deeds. He is a good first choice."
"In this place, we shall find another villain. A tyrant, who equates power with happiness. He is so dispised by his citizens, that they have hired people to assassinate him. Yes... I have use for this Kaiser, Swiss Ninja Hochstadt."
"Now, here's one that has convinced himself that his evil can be dismissed due to his intelligence quotient."

Penquino: "Doctor Aye-Que..."

"Next, I have chosen one for whom evil is all that is known. His brain, poisoned by dark lies."

Penquino: "Lizlord? But he was killed!"

"So I shall borrow him from the past."
"I require only one more. One who's evil is so strong that it transcends the boundaries of nature. Darktan Anator II."

Beyonder: "Now, I shall introduce these villains to our paradise planet."

Penquino: "But they'll destroy it! You can't!"

Penquino lunged at the Beyonder, only to go straight through his body, similar to a Ghost.

Penquino: "Terry, you can't let him do this!"

Miss Terry: "It is not for me to decide!"

Beyonder: "Now look."

A cloud appears and shows the villains being teleported through space and onto the planet, with each one in a different area.

Beyonder: "Phase I is complete. Now for Phase II. I shall progress time by one of your 'Earth years'."

Penquino: "No way! You can't do... that?"

As Penquino talks, wind picks up, and in the dist cloud he can see the mystery planet spinning at a very fast pace, and slowly changing color from bright blue to a brownish-white color. The wind starts to die down, and the planet slows back to a halt.

Penquino (thought): "What am I up against... Who is this guy!"

Miss Terry: "The Beyonder can do almost anything..."

Beyonder: "Look at what has happened. The "evil" ones have used this planet's advanced technology for their own gain. After stealing the new technology, they used their power to seize control. it is now a war-torn wasteland, rather than the peaceful paradise it once was."

Beyonder: "The result is, the beings that originally lived on this planet have been eliminated, or trampled under paw, flipper and feet.

Penquino: "... You destroyed an entire planet just to prove that evil is bad?! For such a powerful creature, you're a few snowflakes short of a blizzard, if you know what I mean..."

Miss Terry: "Then you shall have the opportunity to change everything back to the way it once was!"

The Beyonder, Miss Terry, and Penquino are suddenly teleported into an abandoned building that looks like some sort of lab, with machines and computers scattered about.

Beyonder: "Yes... This is where "good" comes into play. This computer has a complete database of "good" creatures, and I have enabled this ray machine to bring seven creatures to aid you. It is your duty to lead them into a battle against evil, and win. Save this planet, and everything will return to the way it was.

Or... die trying."

Miss Terry: "Choose wisely, and good luck."

The Beyonder and Miss Terry teleported, nowhere to be seen.

Penquino: "TERRY! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!!

Come back... please..."

Chapter 1: Assembling the team

Penquino: "This is just great... I'm in an old, desolate building, alone, on a random planet in the middle of nowhere, and I'm supposed to choose a team of heroes that can defeat five of Antarctica's most notorious villains..."

Penquino: "Not only does this team have to beat the villains on this planet, but once we're done with that, I'm taking the fight to The Beyonder... which means I need the best of the best."

Computer: "Who would you like to choose?"

Penquino: "Hmm... There's one penguin who was a great help to me in my PSA days, and is great with technology. Bring me my friend, Gary the Gadget Guy."

Computer: "Affirmative."

Penquino: "I know of a penguin that might be able to defeat Lizlord... Bring me Speeddasher."

Computer: "Affirmative."

Penquino: "And Tails! I know he's fought his fair share of Darktans... and his powers could also be very helpful against The Beyonder."

Computer: "As you wish."

Penquino: "Now... who's fought Swiss Ninja before and won... Computer, show me The Hochstadt Gang!"

Computer: "Of course:

Twin brother of Swiss Ninja Hochstadt, this immortal penguin donning a Fish Costume is the noble and wise leader of the Hochstadt Gang. He is the keeper of the Amulet of Language, and is also Water Sensei's apprentice. He is also a skilled Keysaber fighter.
A proud and courageous Viking Penguin, Jock is second-in-command of the Hochstadt Gang. In addition to his courage, he is known for his battle tactis, and being a fierce warrior.
A very skilled Ninja, and one of the apprentices of Sensei.
Dave is a skilled PSA agent, and a useful member of the group. He is also a very good surfer.
Though trained as a jester, Clovis is much more than that. Considered to be third-in-command of the Gang, he is very wise, and in the future will make a brave and powerful King (don't tell him about that though).
Jock Hochstadt's fierce Red Puffle. He is a expert pilot, and is the Hochstadt Gang's weapons specialist.
Renowned as a courageous Alemanian Knight, Gottfried is also a good leader.
Gottfried's brother, and the coach of Snowzerland's national soccer team. He is a good spy.
A free-spirited Yellow Puffle that lives with Fuut-Ga. He despises war unless absolutely necessary, and is a very good artist.

Slender's Quest (story idea)[edit]


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I'm making these in an attempt to wikify or ambox-ify (article message box) our amboxy templates that aren't actually amboxes. Feel free to check out the originals and compare them with my redesigns.

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Template:Protected- Might need some testing for the image switching, the current Protection template is just far too complicated for my comprehension.

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Template:RP- Another template that'd need to be tested to know it works.

List of Shopper cities by population[edit]

A list of the largest cities of Shops Island and it's territories, by population. Population numbers are approximate from 2014.

War of the Bow Ties (Bow Tie Conflict) [idea][edit]

An idea for a new war and/or story, between the imperial oppressor Snowiny, and the Bow Tie Alliance (comprised of Bow Tieland, Maverick, aid from Dan's personal army since Dan is Bow Tie Tom's brother, and maybe political sway from TS since he's Tortuga's brother, and likes Bow Tie Tom (as seen in Capitalists Only).

Despite their small stature, the Bow Tie Alliance will win the conflict due to their political prowess and international moral support (since, the international community still thinks Bow Tie Tom is a goody two shoes and therefore finds Snowiny's invasion ludicrous). Snowiny will fully surrender to the Alliance, and a treaty will be signed keeping either side from attacking one another again (and no forced military baser in snowiny), along with an apology from Robert Smith for his arrogance and intolerance in attacking an "innocent" nation.

Now available in mainspace at Bow Tie War.

Brant Signature[edit]

Brant (talk)

List of heads of state[edit]

Moved to User:CK/Leaders for further development and refinement. May move to the mainspace in the future.

Land of Flystar55555 history[edit]

Saving for potential page move.

Flystonia has one of the shortest but most detailed histories in Antarctica. Flystonia was originially a country under the rule of their natives, the Waitahians. It was the most populated of any Native Antarctican country, with over 5,000 native Waitahians. That was, until Senster came and asked if he could rule their lands. They had a war for 4 years until Senster and his army conquered what the native Waitahians' lands.

After the Snowman Empire, the Senstarians reorganised and built up much strength. They frequently attacked the Dark Penguins' lands, and pretty much always won. It was due to the raids that the Senstarians won all the time. This kept them at bay, because they realised that the Dark Penguins' Empire was losing everything. They had gnawed at the ankles of the Empire and almost destroyed it.

Through the long, flourishing, years of Colonial Antarctica, the Senstarians lived in peace as a primary group living in Antarctica. They built up what had been destroyed in the years before, and there was peace and good times. But after this, Senster wanted to move to another place besides Antarctica's land. He wanted islands. So he sailed across Antarctica until he found the islands that would evolve into what is today's Flystonia.

However, the Senstarians were treated like dirt during the years of Colonial Antarctica. They had higher taxes, their resources and food were took by the Emperor and King penguins. They were one of the first groups to take up peaceful protest. When they failed and were silenced, other groups of penguins took up peaceful protest as well. So, the Kings and Emperors decided that they must keep everyone divided by species. Senstarian Spies and agents went to the govenors of different provinces, and even the common penguins to rouse them to take arms. For most places this did not work and the agents were arrested, but for some, the penguins took an armed revolt against the Crown. One of the final battles of Colonial Antarctica, The Battle of Senster Hill, in what is now Star Mountain, ended in a decisive colonial victory and the end to the revolution.

Though the Senstarians helped Antarctica many times, they were forced back into a land that took up most of Senstaria's main island, when the USA was formed. Senstaria remained in the main island for a few years, until 2004. In an attempt to win more land, Eastshield and Pengolia teamed up their armies to invade the Senstarian lands. However, the Pengolian and Eastshieldian armies were defeated when the Senstarian army burned down their capital cities and their Capitols.

The Islands of Senstaria were a Totalitarian country, with Senster as King. Senster City was formed, and secretly, with Senster's approval, they decided to join the USA. The USA wanted them to be a state because they were the only Free Republic that were islands outside of Sub-Antarctic Islands, but Senstaria refused. So, reluctantly, the South Pole Council admitted Senstaria as a free republic. More penguins from Club Penguin Isle and other places came, and settled in the first multi-island free republic. But then, Senster passed away and his successor, Flystar, went to power and renamed it to Flystonia. Flystonia is now the fifth richest country. On a fishing trip, a large ship was caught in a typhoon, and blew off course. The boat blew off course to a strange, human-occupied country called Asia, and the Flystonians, with Flystar's permission, settled towns in secret coves and caves along the coast.

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For historical purposes.

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HunEmpire Restoration[edit]

Moved to HunEmpire, further editing being done on that page.

List of intergovernmental organizations[edit]

Name Type Founded Members
AxlePowers.png The Axle Powers Economic, Military, Political 2014 Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles
Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island
Munijoch.jpg Munijoch
Flag of the Seal Islands.svg Seal Islands
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Bridgestadt Pact Flag.svg Bridgestadt Pact Military, Political 1945 Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island
Glaw Independent Flag.png Glaw
Magyaria Flag.png Magyaria
Osterreach Nationalist Flag.png Osterreach
Delphi Pact Economic, Military 2017 AcadiaFlag.png Acadia
AnderaNewFlag.png Andèra
Furflag3.png Furshire
Hailflag.png Hailvale
FlystarFlag.png Land of Flystar55555
Maps flag.png Maps Union
Okan Flag.png Okan
Poshia$flag$animation.png Poshia
Red Island image flag.png Red Island
Soc.png Southern Ocean City
Freerepublicflag.png Free Republic Union Economic, Military, Political 2003 Over 25
MTrium.png M Triumvirate Economic, Military 2017 Magonia flag.PNG Magonia
MAI.png Margate
Munijoch.jpg Munijoch
Flag of Ninja Archipelago Union.png Ninja Archipelago Union Economic, Military, Political 2011 Pengvaria Flag.png Batavia
Flag of Castilla.png Castilla
FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre
Liguria Flag.png Liguria
Bandera de Lisboagal.png Lisboagal
Magyaria Flag.png Magyaria
Principalityofmylouflag.png Mylou
UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and
Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Rusca
Snowprus Flag 2.png Snowprus
Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland
Sato.png South Antarctic Treaty Organization Economic, Military 2007 AcadiaFlag.png Acadia
ChillIslandFlag.png Chill Island
FreezestoniaFlag.png Freezestonia
MAI.png Margate
Moon Island Flag.png Moon Island
Pengonia Flag.png Pengonia
Flag of the Seal Islands.svg Seal Islands
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Tropicalis Flag2.png Tropicalis
Turtlyflag.png Turtly
Newestpenguio.png United Penguin Islands
NewUnitedProvincesFlag.png United Provinces
USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra
UAN flag.PNG United Antarctic Nations Economic, Political 1959 Over 50
Western Union 2017 Flag.png Western Union Economic, Military, Political 2014 AcadiaFlag.png Acadia
CandviaFlag.png Candvia
Cheeese.png Caseusopolis
DragonstoneFlag.png Dragonstone
DuckNewFlag.png Duck Island
EmpNewFlag.png Emperorlands
FelipenasFlag.png Finipines
MAI.png Margate
Terra Federation flag.PNG Terra Federation
Tropicalis Flag2.png Tropicalis
NewUnitedProvincesFlag.png United Provinces
Zeta Connections flag.PNG The Zeta Connections Economic, Military, Political 2015 Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles
Magonia flag.PNG Magonia
MAI.png Margate
Munijoch.jpg Munijoch
UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra


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Unused images[edit]

Placing some here that I think should be preserved for historical or other reasons, and to make more space for other images on Special:UnusedImages.


Nicknames Seahorse
Title Boss
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Location Club Penguin Weekee, Eastshield, USA
Feather color Red
Feared by Walruses
Friends Tigernose, Hat Pop, Snowman 1001, TurtleShroom, Frenley
Enemies Sk8rbluscat, Awesome335, Penblooe Ringalow
Member of Stripedcatsnout Hall
Leader of Club Penguin Weekee

Seahorseruler, also known as Boss Seahorse and Seahorserule, is the leader and a bureaucrat of the Club Penguin Weekee, as well as the Boss and unofficial leader of Stripedcatsnout Hall.





Random assorted info stuck here for now:

  • He likes to listen to music, and always carries an original MP3000 with him.
  • His favorite party was the Penguin Games.
  • He is a former PSA agent.

See also[edit]

Country/Territory OOC Rights-holders[edit]

Disclaimer: May not be completely accurate.

If a territory's not on here, status is most likely the same as the main country. If a country isn't on here, its creator is no longer around and they left no will granting the article to another user or it wasn't improved then adopted, it's likely fair game. Inactivity means the creator or adopter quit or went inactive and didn't will the article to anyone. Willed includes articles that were released by their creators or adopters into fair game.

Location OOC holder/status Reason
Acadia Brant Creator
Achadia Chill57181 Creator
Alemania CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez* Willed
Amataria Wonderweez Willed/Adopted
Andera Quackerpingu Adopted
Archet Fair Game Inactivity
Arctic Kingdom Fair Game Inactivity
Austiceia Fair Game Inactivity
Azukri SlenderXP Creator
Bar Crab City Fair Game Inactivity
Batavia CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez* Willed
Calada Fair Game Inactivity
Candvia Penstubal Creator
Caseusopolis Mr Cow2 Creator
Castilla CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez* Willed
Centriepistula Fair Game Inactivity
Chi Con Fair Game Inactivity
Chill Island Chill57181 Creator
Club Jellyfish Fair Game Inactivity
Culldrome Isles Fair Game Inactivity
Darktonian Realm Fair Game Inactivity
Dorkugal Fair Game Inactivity
Dragonstone Brant Creator
Duck Island Quackerpingu Creator
East Pengolia Fair Game Inactivity
Ed Island EDFan12345 Creator
Emperorlands Penstubal Adopted
Finestade Land Fair Game Inactivity
Finipines ARB Adopted
Foolscap Fair Game Willed
Frankterre CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez* Willed
Freezeland Fair Game Inactivity
Freezestonia Snowstormer Creator
Furshire Brant Adopted
Geek Empire TheBroMaster Adopted
Glaw EDFan12345 Creator
Hailvale Fair Game Inactivity
HunEmpire CK Adopted
Japaland Fair Game Inactivity
Johnfrom Island Fair Game Inactivity
Land of Flystar55555 Fair Game Inactivity
Latel Fair Game Inactivity
Lavaheart Island Fair Game Inactivity
Liguria CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez* Willed
Lisboagal CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez* Willed
Magonia SlenderXP Creator
Magyaria EDFan12345 Adopted
Maps Union Fair Game Inactivity
Maverick Fair Game Inactivity
Moon Island Penstubal Willed/Adopted
Munijoch Wonderweez Creator
Mylou Fair Game Inactivity
New Maverick Fair Game Inactivity
Nexon Wonderweez Willed
North Joseon CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez* Willed
Okan Brant Adopted
Osterreach EDFan12345 Adopted
Pengonia Fair Game Inactivity
Polaris AeroNachos Creator
Poshia CK Adopted
Puffle'and CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez* Willed
Red Island Fair Game Inactivity
Rusca CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez* Willed
Scoodlepeep Fair Game Willed
Seal Islands Snowstormer Creator
Shops Island TheBroMaster Creator
Skydale Fair Game Inactivity
Slumolia Fair Game Inactivity
Snowprus CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez* Willed
Snowzerland CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez* Willed
South Joseon Fair Game Released
Southern Ocean City Fair Game Inactivity
Terra Federation Fair Game Willed
Tropicalis Wikipenguino45 Creator
Turtly Fair Game Inactivity
United Penguin Islands Fair Game Inactivity
United Provinces Penstubal Creator
United States of Antarctica & its states Fair Game Inactivity
UnitedTerra Fair Game Willed
Valnordore Fair Game Inactivity
Waffleland Fair Game Inactivity
Warmslates Fair Game Inactivity
Willow Island Penguinpuffdude Creator
Zhou CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez* Willed
ZITHIA EDFan12345 Adopted
Former country OOC holder/status
Auzua Mostafique Fair Game
Babbelonian Empire CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez*
Barbearer Islands Fair Game
Damelaw CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez*
Frozantium Empire CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez*
Glaw, Monarchy Fair Game
High Penguin Confederacy Fair Game
Khanzem Fair Game
Land of Lord Guin Fair Game
Lasoun Fair Game
Maps Island countries Fair Game
Olde Antarctica Fair Game
Osloven Empire Penstubal
Penguin Empire CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez*
Poleland Fair Game
PreTerra Fair Game
Rock Union Fair Game
Sherby Hoodwounds Fair Game
Snowiny, Kingdom/Republic Penstubal
United Penguin's Republic Fair Game
Viking Empire CK, TheBroMaster, Wonderweez*
Yowien Kingdom Fair Game
Zenthexia Fair Game

* - Left to many users, but these are the remaining active users.


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Name Country Title Reign Duration
From To (years, days)
(total days)
Iamred777 Red Island image flag.png Red Island High President 1981 present ~38 years
Hokkaido Master Penguin Island (HPC) Master 1724 1830 ~106 years
Majorê SherbyKingdom.png Kingdom of Sherby Hoodwounds King 1412 1489 ~77 years
Tsoi and Li a Penguin Island (HPC)(OA) Senseis 1872 1945 ~73 years
Khanzem Hiatus
1920 Olympics
1924 Olympics
1924 Olympics
1944 Olympics
1944 Olympics