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All or most of my story ideas, in short sections, instead of taking up whole pages, in the approximate order in which they were thought up.

Continuity timeline[edit]

Italics indicate a story/idea that should not be considered as canon or official, as it was scrapped, or might not be completed.

  • A Jedi's Journey (2013)
  • Liberation of Turtly (2014)
  • Slender's Quest (2014-2015)
  • The Secret War (Late 2015)
  • Death of Alexander von Brown (2018)
  • Another Jedi's Journey (late 2010s)
  • "Yowien" Trilogy (approx. 2048-2050), the main parts --- Being written about in non-story form here, to cement it in continuity.

The Death of Alexander von Brown[edit]

  • STATUS: Most likely scrapped.
  • Time written/thought up: late 2013
  • Plot setting: 2018, Shops Island and/or Antarctica
  • Plot: Penquino's chick nephew Cp kiddo is found dead at the bottom of a cliff, and is said to have committed suicide. Penquino goes on the hunt to find out what really happened. Locales include a hostile visit to professor Warning von Brown, rumored to have a part in it due to splitting with Mito some time earlier.

A Jedi's Journey[edit]

  • STATUS: Still to come
  • Time thought up & written: Mar. 2014/TBD
  • Plot setting: March 2013, taking place on Shops Island, the Antarctic Peninsula and possible other locations.
  • Plot: A story that follows Penquino on his struggle to build his own Keysaber, a crucial step in his training as a Jedi. He runs into some problems along the way, problems that lie within himself.
  • Notes: Either a 1st person or 3rd person... or 3rd person omniscient story, can't make up my mind lel

Liberation of Turtly[edit]

  • STATUS: Still to come
  • Time thought up & written: Early 2014/TBD
  • Plot setting: 2014, Turtly, Shops Island and other minor places
  • Plot: Penquino, a member of Shops Island's government and a secret Jedi, decides to help the pleas of Turtly by liberating their home.
  • Notes: I can't quite figure out what to do with this, since there's so many elements to account for, each faction, Jedi, Imperial Forces, Turtlians, the Imperial Warlords, and possible Ninja & EPF involvement. I'm unsure of what to do with it all, and how to incorporate it. Also, have to figure out the canon for most of the IF, as it hasn't been written. But, I don't want it to be a blatant war story, or overtaken by war. There might be war in it, but I only want minor involvement of that in the story.

The Secret War[edit]

  • STATUS: To be written
  • Time thought up/written: October 2014/TBD
  • Plot setting: 2015-2016, A far away place
  • Plot: A story that takes place far away from Antarctica, and far away from the CPFW's precise continuity. It is an adventure that takes place in a world far beyond our own, with things that our heroes don't quite understand. But, they must rally together against the forces of evil, or a helpless world will be destroyed...
  • Notes: Originally a parody of a TV show arc, I think it could turn into something completely different if I spend some time developing it, and eventually writing it out to be a great adventure, rather high on the priority scale, as I don't have to worry about messing up continuity on this one.

Slender's Quest[edit]

  • STATUS: Still a possibility, but less priority
  • Time thought up/written: Feb. 2015/TBA
  • Plot setting: Winter 2014/2015, Moon Island, Zhou, elsewhere
  • Plot: Slender goes on a wild quest to woo his love
  • Notes: Just something I was writing in my spare time on my ipod. I really should continue it, but it's less in my priorities than other stories

A Tale of Corruption (Working title)[edit]

  • STATUS: Unknown, distant priority
  • Time thought up/written: 2014 or 2015, idea shifted 2016/TBD
  • Plot setting: 2013-2050s (approx.), various locations, Maverick, Snowzerland, Second Yowien Empire
  • Plot: Feey3's story
  • Notes: A 1st person story, told in the eyes of Feey3, from the day of his birth until his rise in power. Start of a trilogy or quadrilogy(?)

A Tale of Confusion (Working title)[edit]

  • STATUS: Unknown, distant priority
  • Time thought up/written: 2014 or 2015, shifted idea 2016/TBD
  • Plot setting: 2000s-2050s (approx.), various locations, Pengolia, Club Penguin, Yowien Empire, Maverick, Second Yowien Empire
  • Plot: The 1st person tale of Lexi Pie, who is forced by war and unfortunate circumstances to grow up sooner than she would have liked to.
  • Notes: Not entirely sure How I want to write this. Originally I wanted the story to be from Penquino's point of view (the trilogy was going to be one story) or 3rd person omniscient, but once I realized a 1st person Feey3 story would be good, I thought about a 1st person Lexi Pie story as well. Not quite sure where I'll get Penquino's PoV/story in there, maybe I won't until the last story.

A Warrior's Freedom (Working title)[edit]

  • STATUS: Unknown, distant priority
  • Time thought up/written: 2014 or 2015, shifted idea 2016/TBD
  • Plot setting: 2050s, after other two stories, Second Yowien Empire
  • Plot: After decades of training and being couped up on a plantation, now free from the ties that kept her there, Lexi Pie travels with Penquino to finish the mission her father started, prove herself as the warrior she claims to be, and fulfill her destiny.
  • Notes: The final in this "trilogy". This one will take a 3rd person viewpoint, but focus on Lexi Pie and Penquino.

Unnamed X-antibody based trilogy[edit]

  • STATUS: Unknown, not scrapped, but last on the priority list
  • Time thought up/written: 2014 or 2015/TBD
  • Plot setting: 2027-unknown, Snowzerland, Shops island, etc
  • Plot: The trilogy would involve the jedi, namely Penquino and Axel Pingu getting X-Antibodies, who they face off against in each story or the trilogy.
  • Notes: the first story would involve Penquino being kicked from the Jedi Council due to actions that "he" committed, with him having to prove his innocence.

Another Jedi's Journey[edit]

  • STATUS: Will likely never go anywhere, just a concept
  • Time thought up: late 2018
  • Plot setting: Late 2010s, Alexis Strugenhoff's Journey to Jedi Knighthood.
  • Plot: Going home to Alexis' home Viking village in the Peninsula, perhaps needing help. Maybe open up with master and apprentice alone searching for Jedi Temple ruins. Last lessons such as love, staying in tune with the force, life, and the part a Jedi can play in the fate of the force.